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Launch of an Industry


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Presentation by Bill Elrick at FCHEA Washing DC briefing

Published in: Automotive
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Launch of an Industry

  1. 1. Launch of an industryFuel Cells in CaliforniaBill Elrick
  2. 2. SOURCE: SGIPCommercialMarketStationary fuel cells• Wastewater plants• Hotels• Food processing• Breweries• Government• Universities• Hospitals• Communications• Utilities• Grocery stores• Manufacturing
  3. 3. Real and ready
  4. 4. Zero emission vehicles in California• ZEV Regulation - (» Fuel cell electric vehicles» Plug-in electric vehicles• Governor’s Executive Order & ZEV Action Plan» By 2015: Major metropolitan areas “ZEV-ready” with infrastructureand streamlined permitting» By 2020: ZEV infrastructure can support up to 1 million vehicles» By 2025: Over 1.5 million ZEVs in California5
  5. 5. Stations first• 11,000 gas & diesel• 1,200 electric• 140 CNG• 59 E85• 100 hydrogen
  6. 6. A California Road Map• Coverage» Fueling opportunities• Confidence» Automakers build volume» Customers purchase FCVs• Commercial» To launch market and build
  7. 7. Working with station owners“Am I going to make a million-dollar mistake by offering—or notoffering—a new fuel?”“How is this different from theway I operate now?”“What’s the ROI for hydrogen?”“How can it exist withoutsubsidies? Can it stand on it’sown?”
  8. 8. Fuel cell buses
  9. 9. Tri-generation
  10. 10. We get there together!Bill