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AltiGen Software Assurance


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For more information on AltiGen Software Assurance contact CTI Communications at 970-221-9119 ext 107 or sales@cticommunications.com

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AltiGen Software Assurance

  1. 1. CTI Communications, LLC  Create a Competitive Advantage for your Organization with CTI’s Cost  Effective and Customer‐focused  IT and Communications Solutions AltiGen Software Assurance Explained What are the Benefits of AltiGen Software Assurance? Over the last few years many customers with AltiGen systems have purchased the AltiGen Software Assurance program as part of an upgrade from 5.0a to 6.0. In an effort to educate current Software Assurance customers as well as spread the word to customers who are not yet currently under this program, we would like to review the benefits of the program. AltiGen's Software Assurance Program ensures that your system is continually enhanced. As a registered Software Assurance customer, you are entitled to receive all updates and new releases for the applications you have licensed. CTI Communications will notify you when versions are available and help keep your system up to date with the latest stable AltiGen software version. In addition, being enrolled in Software Assurance allows CTI to open trouble tickets on your behalf through AltiGen’s technical support center for resolution. Put an End to “End of Life” Notices. Over the last few months many companies in our industry, including Nortel and Cisco, have released “end of life” notices for products with very large installation bases. AltiGen Software Assurance will allow your organization to avoid large “fork lift” upgrades due to a product reaching its end of life by giving you access to the newest software from AltiGen. Because AltiGen is continuing to enhance their product, enrollment in Software Assurance will help to keep your phone system current with the latest advanced features and functionality. Along with AltiGen Software Assurance, if your company is enrolled in a CTI Annual Support Agreement, the upgrades, fixes and patches for your AltiGen system are available to be installed by CTI with no labor charges. When an upgrade is necessary, CTI’s technical support staff will contact you and schedule the upgrade. With these two important protection programs in place not only do you have access to our award winning support department for any questions or issues that arise, but you also receive all the necessary upgrades, fixes and patches for your system with one, budget friendly, yearly cost. If you are not enrolled in a CTI Support Agreement, upgrades, fixes and patches are available to be installed on a time and material basis. If you have any questions regarding the AltiGen Software Assurance plan or the CTI Support plan, please contact the CTI Sales department at 970-221-9119 ext 107 or Contact Us   Chad Pohja | Sales Manager | CTI Communications, LLC  970.221.9119 x107| Fax: 970.207.1284 | sales@cticommunications.com