Graphic Recordings of #CMWorld by Kelly Kingman


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Kelly Kingman, of Kingman Ink, recorded some of our sessions at Content Marketing World 2013, including sessions by Jay Baer, William Shatner, Andrew Davis and more. Her amazing work and our amazing speakers are captured in her graphic recordings and sketchnotes.

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Graphic Recordings of #CMWorld by Kelly Kingman

  1. 1. Bringing WordstoLife The Art of Kelly Kingman at Content Marketing World 2013
  2. 2. Why Smart Marketing is about Help Not Hype Jay Baer Author, Youtility
  3. 3. Jay Baer Author, Youtility
  4. 4. From Happiness Factory to Content Factory – How Coca-Cola is Growing Through Liquid Storytelling Jonathan Mildenhall The Coca-Cola Company
  5. 5. Jonathan Mildenhall The Coca-Cola Company
  6. 6. I’ll Give You a Piece of My Mind! Building a Content Strategy with Mental Models Lauren Moler National Instruments
  7. 7. Lauren Moler National Instruments
  8. 8. Bigger Success. Less Content. Across More Platforms. Andrew Davis Author, Brandscaping
  9. 9. Andrew Davis Author, Brandscaping
  10. 10. Top Seven and a Half Tips to Jump Start Your Visual Content Strategy Buddy Scalera Ogilvy
  11. 11. Buddy Scalera Ogilvy
  12. 12. Getting Started: Building a Small Business Content Strategy Brian Clark Copyblogger
  13. 13. Brian Clark Copyblogger
  14. 14. Closing Keynote: A Perfect Story William Shatner Actor, Director, Producer & Author
  15. 15. William Shatner Actor, Director, Producer & Author
  16. 16. What is graphic recording? Graphic recording, also sometimes referred to as “scribing,” is the practice of drawing to increase understanding, engagement and retention. More specifically, it’s listening to verbal information, synthesizing and capturing main ideas in a visual way — on paper, tablets, flipcharts or other media. (Source: What are sketchnotes? Sketchnotes (or visual notes) are just what they sound like: notes that are drawn in a sketchbook. The creation of sketchnotes is only witnessed by the artist, not the entire room (as with graphic recording). Sketchnotes can be a great way to share the content of a meeting or event with people who were unable to attend or they can be distributed to participants afterwards as a take away. (Source: More on Kelly Kingman: Missed #CMWorld? Find a Content Marketing Institute event near you. New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Cleveland are all on the schedule in the next 12 months!