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Grace Has Appeared Slides, 2/24/13


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Published in: Spiritual
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Grace Has Appeared Slides, 2/24/13

  1. 1. Grace  Has  Appeared  
  2. 2. Grace  Has  Appeared  Two  Appearances  in  Titus  2      •  Appearing  of  Jesus  Christ  •  Appearing  of  the  Grace  of  God  
  3. 3. “Appearing”    To  shine  forth…  
  4. 4. God’s  Grace  •  Appears  to  all  mankind  
  5. 5. God’s  Grace  •  Appears  to  all  mankind  •  Brings  salvaBon  
  6. 6. God’s  Grace  •  Appears  to  all  mankind  •  Brings  salvaBon  •  Teaches  us  
  7. 7. A  highway  shall  be  there,  and  a  road,  and  it  shall  be  called  the  Highway  of  Holiness.   Isaiah  35:8a  
  8. 8. Show  me  Your  ways,  O  LORD;  Teach  me  Your  paths.  Lead  me  in  Your  truth  and  teach  me,  For  You  are  the  God  of  my  salvaBon.   Psalm  25:4,5  
  9. 9. Say  “No”  to…     •  Worldly  Lust      
  10. 10. Say  “No”  to…     •  Worldly  Lust     •  Ungodliness    
  11. 11. Say  “Yes”  to  living…    •  Soberly  –  living  a  self  controlled  life.    
  12. 12. Say  “Yes”  to  living…    •  Soberly  –  living  a  self  controlled  life.  •  Righteously  –  living  right  with  your   fellow  man.    
  13. 13. Say  “Yes”  to  living…    •  Soberly  –  living  a  self  controlled  life.  •  Righteously  –  living  right  with  your   fellow  man.  •  Godly  –  living  uprightly  before  God.  
  14. 14. You  shall  love  the  LORD  your  God  with  all  your  heart,  with  all  your  soul,  and  with  all  your  mind.’    This  is  the  first  and  great  commandment.    And  the  second  is  like  it:  ‘You  shall  love  your  neighbor  as  yourself’    On  these  two  commandments  hang  all  the  Law  and  the  Prophets.   Ma5hew  22:37-­‐40  
  15. 15. Run,  John,  run  the  law  commands  But  gives  neither  feet  not  hands.  BeWer  news  the  gospel  brings  It  bids  me  fly  and  gives  me  wings.   John  Bunyan