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Ceiling soccer


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Published in: Design
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Ceiling soccer

  1. 1. Prof. Tina Seelig, Stanford UniversityA Crash Course on CreativityNov. 2012CONNECT & COMBINEIndividual Assignment: Use 2 Householditems of any type to come up with abrand new sport by Christine Kohl-Zaugg
  2. 2. And my 2 household items are…4x + =?
  3. 3. Introducing… Ceiling Soccer! Helium-filled ball Air-goalAthlete crawling acrossceiling-sports field Soft surface/cushioned floor
  4. 4. Ceiling Soccer Rules• Same rules as soccer – but the game is played by two teams using suction cups (toilet plungers) to be suspended from the ceiling• A helium-filled ball is used instead of a soccer-ball. Similar rules as soccer. The goal is to put the helium ball into the adversaries’ goal. Points are counted as in ping-pong.• If a player looses his/her grip and falls down onto the cushioned floor, the player needs to walk to his/her team’s own goal, climb back to the ceiling and then advance back onto the field from there. There is a huge incentive not to fall as if you do fall, the team looses a player for several critical minutes…
  5. 5. Ceiling Soccer Features• Extreme sport - more cardio than water polo !• Develop pectorals and impressive muscles in less than 2 weeks• Short but intensive on-field time (every player is switched out after 8 minutes on the filed to rest)• Get a total workout in less than 15 minutes! Great for today’s hectic schedule!