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CILIP Conference 2019 - Digital innovation - Andy Tattersall


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Technology has all the answers – but we have to start thinking about whether we’re asking the right questions
Technology disruption has impacted on the library and information profession more than most organisation sectors. It has created a wealth of opportunities to improve how we carry out our work, it has also brought with it a lot of threats and highlighted weaknesses. We now have a myriad of digital tools to help us help others but do we know what they really want given the wide choice of solutions? Within the learning technology community they never stray too far away from pedagogical theory as to why a technology is adopted to help with teaching. Library and information specialists need to take leaf from that book and ask questions when adopting a new tool for teaching, research and dissemination.

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CILIP Conference 2019 - Digital innovation - Andy Tattersall

  1. 1. @ANDY_TATTERSALL TECHNOLOGY HAS ALL THE ANSWERS but we have to start thinking about whether we’re asking the right questions
  4. 4. How often will you use the technology? Who created it and who owns it? Can you export your content? Are they on social media and do they post regular updates? Is it intuitive to use? What do you get with the free version? Is there an alternative? Has it been around for long?
  5. 5. Learning technologists think of the pedagogy when adopting a new technology - we have to do the same
  6. 6. Where do you sit within your organisation? What are the competing messages from elsewhere?
  7. 7. Network regularly USE YOUR PLN Find out what else is going on in your organisation Marketing Corporate IT Other Libraries Academic Departments Professional Support Services
  8. 8. A coffee with the right person can be as good as a conference IAN PALMER Faculty IT Manager DR GRAHAM MCELEARNEY Senior Learning Technologist RUTH MACMULLEN MALLALIEU Scholarly Communications Licensing Manager
  9. 9. Common Problems • Duplication of platforms • Issues relating to third party software - support, data security • Hybrid platforms (Mendeley and Figshare both host data, Research Professional and Mendeley both promote funding sources) • Limited time for personal research and development • Technologies can come and go • Users have different needs/levels of technical competencies
  10. 10. It's OK to be a bull at a gate
  11. 11. Not everyone loves RSS as much as you do
  12. 12. SWOT ANALYSIS Some technologies will come with a myriad of questions (many of them not asked yet) JUST USE IT Some tools are just simple and can solve big problems, save money and be easy to use
  13. 13. Author your docs anywhere Collaborative (anyone can contribute to a piece of work) Free Can be hyperlinked and shared Version control or..... Open to abuse (if not shared properly) Cannot always access offline Organisations like the NHS can't always access it Google is not accessible in some countries Collaborative (anyone can delete a piece of work) Lacking quality reference management integration (Paperpile) SLA limited (free) One step forward....
  14. 14. The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life. Bill Gates
  15. 15.
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