Experience sharing-of-technologist-cum-mgmt-scientist-2013


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Technology, especially IT has affected our lives. Various activities are getting streamlined due to IT. The world today is characterized by powerful IT, forces of collaboration and digitization.

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Experience sharing-of-technologist-cum-mgmt-scientist-2013

  1. 1. Experience sharing:A Technologist cumManagement Scientist ViewDr S G DeshmukhDirectorABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology & ManagementGwalior6 Feb 2013INSPIRE Programme, Amity University Gwalior
  2. 2. About my institute MHRD initiative in 1997 Deemed university Synergistic combinationof IT and Management Lush-green campus of160 acres with state-of-the-art infrastructure Runs Integrated Master,MBA, Mtech and Phdprogrammes
  3. 3. Outline Observations and philosophy Experiences in Teaching Consulting & Research Observations & Insights Competencies of a Researcher Current Trends & Implications forteachers Concluding remarks
  4. 4. Philosophy: Why bother?Talks are afundamental part ofresearch process !Helps to disseminateknowledge base !FallacyWe give talksmainly to impressothers, gainrecognition, and getpromoted4
  5. 5. Do not be FrightenedGive a talk, aboutany idea,no matter how weedy and insignificant itmay seem to youFallacy You need to have a fantastic idea beforeyou can give a presentation !(Everyone else seems to.)06/08/13 5
  6. 6. Observation..“ Mathematical ideas originate in empirics…but[then] the subject begins to live a peculiar life ofits own and … after much ‘abstract’ inbreeding,is in danger of degeneration … whenever thisstage is reached, the only remedy seems to meto be the … reinjection of more or lessdirectly empirical ideas”John von Neumann
  7. 7. Remarks.. Economics, Finance, Accounting and Marketing all started upas theoretical disciplines, then enjoyed an explosion ofempirical studies and came to a balance between empirics andmodeling. How much of our (modeling) research can we utilize inteaching? How much of our (modeling) research interests top managers? Applied research can make us more relevant as researchers,teachers, consultants as well as stimulate better models!
  8. 8. REAL -WORLDSYSTEMASSUMEDREAL-WORLDSYSTEMMODEL• Definition of the Problem* Construction of the Model• Solution of the Model* Validation of the Model• Implementation of the Final Result
  9. 9. Academic Environment Demanding students , Competitive peer faculty groupand expectant industry clients Lot of opportunities to enhance teaching because ofdemanding students ! Teaching –led Research OR Research-led Teaching Consulting opportunities to refine perspective Training for dissemination of knowledge
  10. 10. Remark.."To know the road ahead, ask those comingback.“- Chinese proverb
  11. 11. Objectives of Ph D Programme atIITB The broad objectives of thePh.D. programme is not only tokeep pace with the expandingfrontiers of knowledge but alsoto provide research trainingrelevant to the present socialand economic objectives of thecountry. The academic programmeleading to the Ph.D. degree isbroad based and involves aminimum course creditrequirement and researchthesis.
  12. 12. Expectations at Doctoral level(QAA, 2001) Creation and interpretation of new knowledge Through original research, or other advanced scholarship Of a quality to satisfy peer review and merit publication Systematic acquisition and understanding of a substantialbody of knowledge At the forefront of an academic discipline or area ofprofessional practice Conceptualise, design and implement a project for thegeneration of new knowledge, applications or understanding Detailed understanding of applicable techniques forresearch and advanced academic enquiry
  13. 13. Why Phd: Ground reality Cosmetics ! Promotion & Career Advancement Build, “Think Tank” Academic Recognition & Team building R&D in Industry Promotion of Science & Technology Problem Solving Export of Expertise Learning to work out to minimize efforts to do atask/job
  14. 14. Driving forces & Sources of IdeasDriving Forces behindPh D Interest Market forces Status Recognition Dream Fire & Spark !!Sources of Ideas Lab Library Computer Internet Industry Mistakes done in past
  15. 15. Skills developed during Ph Dat IITB Ph D in Industrial Engineering & OR :Interdisciplinary programme Technical skills : Subject matter (Optimization) Ability to ask questions Ability to work independently Soft skills: Communication, team work,perseverance , tenacity
  16. 16. Insights Ph D is a prima facie evidence that now you cando research on your own !Prof Kripa Shanker, My Ph D examiner 20 Mar 1989Ph.D. is the beginning, not the culmination, ofyour career. Dont worry about making it yourmagnum opus. Get out sooner, rather thanlater.
  17. 17. Enabling agents during PhD Role of supervisor (My supervisor : Prof ASubash Babu) : Extremely important : Friend ,Philosopher & Guide ! Role of the peers : Provide technical andemotional support system , act as buffer Role of the Institute (IITB) : Enablingenvironment, Research driven culture, spirit ofinquiry
  18. 18. Emerging Research Paradigm Easy availability of computational power Accessibility to software tools Interdisciplinary character of research More emphasis on funded research (agencies likeDST, DIT, CSIR etc.) Demanding industry needs Enhanced Institute-industry interaction Networking of institutes /R&D labs enabled by web Collaborative research
  19. 19. Teaching-Research–Consulting-Training CycleTeachingTrainingConsultingResearch
  20. 20. Sponsored Research &Consultancy An opportunity for technology transfer Example: CAFIMS(Computer Aided FactoryIntegration Management System): A collaborativeproject between IITD, IITB, ECIL,and Sumeet(Sponsored by DIT) Lean Management System (Sponsored by DST)with industry partners : a ground for learning andconsolidation
  21. 21. Consulting Optimization Problem : Integration ofRegional electricity grids (World Bank):INGRID Model (based on GAMS) Capacity Expansion Problem : (BhratiTelecom) Integrated Procurement –Production-Distribution Problem (Apollo Tyres) 3-D cutting stock Problem (Nucleussoftware )
  22. 22. Insights : Consulting Migration from problem phase to solution phaseto implementation phase : an interestingjourney Conceptual, Analytical and Design skills Language barrier ! Problems are just problems- Without anylabels: Ph d helps you in developing aparticular perspective to look at them!!
  23. 23. Consulting assignment :Existing SupplyChain of XYZF01 ……. F041 2 3 4 5 6 7 81 2 30 47 60 80 98Fig 1(a) : Existing Distribution network model of XYZPlantsRDC’sDO’s
  24. 24. Proposed SC based on TRANSHIPMENTmodelF01 ……. F041 2 3 4 5 61 2 30 47 60 80 98PlantsRDC’sDO’sFig 1(b) : Proposed distribution network model of XYZ
  25. 25. Challenges faced Dealing with a very progressive and professionallymanaged groups : demanding client ! Tight time lines and Great degree of coordination andinterfacing required Creativity/innovation and out-of-the-box thinkingrequired in implementing solutions ! Research driven by industry needs ! Problem solving led to development of new algorithmsand solution procedures
  26. 26. Career Insights Prepare: learn your subject deeply–Learn how to train yourself; keep learning; be open tosuggestions and ideas Practice communication and teamwork Use IT in as an enabler , collaborate and network (web sites,…) For corporate: understand the business (es) Career paths (IITD and IIITM G)–Technical (keep teaching, research and consulting)–Project leader (management as well as technical)–Manager (manage Processes, Projects and People)
  27. 27. Today’s Reality :Technology driven flat world ! Single location Single utility Any location Not only telephone,but a device toconnect to theworld
  28. 28. Trend 1: Shelf life Interconnected world: Millions of ideas gettinggenerated, developed and disseminated Faster publishing cycle Web enabled submission, review andpublication process
  29. 29. Trend 2: Digitization of researchoutcome
  30. 30. Trend 3: Collaboration ! Sharing of information Institutionalcollaboration Professional networks Social networks
  31. 31. Observations… Ideas are not limiting factor: usually time is ! Avoid Tunnel VisionPlan for long-term, beyond immediateresearch area It takes considerable time to design aresearch program Envision Outcomes Difference that research can make, significant papers produced, credited with solution to important problem
  32. 32. Suggestion !Always remember thatAlways remember thatthe secret of success isthe secret of success ispassion.passion.Always think big.Always think big.Spread love & joy.Spread love & joy.Youll have blissfulYoull have blissfulyears aheadyears ahead• Always remember that the secret ofAlways remember that the secret ofgood professionalism is passion.good professionalism is passion.• Always think big. Youll have blissfulAlways think big. Youll have blissfulyears of research aheadyears of research aheadResearch is the path youchoose, the road you buildand destination you set.
  33. 33. Thanks a lot33