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Introduction To The Lean Definition Process


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Silicon Valley Code Camp October 8, 2017 Presentation by Malcolm Knapp at Pay Pal Town Hall, San Jose, CA and Cindy F. Solomon remotely from Florida

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Introduction To The Lean Definition Process

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONTOTHE LEAN DEFINITION PROCESS Cindy Solomon and Malcolm Knapp Startup Product Academy andThe Engineer Accelerator 10/8/17
  2. 2. WHO WE HERE Cindy Solomon Malcolm Knapp Founder, Movement for Product Excellence by Design, SUPA Product Academy Global Product ManagementTalk Podcast Organizer, SUPA ProductTalk meet ups, ProductTherapy, Product Summit Conference, Contributing Author, 42 Rules of Product Marketing and Guide to Product Management & Marketing Body of Knowledge 30 years in tech, web development services, software product marketing & management at Apple,Vadem, NetObjects, start-ups, & SMBs Founder: The Engineer Accelerator, MFHK Consulting Creator: Lean Definition Process 15 years as a consultant and teacher, front end design, electronics design, implementation, and testing for SMBs, technical, maker education, soft and process skills training.
  3. 3. WHO AREYOU? Developers, programmers, coders Product managers, product marketers, program managers Founders, CEOs, creators Designers, UX, UI
  4. 4. WHAT WE WILL DOTODAY • Motivation for the Lean Definition • Structure of the Lean Definition • How can this process benefit you
  7. 7. • Unreasonable Expectations • Feature Creep • Underscoping VAGUEVISION
  8. 8. DEFINEDVISION Vision Material Mechanical Product ID Informational Electrical
  9. 9. DEFINEDVISION Vision Material Mechanical Product ID Informational Electrical
  10. 10. LEAN DEFINITION Product Space Enumerated Product
  11. 11. LEAN DEFINITION • Vision coupled to product • Build one product
  12. 12. SYSTEM BLIND?
  13. 13. THE PROBLEM
  14. 14. NOVISIBILITY • Show Stoppers • Design Conflicts
  17. 17. REPRESENTATION Sketches Systems Blocks Interfaces State Machine Flows Characteristics List IS DOES
  18. 18. LEAN DEFINITION • 360°Visibility • Single text file • Single page vector graphic • Single isometric graphic (for physical products)
  19. 19. PROCESS IntegrateKickoff Synchronize Freeze Unknowns Revealed Unknowns Resolved Generative Questions Generative Questions
  20. 20. FREEZINGTHE DEFINITION Unknowns TimeFreezeKickoff Unfreezing the Definition
  22. 22. THE PROBLEM Lost in translation
  23. 23. THE PROBLEM
  24. 24. INCOMPATIBLE LANGUAGES • No buy in • Team desynchronization
  25. 25. LEAN DEFINITION Needs Functionality Task Set
  26. 26. TRANSLATIONNeeds Functionality Functionality Task Set Schedule and Budget Effort
  27. 27. TRANSLATIONFunctionality Per Function Complexity Relative Risk Overall Complexity
  28. 28. LEAN DEFINITION • DefinesVision - Sets expectations, controls feature creep, truer project scope • Enables 360°View - reveals show stopper and design conflicts • EasesTranslation - facilities buy in and team synchronization
  29. 29. Cindy Solomon Malcolm Knapp One Day Class December 3rd Thanks!