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San Luis: the capital city.


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Sights of the capital city of the province of San Luis.

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San Luis: the capital city.

  1. 1. San Luis, Argentina. La Punta (San Luis) is a small town modern built in a year 2003. It have 13.182 habitants. Three years ago the government built a replica of the historical Cabildo of May Revolution. In May 25 we celebrate the birthday of Argentina. There is a university and astronomical park, too. In university there is a Theme Park.
  2. 2. Government House, San Luis • San Luis has a new government house: Terrazas del Portezuelo is between the mountains, far from the city. • Three blocks of steel and glass, similar to pyramids. It is very modern.
  3. 3. New Bus Station, San Luis. It is one of the country ‘s most modern stations. This building has three levels: basement, ground floor and first floor, and a platform for thirty buses. The parking lot can have hundred vehicles.
  4. 4. Cathedral. • It is a very old building. They finished the construction in 1908 .
  5. 5. Square: Juan Pascual Pringles • The square Juan Pascual Pringles ( 1878) has got a monument to the hero Coronel Juan Pascual Pringles, a soldier. The creator of this beautiful work was the Italian sculptor Antonio Radonia.