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Project CRCE - Going Social


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This is a presentation to pitch CRCE to go Social for Alumni Engagement.

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Project CRCE - Going Social

  1. 1. Project CRCE Going Social •Facebook (Must have) •LinkedIn Page •Twitter Handle
  2. 2. How other Indian Institutes communicate? Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  3. 3. Keep the user base informed! Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  4. 4. Keep them updated Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  5. 5. Even Non – IITs do it. Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  6. 6. While we work in closed groups Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  7. 7. Let us assume • We win the next BAJA event! Yaaay!! – How will others know about it? • Our Student groups got a special mention for the engine design in USA! Yaaay!! – How will companies in Pune know it? Or how is the new MNC supposed to know about it? We have no flow of Information to move out! Even our Alumnus wont come to know if we do something big! Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  8. 8. May be website? Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  9. 9. We won this! – Who knows? How many have time to check this? Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  10. 10. Where to they spend time? Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  11. 11. We do not show off our Alumnus! Not even here! odrigues_College_of_Engineering Like others do Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  12. 12. And we will try to measure our success in January 2015 • • • • • • We will evaluate our success in a number of ways: 1. Attendance at alumni event 2. Number of interactions with alumni –verbal, written, web 3. Number of new students introduced to alumni 4. Number of alumni volunteers on campus 5. Percent of alumni supporting CRCE 6. Annual survey measuring the impact of our activities on alumni attitudes Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  13. 13. Going Social • Social media is a great way to help real-world initiatives take off. It puts the product or idea immediately in front of the people who might care about it and allows them to provide instant feedback— our alumni made suggestions that are being taken into consideration for future box ideas. Through just one Facebook post, we were able to give our alumni and parents something they wanted, increase alumni engagement and validate the use of funds and staff time spent on social media. These results were far more valuable than a like or a retweet. • Every post on social media has real-world implications for your brand and your relationships with your alumni community. Make sure you’re using social media to your advantage every time Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  14. 14. And some tips • Employ a team approach: Make sure that staff members across the university understand the importance of alumni relations so they can take ownership of the engagement strategy. • Take advantage of transcripts: When a graduate requests a transcript, the name and contact information should be forwarded to your alumni association, which then should reach out to reconnect. • Invite alumni home: Hold events-homecomings, reunions, career days, “rediscovery” days- that help alumni reconnect with one another and your school. • Use social media: Having an alumni association presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media platforms helps former students find you- and helps you find them. • Communicate, communicate, communicate: Once you’ve reconnected with an alum, make sure your school stays top-of-mind through alumni business networking breakfasts, e-newsletters, “alumnus of the month” contests, campus event listings and more. Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  15. 15. Get the flavor • • • Farhan Shaikh for CRCE
  16. 16. What do we want? • Permission to revamp the existing Alumni website • An alumni committee having ex-students, students (1 SE, 1 TE student/ branch) • Permission for official Facebook and LinkedIn Page to be handled by above committee Farhan Shaikh for CRCE