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Cutting It


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Cutting It

  1. 1. “Cutting It” Mise-en-Scène Setting • Filmed interior and exterior, studio-based and on location. • Cab – going somewhere. • Hospital – something important is going to happen. Perhaps something tragic. Could be good. Could be bad. • Café – waiting outside for news. • Consultant’s office – waiting inside receiving news. Props • Ring – symbolises eternity. • Instrument for measuring tidal volume and stethoscope – medical equipment. • Green file – green suggests something good and continuing, closing it symbolises the end of something – good or bad? • Flowers – many symbols of flower; love, short lifespan. Lighting and Shadow • Most of the light is bright – fresh and happy. • Consultant’s office is shadowy – feeling of the unknown. Clothes • Beige and green/grey coats – dull colours to contrast with bright moods, ordinary and normal. • Flowery dress – cheerful, fresh and happy. • Coats match – suggests they go together.
  2. 2. “Cutting It” Cutting it is a romantic TV drama following the life of hairdresser, Allie Henshall and her turbulent love life. The extract suggests some of what the drama is about. From watching it you can tell that the characters’, Allie and Gavin, have had a difficult relationship in the past with break-ups and the involvement of other people. It reveals that they have finally overcome everything that has happened and are making a fresh start which relies on Allie’s recovery from something which may kill her (ovarian cancer). The extract doesn’t say exactly what is wrong with her but we know it has been bad, it could kill her but there is a strong chance she can recover from it, which, we find out at the end, she is. I think the extract gives a strong indication of the genre.
  3. 3. Control It is very obvious that the woman (Allie) is controlling the situation in this extract. The man (Gavin) is being very submissive and affectionate of her whilst she makes all the suggestions and the commands. She is especially commanding when they get to the hospital and she tells him where he is going to be and where she is going be.