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Audience Feedback


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Audience Feedback

  1. 1. Audience Feedback by
  2. 2. Question 1: Are you male or female? I asked this question so I could get a good idea of who was taking my survey as the magazine has a set gender aim for females. Therefore a mixture of males and females looking at my magazine and taking my survey was a good a idea as I had the opinions of both.
  3. 3. Question 2: Would you buy this magazine? What I can get from this, and the last, question is that at least five of the girls who looked at my magazine said they would buy it. This and the high yes to no ratio shows, I think, a good first impression, if anything.
  4. 4. Question 3: What type of music genre do you think this magazine is for I also used metal, R&B and dance as options but none were chosen. This chart shows that most of the people who took my survey could see that my magazine was rock or possibly alternative, which was what I was aiming for. A few people thought it could be pop but this was a small minority.
  5. 5. Question 4: Do you think this magazine is primarily for males or females? I was pleased with this result as everyone who looked at my magazine and took my survey could see that it was for a female audience. From this and question 3, I know I have achieved my aim of creating a rock/alternative magazine for a female audience.
  6. 6. Questions 5, 6 & 7: Do you think the front cover, contents page and double page spread are visually appealing and easy to read? Answer: Yes. I am pleased that everyone who took my survey found my magazine to be visually appealing and easy to read. I have found that some magazines are a bit hard and tedious to read and wanted to create something that was different from that which I have achieved.
  7. 7. Question 8: What sort of shop would you expect this magazine to be sold in? I was quite interested to find out the result for this question as I thought my magazine was too specialised for just any magazine rack, like supermarkets, but too mainstream for a specialised music shop, like HMV. So I thought it would sell best in a specific magazine shop. My audience feedback seems to suggest a mixture of ideas on this but the majority disagreed with my and said it could be sold in any shop.