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Magazine Cover and Contents


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Published in: Art & Photos, Education
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Magazine Cover and Contents

  1. 1. College Magazine Cover and Contents Pages
  2. 2. I took some pictures for my cover and contents page.
  3. 3. My front cover image was too dark so I had to adjust the brightness and contrast levels.
  4. 4. I chose a sans serif font from for my masthead. I wanted something simple but funky to appeal to a younger audience.
  5. 5. I used an “L plate” in my masthead because it relates to learning and the students, the target audience, who are learning. And in keeping with the cartoon theme I used a thought bubble to bring the pull quote out.
  6. 6. I used the stroke tool to bring out the cover lines so they did not get lost in the background. This is also draws more attention to them. Using the stroke tool
  7. 7. I used bold, block colours to keep it bright and cheerful. The cartoon theme shows that it isn’t meant to be too serious or boring and the starburst offer of a free voucher at the bottom is an encouragement to be picked up.
  8. 8. In the contents page I used the same cartoon theme and carried on with the block blue colour for the background. I displayed the “L plate” twice, once as a title and once as a magazine symbol. I kept it simple and used pictures of people smiling to keep it cheerful. I used the stroke tool again to bring out the writing.
  9. 9. To bring out the subject of this image I duplicated the layer, made the base layer black and white and erased the background of the top layer so that the person was in colour and the background in black and white. This just enhanced the colour a bit more.
  10. 10. The magazine cover is simple, colourful and cheerful. This will appeal to my target audience of students because they are young and attracted to things which look like they might be fun.