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Pre-Production Plans


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Pre-Production Plans

  1. 1. Music Magazine Pre-Production
  2. 2. Mood Boards For this mood board I used images of live performance and studio shots to get a feel for rock music. The various mastheads and fonts I have found have helped to give me ideas for the magazine name and fonts.
  3. 3. Mood Boards These images are from the magazine ‘1am’ I found on I like the carefree, natural poses, the fun attitude and clothing and the lighting makes it feel airy and playful.
  4. 4. Mastheads I designed these mastheads using to help me with ideas for my magazine’s name. With these I also used a stroke tool to bring them out. Eventually decided on the ‘Red Cherry’ title and font.
  5. 5. Photo Shoot This front cover of ‘Mixmag’ has really inspired me for the photo shoot I want to do for my front cover and double-page spread. My photo shoot will be studio shot. It will be very feminine with emphasis on make-up and clothing. I want the main photo to be the centre point for my front cover like this cover. All the text comes second to the image. I like the contrast of the black background with bright yellow and pink font because it makes the dark image not too serious.
  6. 6. This is my pre-production sketch for my music magazine. Using my mood boards I have decided to on a light-hearted, rock/alternative magazine for a female audience.