Magento 2 performance - a benchmark

Jan. 25, 2016

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Magento 2 performance - a benchmark

  1. Magento 2 benchmarks Daniel Genis
  2. A note about benchmarks (in general) Not representative Easy to make mistakes Different methods Different ways of measuring Cold/Hot caches Many subtle choices Complexity
  3. The benchmark test website Sample data magento2 not many products no plugins about 3000 unique frontend URLs Benchmarking frontend only Zero cache invalidations
  4. The benchmark tools JMeter test plan, 20 threads doing: Request a frontend page + all static content upon completion wait 2 seconds Request a different frontend page + static content Each thread has a pre-generated list of urls Each thread makes 50 requests per default A warming run was done before actual benchmark
  5. The test server Hypernode - Magento Grow 2 cpu cores 2 gb ram SSD storage Small test server Easier to push to it's limits And to make a point!
  6. Clean install - no redis, no varnish 20 threads 50 req / thread
  7. With redis caching, no varnish 20 threads 50 req / thread
  8. Redis caching 10 threads 10 threads 100 req / thread
  9. With varnish caching 20 threads 50 req / thread
  10. Statistical summary clean install redis cache redis 10thr varnish cache Average 412 ms 403 ms 278 ms 125 ms Median 378 ms 372 ms 263 ms 116 ms 95th percentile 727 ms 710 ms 423 ms 187 ms
  11. Observations Caching is easy to setup Varnish cache in built Redis cache in built No plugins needed These benchmarks were very bandwidth sensitive Static content! html: ~10kb total incl static ~1mb
  12. Observations Varnish naturally is the fastest setup Redis caching vs On disk caching (default) frontend wise, no measurable improvement local storage is cached in ram (hence no difference) NFS ? Scalability ?
  13. Magento 2 docs about redis Cache entries are stored in 'core_cache_tag' table On multistore environment this table can grow very large SELECTS are fine but UPDATE/INSERTS become more work (scalability issue) Redis is more efficient (than memcached or default cache) For various query/update scenarios Has high availability (i.e. master/slave replication)
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