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Bragado's Newspaper

  1. 2. Students want to improve our city A group of young students are making a project about the problems of Bragado and they’re looking for solving them to build a better place. Hi everyone.We’re going to introduce ourselves. Our names are Belen, Maria, Camila and Josefina.We belong to a group called “Agents for the change” and our aim is to improve something about the city and parts of our community.
  2. 3. We live in a city called Bragado, which is situated in the north west of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital. It’s a small but beautiful town with wide streets and tall trees.
  3. 4. Although it’s a nice place to visit we can see several problems, that we would like to change like: The pollution in the lagoon. Although it’s a place to go fishing you aren’t allow to do that, because there are dead fish, bottles, food and so on.
  4. 5. Just a few places to have fun with friends. We think this is important because it’s safer having a place to enjoy with friends, so our parents can be sure we are safer
  5. 6. Animals in the street like dogs, cats, without owners.
  6. 7. There aren’t many vaccination plans for children. This is the base not to communicate illnesses. We have the opportunity to receive the vaccine but we don’t want to. That’s a huge mistake.
  7. 8. There aren’t many traffic lights, illumination or traffic signals in the streets.These last years we could see an increment in the traffic accidents.
  8. 9. There are squalid settlements. The people who live there, are poor and they haven’t got any services. The children hardly go to school. Instead of going to school they have to work.
  9. 10. Lack of facilities at school like gyms, sport fields, swimming pools.
  10. 11. In spite of all these mistakes, our city has good places to spend time too. One of them is the lagoon, where you can have a great day out of the city and the traffic and enjoy the open air.
  11. 12. We have a museum.
  12. 13. There is a theatre called “Florencio Constantino”
  13. 14. A great time to visit our city is in October because we have an important celebration: “The horse festival”. There is a parade of horses and people eat roast meat in the tents prepared for this occasion.
  14. 15. However our main worry is health care. We would like to work on that, giving talks to young people or people in general, about different illnesses to teach them what we can do to improve our health.
  15. 16. As a group we’re looking forward to hearing about new and better health care because everyone deserves it.