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KK's Tea Shop Photo Essay


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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KK's Tea Shop Photo Essay

  1. 1. A photo essay by: KK
  2. 2.   What we hoped to figure out when we went on that trip was how the place our neighbors are living in affects their lives. We took some fantastic pictures which shows important meaning of how these people live differently. These pictures include their ways of transport, the food they eat, their religion, and much more. I hope that you would have as much fun watching this as I had making it. Thank you.
  3. 3. Every day our neighbors would mostly eat rice with curry. Rice is the main food for the Burmese people because Myanmar has the right conditions to grow rice. Of course rice is not the only food they have for example they sometimes eat a traditional Burmese food called mohinga.
  4. 4. The main religion in Myanmar is Buddhism. Almost in every house, they would host a small statue of Buddha and make offerings to it, believing that this would bring them good luck. As you can see, the people in the neighborhood are strong believers of Buddhism.
  5. 5. Most of the kids in the neighborhood have been a monk or a nun at least once. They believe that doing this brings them good luck since they are very religious. When we interviewed Oh mar Cho, she said that her children do it every year.
  6. 6. Most families there don’t have television or computers like we do. In their free time, the only way to have fun would be playing outdoors such as soccer, planting small plants and climbing trees.
  7. 7. Opening small shops like these is a very common job in Burma. This is a very good way to collect money because people like to buy food and drinks with a cheap amount of money. There is a variety of shops like this such as tea shops, food stalls and stalls which sells drinks.
  8. 8. Trishaws are a common transportation in the neighborhood because most of them don’t own cars. Being a trishaw driver is one of the ways to collect money though most of them have to rent the bikes. The amount of money you have to pay for a ride would range from 1000 kyats to 700 kyats.
  9. 9. The houses in the neighborhood don’t have any doors, so the animals from the outside can come and go as they choose. As the animals visit their houses from time to time, the relationship between them grew which led to keeping them as pets.
  10. 10. Playing checkers is a favored pastime for the adults there. Of course they couldn’t afford a real checker board so they had to improvise.
  11. 11. Junnosuke’s group, Vincent’s group, Kyle’s group, and Ryan for the pictures and information…… Rebecca for generously editing this project and….. Last of all, Mr. Rinker for teaching us this amazing way to communicate our facts and ideas to our audience