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7	  KEY	  SIGNS	  YOUR	  RECRUITMENT	  PROCESS	  IS	  BROKEN	                                2	                           ...
7	  KEY	  SIGNS	  YOUR	  RECRUITMENT	  PROCESS	  IS	  BROKEN	                            3	                               ...
ocurements	  solutions	  for	  financial	  managers	                                                                     4...
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7 Signs Your Recruitment Process is Broken


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Hiring processes are too long, too cumbersome, and too full of red-tape bureaucracy to allow thorough evaluations of candidates. A quick read of BonitaSoft’s white paper will provide you with the expertise necessary to recognize bottlenecks and other disruptions to your recruitment process. Identification of these hindrances is the first step in creating a more streamlined hiring process for faster recruitment activities and winning the talent war.

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7 Signs Your Recruitment Process is Broken

  1. 1. ocurements  solutions  for  financial  managers   1       WHITE PAPER7 KEY SIGNS YOURRECRUITMENTPROCESS IS BROKEN By  Haidar  Hadi,  Product  Marketing  Manager,  BonitaSoft  BonitaSoft  democratizes  business  process  management  (BPM)  by  bringing  powerful,  easy-­‐to-­‐integrate,  and  user-­‐friendly,  open  source  BPM  to  organizations  of  all  sizes  and  industries.  With  the  Bonita  Open  Solution,  organizations  can  model,  automate  and  optimize  process  workflows  in  Finance,  Human  Resources,  Sales,  Marketing,  Supply  Chain,  E-­‐Government,  and  more.  The  fastest-­‐growing  BPM  provider,  BonitaSoft  has  more  than  1,500,000  downloads,  400  customers  and  15,000  community  members.  
  2. 2. 7  KEY  SIGNS  YOUR  RECRUITMENT  PROCESS  IS  BROKEN   2       THE HR MANAGER CONTROLS THE BOTTOM LINE Due   to   the   immense   costs   frequently   involved   in   the   hiring   process,   careful   consideration   must   be   given   before   hiring   full-­‐time   employees.   In   studies   described  in  a  white  paper  entitled,  “Employee  Turnover  Hurts  Small  and  Large   Organization   Profitability,”   human   resources   expert   Richard   Galbreath   found   that   the   cost   to   replace   a   range   of   employees   can   be   fifty   to   several   hundred   percents   of   an   employee’s   salary.   Below   are   seven   signs   that   will   let   you   know   if   your  Selection  Process  needs  attention:  1. YOUR RETENTION RATE IS LOW To   increase   your   retention   rate,   you   need   to   correlate   on-­‐the-­‐job   performance   withmap   on-­‐the-­‐interview   performance.   Therefore,   it   is   important   to   have   a   process   that   compares   both   these   metrics   via   questions   generated   through   analysis  of  your  highest  performing  employees.  These  questions  will  provide  the   interviewer   or   the   person   selecting   candidates   with   relevant   business   intelligence   data   that   will   help   them   in   their   process   of   filtering   out   qualified   candidates.  2. YOU NEED TO REDUCE LEAD-TIME TO RECRUIT EMPLOYEES The   recruiting   or   Selection   Process   should   not   start   when   an   employee   leaves   the  company;  it  should  be  an  ongoing  process  to  obtain  the  best  talent  available.   Think  of  talent  as  a  resource,  and  then  apply  your  knowledge  of  supply  chain  to   that  talent-­‐resource.  You  need  a  process  in  place  that  creates  awareness  ahead   of  time  for  the  kind  of  positions  available  in  your  company.  In  other  words,  you   need  a  process  that  can  find  you  both  active  and  passive  candidates.    3. YOU NEED TO REDUCE THE COST OF RECRUITING EMPLOYEES The   Selection   Process   is   time   consuming   and   costly   due   to   elements   such   as   advertising,   examinations,   etc.   Therefore,   it   is   important   to   automate   some   of   the   hiring   tasks,   such   as   submissions   to   job   posting   sites,   alerts   to   twitter,   etc.   Such   automation   can   directly   reduce   recruitment   costs   thereby   allowing   resources  to  be  allocated  to  other  recruitment.    4. YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH A COMPLEX APPROVAL PROCESS FOR NEW POSITIONS. New  positions  in  a  company  affect  many  stakeholders,  and  therefore,  obtaining   approval  is  paramount  to  the  success  of  the  Selection  Process.  Sometimes  all  you   need   is   partial   approval   from   the   stakeholders,   and   other   times   you   need   www.bonitasoft.com  
  3. 3. 7  KEY  SIGNS  YOUR  RECRUITMENT  PROCESS  IS  BROKEN   3       unanimous   approval.   It   is   therefore   important   to   have   a   process   that   allows   stakeholders  to  vote  and  capture  their  feedback.    5. YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH A COMPLEX INTERVIEW PROCESS To   keep   the   hiring   managers   happy,   the   HR   manager   should   provide   the   interviewers   with   top   qualified   talents.   This   way,   the   interviewers   can   focus   on   top  qualified  candidates  and  spend  less  time  on  qualifying  talents.  Additionally,  it   is   important   to   have   a   mechanism   in   place   to   structure   the   interview   so   that   candidates   may   be   compared   on   an   objective   basis.   Therefore   it   is   important   for   the   process   to   include   structured   questions   for   rating   as   well   as   a   free   notes   section.  6. YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH LEGAL ISSUES There   are   numerous   regulations   that   the   Selection   Process   must   adhere   to,   such   as   non-­‐discriminatory   practices.   Building   a   standardized   Selection   Process   can   help   in   litigation   prevention   by   enforcing   rules   automatically   and   creates   a   proper  audit  trail  of  all  the  activities.  7. YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH A HIGH VOLUME OF APPLICANTS While  increasing  the  number  of  applicants  may  increase  the  chances  of  obtaining   more   qualified   candidates,   managing   a   high   volume   of   applicants   may   be   cumbersome   when   dealing   with   the   aforementioned   issues.   Therefore,   it   is   important  to  have  a  Selection  Process  that  lists  qualified  candidates  in  a  “table”   format   where   they   can   be   sorted   by   qualification   dimensions,   such   as   years   of   experience,  years  of  schooling,  exam  scores,  etc.                         www.bonitasoft.com  
  4. 4. ocurements  solutions  for  financial  managers   4           HEAD QUARTERS GRENOBLE, FRANCE 32,  rue  Gustave  Eiffel   38000  Grenoble   EMEA, ASIA & LATIN AMERICA PARIS, FRANCE 73,  rue  de  Sèvres     92100  Boulogne     NORTH AMERICA SAN FRANCISCO, USA 51  Federal  St.  Suite  305     San  Francisco,  CA  94107  BonitaSoft  democratizes  business  process  management  (BPM)  by  bringing  powerful,  easy-­‐to-­‐integrate,  and  user-­‐friendly,  open  source  BPM  to  organizations  of  all  sizes  and  industries.  With  the  Bonita  Open  Solution,  organizations  can  model,  automate  and  optimize  process  workflows  in  Finance,  Human  Resources,  Sales,  Marketing,  Supply  Chain,  E-­‐Government,  and  more.  The  fastest-­‐growing  BPM  provider,  BonitaSoft  has  more  than  1,500,000  downloads,  400  customers  and  15,000  community  members.