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2012 Technology Outlook Report

Are you taking advantage of the latest technology trends driving the market? From mobile and big data to cloud computing and social, see how these trends are driving hiring and which technologies are in highest demand nationally. Additional highlights include the top 20 tech placements for financial, media, retail, and high tech industries.

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2012 Technology Outlook Report

  1. 1. 2011-2012 TechnologyOutlookThe Tech Trends Transforming IT 1
  2. 2. Financial Service companies use the fewest number oftechnologies. Not surprisingly, these draw from the classics(Java, .NET, Oracle, and SQL). 2 Click here to download the Technology Outlook
  3. 3. Media companies are at the forefront in hiring front-enddevelopers for their distribution systems, and are the keymarkets for cloud computing, Mobile, and Ajax. 3 Click here to download the Technology Outlook
  4. 4. Retail companies are less conservative than FinancialService companies, and much heavier users of SAP andBusiness Intelligence. 4 Click here to download the Technology Outlook
  5. 5. High Tech employers rely on the classic suite of back-endessentials, but fill out their team with cutting-edge experts incloud, front-end developers and now Mobile 5 Click here to download the Technology Outlook
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. What can you learn by observing technologyadoption patterns of various industries?Download the 2011-2012Technology Outlook toLearn More 7