Vol. 2, Issue : 6

       Thursday, March 12, 2009

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New Billion Beats Feb2009 Issue 6 V4


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New Billion Beats Feb2009 Issue 6 V4

  1. 1. E-Paper WWW.ABDULKALAM.COM Vol. 2, Issue : 6 Thursday, March 12, 2009 Rural Health a “Innovate to empower agriculture” life time Mission Role of Rural health a life time Noble Mission Women in armed 30 years of dedicated service by Dr. Solomon has brought a new dimension to rural health Help in the interior Karnataka, a place called Bet your After addressing 5000 students, teach- Geri, Gadag District and I attend 250 pa- body & Mind ers and parents at BVB Engineering Col- tients everyday”. Interested Dr. Kalam lege at Hubli said, that is the during the inau- place I would guration of Dr. like to visit and RH Kulkarni me- see. Dr. Solo- morial lecture mon face be- OATH complex on 6 comes bright For Medical Students Feb 2009, and happily 1. I love my medical profession a Dr. Kalam trav- told that “Sir, if noble mission. elled for 1 hour you visit that 2. I will follow the motto “Let my and reached interior rural care, remove the pain and bring Lakshmeswar to area, the entire smiles”. interact with village will be 3. I will be a lifelong learner, I will the students of blessed” and practice what I learn and I will Smt. Kamala & Shri Venkappa M Agadi he said, sir it is only 20 minutes from this train my team to be competent. College of Engineering & Technology, place. OH! Then I will come today evening 4. I will deliver quality care with high standards irrespective of Lakshmeswar. When he landed, he itself, Dr. Kalam indicated his interest to whom I am treating. met Dr. Solomon, welcoming him with visit that place. A happy rural doctor im- 5. I will not introduce any folded hands amidst of other persons mediately rushed to the CSI Hospital for diagnostic pain. in the queue. Seeing his humility, Dr. receiving Dr. Kalam. After all the functions 6. If any patient is unhappy with Kalam enquired in his usual inimitable are over in the day time, Dr. Kalam drove my treatment, I will find out the style, “What do you do?” He replied, straight to the CSI Hospital at Bet Geri. — causes and treat the patient with “Sir, I am serving in a rural CSI hospital Continued on Page … 2 utmost care and free of cost. 7. I will work with integrity and Special gene causing cardiomyopathy in Indian population succeed with integrity. 8. I will continuously work for Nature Genetics Journal has published online on 18 January 2009 about the findings of a typical gene called MYBPC3 or Myosin Binding Protein C complete cure and social which is present in over 50.5 million Indians. This gene is set to be responsible for the occurrence of heart attack acceptance of all leukoderma, among the Indian population when they reached around 45 years of age. This important finding has come from Dr. Kumarasamy Thangaraj of Centre for Cellular and Molecu- lar Biology, Hyderabad and 15 others including Perundurai HIV AIDS and leprosy patients. S Dhandapany from Madurai Kamaraj University, Sakthivel Sadayappan from Molecular Cardiovascular Biology, 9. I will make my profession, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229, USA. Based on this finding, the heart care patients my passion and service experts assembled here should discuss the possibility of screening of this gene among members of the families to patients my obsession. which have heart patients. The family members who have been found to have this gene can be asked to follow a strict vegetarian diet schedule along with aerobic exercises and meditation. A healthy life style change can make a good impact on the heart. PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  2. 2. E-Paper billion beats 2 Glimpses of BESEL Rural health a life time Noble Mission …. Mission Hospital When we landed there, it was around 7 pm, large number of patients was waiting over there, hospital staff, doctors, patients and the local people has thronged the hospital hearing the news that Dr. Kalam is visiting, and gave resounding welcome. Dr. Solomon and the team of doctors gave a brief presentation about the vision and mission of the hospital. The Basel mission started in 1834 in Basel, Switzerland, sent its mis- sionaries to India. By 1901 the Mission was very active in north Karnataka. In those times, plague and cholera epidemics had broken out, malaria and malnutrition took a heavy toll of the people and famine conditions prevailed. In response to this acute need for healthcare in this region, the mission established the hospital in Betgeri in 1902. For decades, the hospital served by the doctor missionaries, provided only healthcare that was available in those times. The hospital had done tremendous service to the poor as most of the treatment was done free of cost, funded by the Basel mission. The Hospital is still fondly called the “German” hospital by the local people, because of the German doctors who served here. The Hospital has an Orphanage and a Polio Home. The hospital was run mainly by doctor missionaries from Europe, till the early 1970’s. Once the missionary doctors left, the hospital was no longer funded by the mission and was expected to generate its own funds. It was recommended for closure in the late 1970’s. An Indian Gynecologist, lady doctor who served from 1980-1985 helped in keeping the hospital running with her selfless services. Since then many Indian doctors have served in the hospital, some as full time consultants and many as part time consultants. Dr. Solomon Chelliah, after graduation, he worked as Medical Officer in this hospital from 1980-83 and then specialized in General Medicine at C.M.C Vellore, had joined the hospital as Physician and Medical Superintendent in 1986, when there was no secondary care hospital in the re- gion. Rural people were still dying due to poor obstetric care, poor immunization facilities, snake bites, suicidal poisonings and infectious diseases. This is the time; the doctors under the leadership by the Dr. Solomon decided to upgrade this hospital as a secondary hospital with good Intensive Care Unit with ventilator facility, In-patients facilities with both general and private wards, X-Ray unit and Hemo-Dialysis unit, Neo-natal unit. Modernization of laboratory, pharmacy and operation theatre with facilities for basic minimal invasive surgery was realized in a phased manner over the years. March 12, 2009 PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  3. 3. E-Paper billion beats 3 Dr. Kalam meets polio Rural health a life time Noble Mission ….. affected students at The challenge was how to do this, keeping the cost still affordable, so that it is not out of BESEL reach for the common man. This objective of setting up a good secondary care centre has been met to a large extent, in a phased manner over the years. Dr. Solomon briefed that around 250 patients are attended to on a typical day. Dr. Kalam went around the hospital wards, met the patients, and visited the facilities of the polio home. The experience was very unique. In the sense, in a rural area how this hospital is pro- viding health-care to the people with latest medical facilities at a very less cost. The in- In the polio home he patients ward is having almost 100% occupancy. The hospital has managed to keep the cost met and interacted with of the treatment very less and yet improve on its infrastructure. This is possible by: around 50 students who 1. The Specialist consultation charges are kept at Rs. 25/- for more than 20 years, making were affected by Polio. an OPD consultation afford- Dr. Kalam promised to able to even to the poorest. arrange an FRO camp by 2. The doctors are expected to the Nizam institute of work, more than the usual 8 Medical sciences, Hy- hours and cover night duty as derabad and DRDO, so well when the need arises. that specialist’s doctors 3. The I.C.U bed charges are only will examine the polio Rs.100/- and when other fa- affected children and cilities like Monitors, Oxygen, carryout any surgical Ventilators are required, extra treatment if required charges are made. before the fitment of 4. Some hospital staff act as mul- FRO calipers. All the chil- tipurpose workers, like the x-ray technician also works as a registration counter clerk. dren were welcomed Dialysis technician also backs up an OT technician when needed. this announcement by 5. All visiting specialists and super–specialists, working part time for the hospital are Dr. Kalam. expected to charge at a minimum, considering the economic background of the pa- tients. Since many of these doctors have established their name in the city due to Children were standing platform provided to them by the Hospital at the beginning of their careers, they do in a queue to ask Dr. not grudge their services to the poor. Kalam questions and 6. Every doctor has to see the patient in OPD and in-patients. Administration is an add- asked number of ques- on responsibility, which the doctor has to perform in addition to the clinical work. tions with reference to 7. The Hospital believes in the Chandrayan Mission, philosophy, that one is a doc- nuclear deal, developed tor first and then a specialist. India where Dr. Kalam All specialists also work as answered them one by Medical Officers when the one. need arises. 8. A hospital run pharmacy and laboratory generates income for the hospital, which is used to subsidize patient care. 9. It is the general policy of the hospital, that the staff should be paid well and that no one should feel exploited. March 12, 2009 PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  4. 4. E-Paper billion beats 4 Role of women in Rural health a life time Noble Mission ….. armed forces How is it possible, that too in a rural environment? It was because of the leadership given by a well qualified MD doctor, who graduated from CMC, Vellore, decided to stay at a She walks with raised rural place in Gadag district of rural Karnataka for the last 30 years and dedicated his life for a head, rural healthcare. He has not only provided leadership, he has enriched the healthcare facili- With her eyes looking straight, She has her principles, Unafraid of anybody! She has a lofty And knowledge based pride, Such cultured women, Don't falter from the chosen path. She drives ignorance away. She welcomes the bliss of life. With learned mind, This is the Dharma Of emerging woman. Yes, this is the poetry from the great poet “Bharathiar”. We have witnessed women com- mando’s armed with weap- ties by the collection of the little money from the patients and made the hospital serve with ons at VSSC, Thiruvanan- better medical facilities to the poor at an affordable cost, many times free. The patients are thapuram during the visit of coming to attend previous day night, stays there to get the treatment, everybody get the Dr. Kalam to VSSC as a Chancellor of Indian Insti- urban healthcare without disappointment at affordable cost. He has made a difference in his tute of Space science and life. Technology (IIST) symboliz- While our cities boast of the most sophisticated tertiary health care infrastructure, our ing the spirit of the Bhara- rural people are still being denied the basic primary and secondary health care. The need in thiar’s song. our country is to have good, well equipped general hospitals in rural areas that can deliver good secondary healthcare which is the key, to an effective healthcare delivery system. The “All Women Quarter above mentioned principles have helped in the past; however, the Hospital today is a testi- Guard” of CISF is function- mony to the people who responded to a higher calling. A calling, to provide healthcare ing at VSSC since 16 July where it is needed the most. For this model to be successful and sustainable it means sacri- 2008, without break and fices, dedication and above all an unwavering belief that one is making a difference in the the motivation accorded have led to the rise in mo- lives of people. - By V. PONRAJ rale of the women to very high levels. This has given an impetus to develop an- other concept of “All Women Quick Reaction Team” by CISF team. March 12, 2009 PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  5. 5. WWW.ABDULKALAM.COM billion beats 5 Role of women in Help Your Body and Mind armed forces During 2008, Dr. Kalam participated in the Help Your Body programme at Mumbai. This programme proposes to create awareness among the A 14 days capsule people about the meth- course for Quick Reaction ods to combat chronic Team and STF personnel is in progress at VSSC with diseases through 20,000 effect from 16th Feb to 28th doctors who will function Feb 2009. In between the as spokesperson in a Training program, they got zone. Simultaneously, 90 an opportunity to impart the trainees with practical diagnostic centers across 47 cities are being established for providing free testing training, during the visit of for detecting chronic diseases. In addition, it is also proposed to enlist the support the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, of local communities for building momentum in this programme. While inaugurating wherein the Women QRT the programme, Dr. Kalam had suggested to change the programme into “Help your was deployed for his pro- tection in the outer circle body and mind” and made the following suggestions for making the programme sus- and convoy from 19 to 21 th st tainable on long term basis: Feb’ 2009. The perform- 1. Spreading the habit of appropriate exercises for the mind and body to the entire ance of the Women QRT population. was highly appreciated and their movements and drills 2. Promoting conduct of periodic medical examination of all the individuals who of mounting & dismounting, attain the age of 40 by the corporate sector for providing advice on healthy life swiftness and all round style intervention. visual security fully clad in 3. Making causes and cures of chronic diseases as a part of science education in Bullet proof Jackets and helmets with automatic schools, so that Children can become health ambassadors for the families. weapons was really worth 4. Arranging the screening of rural citizens on a periodic basis, so that the citizens mentioning. This incident prone to chronic diseases can be provided with free treatment including nutri- remained the song of Bhara- tion supplements. thiar as mentioned in the beginning. – V. Ponraj 5. Organising examination by physicians and psychologists about the status of health both in rural and urban areas through corporate social responsibility mis- sion. 6. The success stories of Help your Body and Mind programme can be brought out as short films by media specialists, so that it can touch the heart of community with practical facts. Since the Association of Physicians of India has over 14,000 members spread in the different regions of the country, he suggested that each one of the member can take up a regional mission of carrying out a programme Help your Body and Mind for screening and educating the local citizens on preventive healthcare strategies. PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com
  6. 6. 6 Towards a society free from all diseases and cancers of the skin APJ Abdul Kalam Billion Beats No: 10, Rajaji Marg New Delhi - 110016 I was studying the case of a person who had turned a new leaf in his life. He was also pre- Phone: 011-23015522 sented with the President's Award for the “Best Self-Employed Person”. This being a great Fax: 011-23793601 For publishing send E-mail with achievement in itself, his struggle was praise worthy as he has risen above social stigma of photos to : being a leprosy patient. After 7 years of treatment in a Welfare and Rehabilitation Centre for billionbeats@abdulkalam.com Feedback through website Leprosy Patients, he is fully cured and runs his own telephone booth at a City Railway Sta- tion. This model should be followed by other rehabilitation centers in the country to make the THE PULSE OF INDIA treated leprosy patients feel normal to function in the society. I would suggest the participants of DERMACON 2009 to work out specific strategies in partnership with societal organizations, so www.abdulkalam.com that the deformity and the associated social isolation feeling are removed from the leprosy affected patients. Chief Editor: While we are engaged in rehabilitation we have also to ensure that no new cases are added. apj@abdulkalam.com In this respect early detection of the disease is essential in order to avoid permanent nerve Editorial board: damage and deformities. This will need survey of the population and detection. We need to editor@abdulkalam.com educate the population and particularly the general practitioners in the government and private ysrajan@abdulkalam.com rswaminathan@abdulkalam.com hospitals about facts, the signs and cure for leprosy. Multiple Drug Therapy (MDT) a combination dnmoorthi@abdulkalam.com of the anti-leprosy drugs such as rifampicin, clofazimine and dapsone has been found to be very billionbeats@abdulkalam.com effective treatment for the disease. I would suggest that the Leprologists can study the strate- vponraj@abdulkalam.com gies followed by many NGOs and recommend whether it can be applied in government and non- governmental organizations working on leprosy cure. Thursday, March 12, 2009 Suggestions for the DERMOCON 2009 participants When I look at the dermatologists, venereologists, and leprologists, I would like to make Small Aim is a crime following suggestions which will be useful to the community at large: APJ Abdul Kalam 1. All the organizations working on dermatology, venereology and leprology, prevention, cure and rehabilitation should have a joint mission for rehabilitation. 2. Generating statistics about the number of people who have been cured of various types of To publish into billion beats: skin diseases in the country, their way of life, habitat status and education status. This data Send your articles, success stories, innovations, cartoons, poetry into may include whether the cured patients are living in isolated colonies. billionbeats@abdulkalam.com 3. It is essential to enlist the support of Philanthropic plastic surgeons who will allot at least Along with photographs and evidence one day in a week for providing plastic surgery to cured patients free of cost. documents if any 4. As the rehabilitation action is progressing through surgical intervention an assessment can be made about the type of education and occupational training needed for cured patients. 5. A voluntary movement may be started with print, advertising agencies and electronic media to bring home to the society, how inhuman and unwarranted it is to attach stigma to skin affected, HIV, leprosy cured patients. 6. I visualize creation of a beautiful cinema on skin, HIV and leprosy cured and rehabilitated patient’s life similar to the picture “Black” which portrayed the story powerfully of a visu- ally challenged girl. 7. Undertaking a pilot project of two years duration in Bangalore or any part of the country as a starting point for eliminating discrimination and providing rehabilitation of the cured pa- tients. The lessons of the pilot project could be spread to other parts of the country in the second phase. The eradication of skin diseases, HIV and leprosy among the people and mainstreaming of the cured patients socially and economically is a multi-dimensional task. It involves an inte- grated approach from government institutions, NGOs, medical institutions, medical associations, rehabilitation institutions, development institutions and research institutions. I would suggest the Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (IADVL) to work on such a mission with the motto ‘Let my brain remove the pain’ of the suffering. Dr. Kalam’s ad- dress during the inauguration of DERMACON 2009, 37th National Conference of Indian Associa- tion of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leperologists (IADVL) Bangalore, 7 January 2009. PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version www.pdffactory.com