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Billionbeats Vol I Issue I


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The epaper should set a new tradition.
It should celebrate the success of the people wherever they are. It may be from an
agriculture village, or fishing village, it may be from a diary village, it may be from
the industrial or service sector

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Billionbeats Vol I Issue I

  1. 1. celebration of success Dear friends, Launching billion beats, an e-paper through the website is indeed a beautiful idea. The e- paper should set a new tradi- tion. It should celebrate the NOVEMBER 14, 2007 T H E P U L S E O F I N D I A success of the people wherever they are. It may be from an Youth below the age of 25 are the most powerful agriculture village, or fishing resources on the earth, under the earth and above village, it may be from a the earth. We have to empower them through diary village, it may be from value-based education and leadership. b the industrial or service sector. In short, billion beats should capture and spread I want a disciplined Nation the success and its glad tid- ings. We have the islands of success in every field of I love India, but I am saddened by our lack of disci- pline and lack of consideration for others. I feel sad INDIA OF MY DREAMS that we Indians, who behave so well when we go activity; we should connect abroad, behave so terribly at home. We push our way them to make a garland. I around when there is no need to. We jostle and crowd am confident that billion around counters. We hate to stand in queues. We beats would create knowl- crowd round the entrances in buses and trains. We show no con- sideration for children or for the elderly. In the India of my edge connectivity among the dreams, motorists won't jump the red light just because there is people. no policeman around. Two-wheelers will not drive on pave- My greetings and best ments just to race ahead. We won't spit or throw garbage any- wishes. where we like. We will treat public property with respect. In short, we will be a disciplined, considerate nation. I hope my dream comes true before I grow up. N. Priyanka, 8th Class, Poorna Prajna Education Centre, Bangalore India of My Dreams is open to schoolchildren. Shoot off your thoughts COM’ON INDIA along with a passport-size photograph to: Mission 2020 Have a success story to share? An inspiration that can be imbibed? We welcome short contributions from you along with a passport-size photo, complete name, mailing address and phone number. Write in at Kalam maps profile of a vibrant India SALAM KALAM By V. Ponraj A Nation where the governance uses the the birth of W hat is the India of Dr Kalam's dreams? How has he shaped his best of technologies to beloved country in his mind's eye? be responsive, transpar- Here's the Top-10 from Dr Kalam's ent, fully connected in a billion beats wish-list for the country he loves: A Nation where the rural and urban high bandwidth e-gover- nance grid, easily accessi- ble and simple in rules, thereby N ew Dilli was cocooned in a fresh coat of mist divide has reduced to a thin line. A Nation where there is an equitable distribution of, and access to, energy corruption-free. A Nation where poverty has when the Corporate and quality water. been totally eradicated, illiteracy Communications A Nation where agriculture, industry removed and crimes against Team from HAL waited to and service sector work together in women are absent and the socie- meet Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, symphony, absorbing technology, ty feels unalienated. India's Inspiration Machine. thereby resulting in sustained wealth A Nation that is prosperous, Dr Kalam drove in straight generation leading to greater high- healthy, secure, peaceful and happy from a TV interview and took value employment opportunities. and has a sustainable growth path. off in his inimitable style on A Nation where education is not A Nation that is one of the best media. "Why are we not high- denied to any meritorious candidate places to live in on the earth and lighting the success stories of because of societal or economic dis- brings smiles to a billion-plus faces. achievers? Why are we not crimination. This is how Dr Kalam has motivat- bringing unsung heroes to the A Nation which is the best destination ed the entire nation linking his forefront? Why an overdose of for the most talented scholars, scientists Vision 2020 with the people, organi- politics, murder, caste war? and investors from all over the world. sations, academic institutions, industry, banking, judiciary and Why...? Why...?." A Nation where the best of healthcare finally the political system. We tentatively suggested: is available to everyone, and communi- But a lot more remains to be done. As Robert Frost wrote: “The "Can't we start a paper of your cable diseases like AIDS/TB, water and woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep; And miles choice?" Dr Kalam grabbed the vector-borne diseases, cardiac diseases, to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.” idea. "Fantastic! May be a web cancer and diabetes are brought down. (The writer is Advisor to Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam) paper. Yes, a web paper," he chuckled, looking at Mr V. Kalam has always expressed It’s the most appropriate It’s a great feeling to set Ponraj, a technology maverick and his current Advisor. his love and affection for the move to start an e-paper. something in motion, let it And this was how the web youth of this country. I am India is changing so fast and take a life of its own, watch paper — billion beats —was very confident that billion I am sure billion beats it grow and become unique. born. To stay connected with beats will play a pivotal role in taking will help Indians stay connected by I’m sure billion beats will inspire you. Mail your thoughts at: India forward. I am eagerly waiting to sharing news, views and capabilities. All Indian youth to dream big and help Anantha Krishnan M. see the launch issue. My best wishes. the best for the team. Dr Kota reach the acme of life. Neeti Sahi, National Affairs Editor Anil Kumble, Test Captain, India Harinarayana, Raja Ramanna Fellow Mass Media Student, Bangalore billion beats is designed and uplinked to from Bangalore and will hit the web every fortnight. THE LAUNCH CREW: National Affairs Editor Anantha Krishnan M, Content Editor V. Ponraj, Copy Curator Vinaya Hegde, Data Coordinator Neelima V, Design V. Jayaprakash, Stills Robert, INSPIRATION The Bold Billion