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Cyprus legend connected to food


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Comenius 2011-2013, project: An extra place at table or know each other through food", Comenius activity: National legend connected to food, presentation prepared Comenius team from Apsiou School i Cyprus, Coordinator: Vassilis Papastavrou

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Cyprus legend connected to food

  1. 1. CYPRUS National legend connected to food Comenius activity Project: An extra place at table or know each other through food 2013
  2. 2. The hunter and the goose
  3. 3. • Once upon a time a hunter had to present on a trial at the city of Varosha (Ammochostos). He took his gun with him, so as to hunt on his way to Varosha. In a little while he saw a goose and he shot it. When he arrived at Varosha, he looked for a good chef and he said.
  4. 4. - "Please get this goose, cook it well and I will pay you whatever you want". - "Okay," said the chef and the hunter left.
  5. 5. While the judge was passing from there with his slave he smelt the divine aroma of the cooked goose coming from the chef’s kitchen. - "Oh my God! What a nice smell! The chef is cooking a great food today. Go to see what food is this!, he said to the slave, "
  6. 6. - "Do not be afraid, because I am the judge. Birds fly don’t they? Tell him that it flied away. Without loosing any time the judge grabbed the goose and left.
  7. 7. After a while the hunter came and told to the chef: "I came to take me my food. Is it cooked?". - The chef was terrified but he replied: "We have various foods, what do you want?"
  8. 8. - "Don’t play fool. Did not I give you my goose so as to cook it?", asked the hunter. - "Ah! Unfortunately your goose as it is a bird, flied to the sky and left. „ - "Are you kidding me, replied the angry hunter.
  9. 9. The chef insisted that the cooked food turned alive and flied away. The hunter became furious and started to run after the chef with a fork so as to bit him. When they were running they stumbled upon a pregnant woman and she felt down losing her baby. But they kept running.
  10. 10. While the chef was running he saw a minare (Muslim tower) and he started climbing up the stairs. The hunter was constantly behind him. As they were running, the hunter pushed Hodja (Muslim priest) and felt down form the tall Minare landing on a man and both were killed. They kept running until they climbed down the stairs. After a lot of running they end up to the judge.
  11. 11. Meanwhile all the rest that were hurt by the hunter and the chef came in court. - "Your Honor, says the man of the woman who lost the baby, this man went over to my wife and she lost the baby." - "Ah, says the judge, if you have a complain take this man to your house to make her another baby". - "No, no, he replied, I have no complaints".
  12. 12. Then the brother of the man killed by the fall of Hodja came. - "Your Honor, he says, they pushed Hodja and he felt down from the minare and killed my brother ' - "Oh, he says, if you have any complain I will put this man downstairs the Minare and you can climb up and fall down so as to kill him and have your revenge”. - "No, no, he replied, I have no complaints".
  13. 13. SO in that way everybody left and the judge was the only one who enjoyed the fantastic food. Sometimes people are willing to do anything, good or bad, so as to eat a delicious food!!!
  14. 14. Thank you for watching National Cypriot legend was pepared by: Comenius team from Apsiou School Coordinator: Vassilis Papastavrou