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A slide show about the Greek Goddess Artemis.

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  1. 1. Artemis
  2. 2. ArtemisArtemis means perfect and Greekgoddess of the Hunt and the moon.
  3. 3. Her BirthIn one legend, Artemis was born one daybefore her brother Apollo (Austin’s God). Hermother gave birth to her on the island ofOrtygia. Then, after her birth, she helped hermother to Delos, where she delivered Apollo.
  4. 4. Her 3rd BirthdayArtemis was a very smart young girl. This was obviouswhen she wished for these six thing for her 3rd birthday.1. To be a virgin forever2. A silver bow and arrows made by Hephaestus (Robs God)3. A hunting costume and to be free from dressing like a lady4. The job of bringing light into the night (moon light)5. All the mountains to live on6. 60 young nymphs as companions and to help take care of her hunting dogs
  5. 5. The Story of ActaeonArtemis was very serious about staying a virgin andwould cause great harm to any man who disagreedwith her wish.For example: In one story it says thatActaeon, while out hunting, accidentally came uponArtemis and her nymphs, bathing in a pool. Seeingthem he stopped and stared at them. but whenArtemis saw him looking at them, she transformedhim into a stag. Then, with disgust, she set his ownhounds after him. They chased and killed what theythought was another stag, but it was their master.
  6. 6. Family Tree Artemis & Apollo Zeus & Leto Cronus & Rhea Coeus & PhoebeUranus & Gaia The Titans Clip Art
  7. 7. Why Is She Famous? Artemis is famous because she is the only virgin goddess. With her love of the mountains, her animals and the companion ship of her 60 nymphs she doesn’t need the love of a man.
  8. 8. She is The goddess of:• Child birth• Wildlife• Moon light• Wilderness• The huntShe also is the protector of ladies and girls andcan either cure them of disease or causesudden death.
  9. 9. Some Of Her Names In Greek she is known as Artemis Her Roman name is DianaShe is also know as Selene the Goddess ofthe moon because of the crescent moon on her forehead
  10. 10. Years ActiveShe is a Goddess………Gods and Goddess’s don’t die so she is stillactive…..
  11. 11. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS #1What makes a good story?I think what makes a good story is thetransformation of a character into somethingthat we know today.Example: When one of Artemis’s nymphsbetrayed her vow of chastity, she turned herinto a bear then the nymph became aconstellation.
  12. 12. ESSENTIAL QUESTION #2What do these stories tell us about the peoples’character and nature?I think it shows us that Artemis was very possessive overher animals and that she was really serious about stayinga virgin. When you compare us to her you can see thatshe isn’t girly girl by any means. She was the mostindependent goddess and that says a lot about hercharacter. She has a wild spirit and does what shewants, when she wants. You don’t want to double crossher or she’ll kill you or turn you into something else andhave someone or thing kill you.
  13. 13. ESSENTIAL QUESTION #3What do these stories tell us about the meaningof life?I think these stories tell us that life can easily betaken from us by one person, and that you shouldnever lie or betray someone because you neverknow they might seek revenge.
  14. 14. Bibliography images Best Greek Legends Ever!