Atalanta Greek Mythology.


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Atalanta Greek Mythology.

  1. 1. ATALANTA • She was the daughter of Iasus and Clymene. •She was exposed by her father in the wilderness at birth, but was suckled by a she-bear and afterwards found and raised by hunters. • She was a great huntress and a favorite of the goddess Artemis.
  2. 2. IASUS • He was the father of Atalanta. • Clymene’s husband. • He was disappointed of having a daughter instead of a son.
  3. 3. MELEAGER •Son OF King Oeneus and Althea of Calydon. • He was one of the heroes of the Calydonian Boar hunt. • He fell in love with Atalanta. •He was ruined by his own mother.
  4. 4. HIPPOMENES/MELANION • He defeated Atalanta on a foot race. • Atalanta’s Husband
  5. 5. APHRODITE • Godess of love and beauty. • She gave Melanion the three golden apples.
  6. 6. CLYMENE • Atalanta’s mother
  7. 7. ALTHEA • Meleager’s mother who brought him to his death. • Queen of Calydon
  8. 8. OENEUS •Meleager’s father •The King of Calydon.