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Recreation coordinator2010

  1. 1. Recreation Coordinator, Summer Science Program Institute for Aboriginal Health, UBC1. Job Identification Job Title: Recreation Coordinator Family: Undergraduate Academic Assistant Faculty: First Nations House of Learning and the College of Health Disciplines Department: Institute for Aboriginal Health2. Job Summary The Recreation Coordinator is responsible for the physical aspects of the program. She/he will design and implement a variety of recreational, cultural and social activities, as well as motivate youth to maintain or improve their personal health and fitness. The Recreation Coordinator is also expected to live in residence seven days at a time during each of the two Summer Science weeklong sessions: July 3 through to July 17. The employment period is from June 28 to July 23, 2010. Additionally, there is a two-day staff training in June. A criminal record check is required before employment begins. Food and accommodation are provided.3. Organizational Status The Recreation Coordinator works under the supervision of the Program Coordinator.4. Work Performed a) Administrative Duties  Organize field trips, special events, and be a role model for the program in concert with students and staff.  Work closely with and co-plan logistics with each of the administrative team members: Program Coordinator and Dorm Coordinator.  Facilitate the smooth and effective functioning of the recreational program involving dorm and other staff members. b) Teaching Duties  Teach and evaluate the Recreation Program.  Develop recreational activities such as work out morning regimements, evening activities, and fill in any cancelled activities. c) Other Duties  Participate fully in orientation, debriefing and staff meetings.  Submit a final report to the Program Coordinator and/or the SSP Director.  Provide student field-trip/excursions supervision5. Supervision The Recreation Coordinator supervises staff and students involved in recreational events.C:UsersProfesorAppDataLocalTempRecreationCoordinator2010.doc 1
  2. 2. 6. Working Conditions The Recreation Coordinator stays in residence with the Summer Science students and staff. The centre of operations for the Summer Science program is in the First Nations House of Learning on UBC campus. The Recreation Coordinator may take advantage of all the facilities and resources located on campus including the Longhouse. The Recreation Coordinator may also choose to have field trips off campus.7. Personal Specifications a) Physical Requirements  Healthy.  Considerable energy and stamina. b) Education/Experience  Working on a degree in Recreation, Physical Education, or Education is preferred.  Experience working in an Aboriginal context and knowledgeable in traditional games and other cultural practices.  Previous evidence of skills related to duties identified.  Previous experience working with teenagers. c) Special Skills  Strong interpersonal and communication skills.  Skills to work with Aboriginal high school students.  Collaborative Skills.  Flexibility.  Ability to conduct a workshop presentation. d) Administrative Skills  Submit a final report to the Program Coordinator and/or the SSP Director.Please e-mail your resume and interest by midnight on Friday, April 23, 2010 to:Kerrie Charnley, MAProgram Directore-mail: kerriec@interchange.ubc.caPhone: (604) 822-1795C:UsersProfesorAppDataLocalTempRecreationCoordinator2010.doc 2