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Trinity Daily Nov 27, 2018


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Audit and more

Published in: Education
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Trinity Daily Nov 27, 2018

  1. 1. KTU AUDIT 2018 - ’19 KTU Auditor Dr.Jayaprakash, with our Vice Principal Dr. Mary Mettilda Rose and faculty. FACULTY MEETING A faculty meeting was held on 23rd November 201 8 after the KTU Audit. Our Principal Dr. Arun Surendran reminded the faculty to take necessary steps to train the students for the KTU examination. Vice Principal Dr. Mary Mettilda Rose discussed about the academic records that should be laintained for the KTU audit. Trinity College of Engineering, Trinity Hills, Near Pravachambalam, Trivandrum 695 528, © Trinity College of Engineering
  2. 2. TRINITY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING LabsUpdate SINE VICE FOR PRECESION GRINDING Manufacturing of Sine vice for prece- sion grinding in our Production Lab by Lab instructors Shri. N Manikantan, Shri.T Raveendran Nair and Shri. B R Prem Kumar. DESIGN PROJECT - S5 CIVIL ENGINEERING Bio waste decomposer cum farming Electricity generation from incinerator Interlocking brick made up Students:- Premji, Mithun, Megha Students:- Anju V U, Saurav and Sooraj concrete and plastic and Anjana P Guided by Asst.Prof. Jomy Joseph Students: - Sarath, Rahul R _ . , , , . _ r i i i ar|d Alex Guided by Asst.Prof. Jomy Joseph _ . . . Guided by Asst.Prof. Arjun, © Trinity College of Engineering