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Aadil Abedi
Boris Novak
Dariusz Klimczak
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Ella Prakash
Gurukinkar Dhang
Haruno Ostubo
Isabel Robledo
Judit Csotsits
Karen Hansen
Lynne Timmington
Mopasang Valath
Narahari Bhawandla
Om Swami
Raosaheb Gurav
Subhash Parmar
Umakant Kanade
Vittorio Chiampan
Yuvraj Patil
Zhana Viel
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Happy World Art Day!


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Happy World Art Day! Deep dive into the world of artists from all over the world with this A-Z guide that celebrates the full spectrum of styles, media, subjects and emotions of art. From figurative and abstract to photography and mixed media, Artflute accompanies you on a whirlwind tour through the world of art looking through the lens of artists from around the world. It’s never been easier to find a style that is your favourite!

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Happy World Art Day!

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Aadil Abedi
  3. 3. Boris Novak
  4. 4. Christine Cholowsky
  5. 5. Dariusz Klimczak
  6. 6. Preview attachment Ella.pngElla.png306 KB Ella Prakash
  7. 7. Gurukinkar Dhang
  8. 8. Haruno Ostubo
  9. 9. Isabel Robledo
  10. 10. Judit Csotsits
  11. 11. Karen Hansen
  12. 12. Lynne Timmington
  13. 13. Mopasang Valath
  14. 14. Narahari Bhawandla
  15. 15. Om Swami
  16. 16. Parscha Mirghawameddin
  17. 17. Raosaheb Gurav
  18. 18. Subhash Parmar
  19. 19. Thota Laxminarayana
  20. 20. Umakant Kanade
  21. 21. Vittorio Chiampan
  22. 22. Yuvraj Patil
  23. 23. Zhana Viel
  24. 24. Browse Contemporary Art from the World’s Best