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The New Aesthetic - 2017


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The wheel has turned and we have come full circle. The season is all about a return to innocence— the new aesthetic that speaks of a return to simplicity and nativity.

From complex gadgets and high-tech modernity, the journey has led to a search for roots, traditions and culture. With works from some of the most successful and innovative artists in contemporary art, Artflute’s picks for this season are eminently covetable.

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The New Aesthetic - 2017

  1. 1. The New Aesthetic Featuring contemporary art by India’s leading independent artists that speaks of return to simplicity and nativity ©BasukinathDasgupta
  2. 2. Handpicked Artists Agacharya 3 Anuradha Thakur 4 Anupam Pal 5 Basuki Dasgupta 6 Bhaskar Rao 7 Asim Paul 8 HR Das 9 Hiremath Kudalayya 10 HR Devulapalli 11 Iruvan Karunakaran 12 Kandi Narsimlu 13 Kamal Devnath 14 Mamata Shingade 15 Mohammed Osman 16 PS Chary 17 Siva Balan 18 Rahul Mhetre 19 Ramesh Gujar 20 Shankar Gojare 21 Shan Re 22 Siddharth Shingade 23 Subrata Ghosh 24 Suresh Gulage 25 Varsha Kharatmal 26 Vijay Kiyawat 27 Yuvraj Patil 28 Vijit Pillai 29 A Return to Innocence The wheel has turned and we have come full circle. The season is all about a return to innocence— the new aesthetic that speaks of a return to simplicity and nativity. From complex gadgets and high-tech modernity, the journey has led to a search for roots, traditions and culture. With works from some of the most successful and innovative artists in contemporary art, Artflute’s picks for this season are eminently covetable. Exploring a wide range of themes, from identity and memory to history and contemporary culture, the artworks that are part of this collection are all about redefining and examining what it means to be Indian. Traditional motifs get a modern spin, while spirituality, innocence, love and nature get their eternal place in the sun. Inspired by the culture of places such as Telangana and West Bengal and age-old traditions such as miniature painting, each artwork is an invitation to tap into what your own interpretation of the new aesthetic would be. From mixed media to acrylic and watercolour to oil, these artworks are the best investments that you could make for your collection.
  3. 3. Pot Painting by Agacharya Original: Rs 95588 | $ 1486 Size: 24(w) x 24(h) Acrylic on Canvas Agacharya’s creations depict people engaged in everyday activities. Simple and captivating, his palette of brilliant reds, warm yellows and deep greens brings alive both the shy reticience of the people in the village as well as their untutored sensuality.
  4. 4. Ethnic Serendipity By Anuradha Thakur Original: Rs 72, 208 | $ 1,127 Size: 24(w) x 24(h) Acrylic on Canvas Anuradha Thakur’s extensive travels and work among tribes in various parts of the country inspire her vibrant artworks. The generous use of black and white, her ability to capture subtle emotions and her masterful use of texture make her this award-winning artist’s creations unforgettable.
  5. 5. Anupam Pal considers art to be a bouquet of emotions communicated using colours and free flowing brushstrokes. Influenced by the culture and tradition of India, Anupam Pal uses bold colour to highlight subtle values. His paintings are known for their striking visual impact. Pleasant Euphony By Anupam Pal Original: Rs 45, 300 | $ 704 Size: 36(w) x 42(h) Acrylic on Canvas
  6. 6. Night’s Watch By Basukinath Dasgupta Original: Rs 62,128 | $ 966 Size: 24(w) x 24(h) Mixed Media on Canvas Basuki Dasgupta was a dreamy child gazing at the stunning terracotta temples of Bengal and his intimacy with these temples find a voice in his creations. Mythological with a contemporary twist, his paintings display a skilled use of texture that speaks of the complexity of human nature and relationships.
  7. 7. Tree of Life By Bhaskar Rao Original: Rs 1,01,830 | $ 1,583 Size: 36(w) x 36(h) Acrylic on Canvas Bhaskar Rao’s artworks are inspired by the simple life of the people from the town in which he grew up. Misty and dreamlike, his paintings depict scenic and simple lives with an air of mystery in black and white, grey or bright colours. The tree is an image he returns to in his paintings— a sentinel that witnesses everything.
  8. 8. Exploiting my Soul - II By Asim Paul Limited Edition Prints Starting from Rs 3,500 | $ 105 Asim Paul believes that art is a portal to look at the heart of humanity. His artworks are a metaphor as well as a personification of nature. Captivating his imagination, he is on an unending journey to discover the many facets of nature.
  9. 9. H R Das’ paintings have a sense of theatre with the subjects being actors. His series on bulls depict them in various poses and expressions- while some look as if they are laughing, others are pensive, a few are dominant and full of character. His work captures the essence of village life through cattle that don’t just exist, but pulsate with energy. Hearts over Fences By H R Das Original: Rs 1,57,328 | $2,446 Size: 48(w) x 36(h) Acrylic on Canvas
  10. 10. The Overlooked Elephant By Hiremath Kudalayya Original: Rs 17, 328 | $ 269 Size: 20(w) x 14(h) Watercolour on Paper Hiremath Kudalayya’s love for painting supersedes everything else. Creating evocative artworks that display his stunning skills with watercolour, his favourite medium, Hiremath’s skill with the brush has brought him accolades galore— from the world over.
  11. 11. Sharad Purnima By H R Devulapalli Limited Edition Prints Starting from Rs 3,500 | $ 105 HR Devulapalli sees art as a medium to express a different perspective that provokes the viewer to seeing things in a new light, evoking delight in an unexpected interpretation. His style mostly uses transparent colors and avoids white, letting the canvas provide this element, giving his paintings a fresh look.
  12. 12. Busy Street By Iruvan Karunakaran Original: Rs 39,110 | $ 608 Size: 18(w) x 18(h) Acrylic on Canvas Iruvan Karunakaran is inspired by life on the streets as a representation of time in our lives. Hailing from Madurai, he enjoys the timeless quality of village life and its people and is also fascinated by the intertwining of the historic and the modern, in many places in India.
  13. 13. Sweet Nothings By Kandi Narsimlu Original: Rs 35,472 | $ 551 Size: 15(w) x 15(h) Acrylic on Canvas Kandi Narsimlu, a self-made artist, has a keen eye for the often missed nuances of human emotion and expression. Committed to documenting the everyday life and culture of the people of his family and village in Telangana through his figurative paintings in brilliant hues, he has a very grounded approach to art and gives the folk and rural themes of his paintings a decidedly contemporary touch.
  14. 14. Kamal Devnath’s paintings are infused with the wonderful emotion of love and his subjects aim are depicted in intricate detail using warm colours. A self taught artist who doesn't shy away from experimenting with unusual textures, different techniques and bold colours, Kamal Nath’s paintings perfectly blend the traditional with the modern cultures with ease. Us By Kamal Devnath Limited Edition Prints Starting: Rs 3,500 | $105
  15. 15. The Quaint Pride By Mamata Shingade Original: Rs 50,928 | $ 792 Size: 30(w) x 30(h) Acrylic on Canvas Mamta Shingade’s paintings channelize the quandary of Indian women to the viewer’s heart through the subjects’ expressions. Closely connected to the reality and dilemmas faced by these women, Mamta’s paintings show them in attire with complex and intricate patterns, indicating the impenetrable relationship of women to the world.
  16. 16. Mohammed Osman depicts the rural life of south India in his paintings, capturing the essence of his small town India. From his paintings of Gangireddu, the sacred bulls that are decorated for the festival of PongaI to those of women from rural India, his creations reflect his eye for detail, vivid use of colour and ability to capture the essence of Indian tradition and values. Gangireddu - XII By Mohammed Osman Limited Edition Prints Starting from Rs 5,000 | $135
  17. 17. Sketching a Hermit By P S Chary Original: Rs 84,528 | $ 1,319 Size: 24(w) x 48(h) inches Acrylic on Canvas Limited Edition Prints Starting: Rs 3,500 | $ 105 Poloju Srinivasa Chary, is self-taught artist from Hyderabad whose paintings are inspired by the people of Telangana. Having lived amongst them all of his life, he is aware of their appearance, their facial expressions, gestures and their attire. From their shining eyes to their natural essence, PS Chary expresses it all on canvas.
  18. 18. Sivabalan's paintings are reminiscent of the culture and tradition of Indian villages. A world that is fast disappearing with modernity, he intends his artworks to be snapshots of the life that was the norm before cities became the centres that they now are. Alms in the North By Siva Balan Limited Edition Prints Starting from Rs 3,500 | $105
  19. 19. Rahul Mhetre’s works offer culture vignettes and draw from the spiritual heritage of India. Influenced by the tradition of India but contemporary in expression, his paintings also touch upon the innocent sentiments and impish dreams of young girls. Flute’s Rhythm By Rahul Mhetre Original: Rs 17,300 | $ 269 Size: 12(w) x 36(h) inches Acrylic on Canvas
  20. 20. Ramesh Gujar’s paintings are defined by his life experiences. An ardent devotee of Krishna, he depicts this connection by painting the people in his artworks blue, since he believes that Krishna resides inside each one of us. Spoonfeeding By Ramesh Gujar Original: Rs 1,99,610 | $3,103 Size: 48(w) x 36(h) Acrylic on Canvas
  21. 21. Musician – II By Shankar Gojare Limited Edition Prints Starting Rs 3,500 | $ 105 Shankar’s Gojare’s paintings have a theme that connects them— emotions. From fervour and joy to serenity and fury to ecstasy, his works are immensely evocative. Using deft strokes and dynamic compositions, Shankar Gojare’s paintings immediately capture the eye of the viewer.
  22. 22. Eternal Spring - 3 By Shan Re Limited Edition Prints Starting Rs 3,500 | $ 105 Shan Re’s paintings are lyrical reflections of her subconscious thoughts, feelings, fantasies, hopes and memories. Exuberant with a sense of joie de vivre, her artworks are a celebration of life. Her bold use of colour and shades makes for a refreshing escape into pure colour.
  23. 23. Siddharth Shajirao Shingade’s paintings have a stylized quality to them. Creating a personal language of his own, he populates his canvases with tall figures that appear to be wrapped in history, with a million stories to tell. The deep browns and golden yellows that he uses resonates with his intimate relationship with his homeland, Marathwada in India. Gold Fish By Siddharth Shingade Original: Rs 78,900 | $1,226 Size: 30(w) x 30(h) Acrylic on Canvas
  24. 24. Subrata Ghosh believes that idyllic tranquility, temporality and timelessness are the major aspects of any art work. Inspired by classical Indian paintings, his art reverberates with life. Using multiple layers of colors and lateral symmetry, his paintings are distinctive and have won international acclaim. Gift of Love By Subrata Ghosh Original: Rs 64,340 | $1,000 Size: 30(w) x 20(h) Acrylic on Canvas
  25. 25. Suresh Gulage’s paintings capture buildings and their various aspects. Though they may be mute spectators, he acknowledges that they hold the life of the city. Fascinated by the play of light on buildings, his paintings employ a vibrant color palette that can be bold or subtle to portray the beauty of these structures. Reflections of the Blue City By Suresh Gulage Original: Rs 68,848 | $1,004 Size: 30(w) x 36 (h) Acrylic on Canvas
  26. 26. Face By Varsha Kharatmal Limited Edition Prints Starting Rs 5,000 | $ 135 Varsha Kharatmal’s boundless imagination and extraordinary talent in the use of colours is clearly reflected in her unique artworks. Fusing realism with the miniature style, Varsha's works are a cornucopia of colour and rich, gorgeous detail.
  27. 27. Serenity of the Blues By Vijay Kiyawat Original: Rs 55,941 | $ 870 Size: 22(w) x 30(h) Watercolour on Paper Limited Edtiion Prints Starting: Rs 3,500 | $ 105 Vijay Kiyawat, an emerging name in contemporary art, expresses his life’s passions in watercolour beautifully. From sprawling gardens to trees and flowers, he paints nature in a surrealist and dream like style. His art has found its way into homes across the world.
  28. 28. Yuvraj Patil’s works use the play of shadow and light and an absence of colour to create depth. His other paintings use colour intentionally in a way that draws the eye, highlighting the beauty that a touch of colour brings to a canvas. The Chariot Awaits By Yuvraj Patil Original: Rs 17,860 | $1,004 Size: 18(w) x 18(h) Charcoal on Canvas
  29. 29. Red Court By Vijit Pillai Limited Edition Prints Starting from Rs 3,500 | $105 Vijit Pillai’s mixed media artworks uses unique textures, paints and photographs on the canvas. Inspired by undiscovered stories that all things have, his artworks reflect his take on life and the manner in which he perceives things and people.
  30. 30. No matter where your taste lies, Artflute has the best of art waiting right here for you. Drop us a line and let us help you make this festive season your best one yet! Claim a 10% discount on any work in the entire collection. Valid until 18th of October, 2017. Reach us to us on +91-8088-313131 or drop us a note at Now you can Experience Art in person at the Atom Concept Studio. #41, SLV Chambers, 1st floor, New BEL Road, Bangalore - 560054 Phone: +91 - 95133 - 27308 | Email: