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Health care professionals - arches health plan


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Arches is committed to making your health care better and more affordable by facilitating full collaboration between you and your physicians. Our unique health plan model has been proven to yield better health results for patients while saving them and their employers money. Arches. The way health care gets better.

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Health care professionals - arches health plan

  1. 1. Health Care Professionals ­ Arches Health PlanMany physicians feel they are at the mercy of their patients insurance companiesrules and thus cannot offer their patients the most effective treatment options. ArchesHealth Plan is different. We support greater collaboration between physicians andpatients in Utah by staying out of their way, and giving physicians the freedom todecide which treatment options are best for their patients.The Arches Health Plan model offers incentives for health outcomes, rather thannumber of procedures delivered. Thus, physicians are rewarded for doing whatever isnecessary to improve their patients health. Ultimately, this model delivers betteroutcomes for patients and a more satisfying way for physicians to practice medicine.Arches Health Plan5505 S. 900 E. Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84117801.312.9860tmcgarry@archeshealth.org