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NEW Micahelle Jean French Immersion School


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This is the slides from the Parent Information Meeting held on June 19th, 2012.

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NEW Micahelle Jean French Immersion School

  1. 1. Parent Information Meeting June 19, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda  6:00 pm-Welcome & Introductions 6:10-7:00 pm-Student Tour/Team Building Activities 6:10-6:50 pm-Parent Information Session 6:50 pm-Question Period 7:00-7:30 pm-Parent Tour with child Board Staff will be available during the tour to answer any questions that come up!
  3. 3. Introductions  Mr. Greg Moore-Principal Mrs. Julie Anderson-Vice-Principal Alex Johnstone-Trustee Ashlie Duckett-Umbrella Family Daycare Christine Rees-French Consultant Mrs. Flett Ms. Marsillo Mr. Lanillos Mrs. Daniels
  4. 4. Stay Informed  Our school website is now active and can be found at This presentation will be uploaded to the site
  5. 5. Staffing  Currently, we are expecting 60 students Tentative Organization is as follows: Teacher Assignment Mrs. Flett Grade 1/2 Ms. Marsillo Grade 3/4 Mr. Lanillos Grade 5/6 Mrs. Daniels Resource (0.5) TBD Prep (0.5) TBD Prep (0.1) TBD LIPT (0.25) TBD School Secretary
  6. 6. Contact Information  2121 Highway 56, Binbrook, ON L0R 1C0 Phone number not yet assigned School Secretary is often first point of contact Classroom Teacher Vice-Principal Designated Teacher
  7. 7. Transportation  Transportation Department has worked hard to give us a PRELIMINARY transportation plan Five (5) stops are required Bus ride is approximately 30 minutes in length All Group Stops as Door-to-Door Transportation is not provided under the FI Transportation Policy Stops have been placed geographically near where students reside
  8. 8. Summit Park (Pinehill Dr)Magnificent Way & Great Oak Trail
  9. 9. Preliminary Stops & Times  School Bound Home Bound8:11 am Paramount Dr. & Astra St. 3:20 pm Michaëlle Jean8:14 am Valley Park CC 3:25 pm Magnificent & Great Oak8:18 am First Rd W & Highland Rd W 3:37 pm Summit Park (212 Pinehill Dr)8:24 am Summit Park (212 Pinehill Dr) 3:43 pm First Rd W & Highland Rd W8:36 am Magnificent & Great Oak 3:48 pm Valley Park CC8:40 am Michaëlle Jean 3:51 pm Paramount Dr. & Astra St.
  10. 10. Transportation-Key Points  This information is preliminary (Stops won’t likely won’t change, but times could) Confirmation letter will arrive in August with times and stop, based on your home address Parents can request a change to an EXISTING stop, if it is more convenient (i.e. caretaking needs) Some students were not designated a stop as it would be easier to drop off at the school We do encourage all students to ride the bus, but if parents are dropping off, no cars are allowed in driveway until all buses have left school property
  11. 11. Day Care  A high demand for before and after school care from the community Process has been overseen by the Umbrella Family for more information Ashlie Duckett to provide updates on information for the fall
  12. 12. Building Upgrades  Significant upgrades are to be done over the course of the summer, into the beginning of school year NEW roof system to be installed (mid July-beg Aug) NEW Boiler system to be installed (beg Aug-end Aug) Main electrical work to be completed Paving of parking, round-about and playground Retaining wall repaired Portables to be removed during the summer
  13. 13. School Renovations  While the school is in good shape for a 55 year old school, there are projects we are looking to complete Remaining funds from building renovation budget will go towards: Tiling of remaining classrooms not yet completed Painting of school hallways/classrooms Washroom upgrades
  14. 14. Additional Items  New school signage Hardtop playground to be painted with games/activities in late August Basketball court and hoops to be added Capital projects of new lockers and gymnasium floor and paint to be submitted for approval
  15. 15. Classroom Set Up  It was a priority to give students a similar experience to their current location (Lawfield) Projectors installed in all classrooms SMARTboards in all classrooms Teacher laptops have been purchased for staff Internet access in all classrooms Dedicated Computer Lab with 20 workstations
  16. 16. Classroom Resources  A multi-disciplinary team have been meeting to order materials for the school French Consultant, classroom teachers, Learning Commons (Library), 21st Century Fluencies (Technology), PE&H Consultant, Principal & Vice- Principal, Math Facilitator A dedicated start-up budget was given to provide for adequate and up-to-date resources for the new school Process has been co-ordinated by the French Consultant, Christine Rees
  17. 17. In Planning Stage  Many things for the fall still under consideration Opening Celebration/Ribbon Cutting/Media Coverage Establishing school mascot/colours Inaugural School Council (elected in September) Time Capsule creation Spirit Wear/School Uniforms Fridge magnets/pens with contact information
  18. 18. Questions 