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  1. 1. No.1TRAVELING Homemadefacial masksDiamondsReading the FATEEVENTS One Direction MetallicaLos AmigosInvisiblesHIPSTER
  2. 2. TravelingFrance (Paris), England (London), Belgium (Bruges),Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Frankfurt).First day- ParisBest places to visit in Paris: NotreDame, Eiffel Tower, ChampsElysees and the Arc de Triomphe,the Opera, Invalides. You canalso visit the Palace of Versailles,the most opulent and historic Notre Dameroyal château in France. ! Second day- Paris Visit the Louvre museum. The word "museum" may even be unfitting when it comes to the Louvre: the collections are so vast, diverse, and breathtaking that visitors may have the impression of navigating a maze of distinct artistic and cultural Louvre worlds. museumThird day- Paris Calais London You will go to Calais; there you will goin a ferry to go through the EnglishChannel. You will land in Dover andgo to London. Best places to visit inLondon: The Houses of Parliament, BigBen, Tower Bridge, Buckingham London
  3. 3. Palace, London eye and Oxford Street. Fourth day- London You can visit Windsor Castle, residence of the British monarch and the British Museum.Windsor Fifth day- London Bruges You will take the train “Le shuttle”Castle crossing under water the English canal in only 30 minutes. You will land in Bruges; it is a charming and picturesque place where you will remember the fairytales. There you can visit the Church of our Lady, lake of love, liberty of Bruges chimneypiece, the sculpture Madonna and Child and the Provincial Hof. Bruges Sixth day- Bruges Amsterdam You will go to Amsterdam; it is called North Venice because of the canals in the city. There you can visit Amsterdam canal ring, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Begijnhof , Oude Kerk , Museum Amstelkring and Anne Frank´s Amsterdam House. Seventh day- Amsterdam Cologne Frankfurt You will go to Cologne and you will take a short visit to the city. You will go through the Rhine River, and visit Frankfurt. Cologne
  4. 4. ! ! !!!! • Date: 8 • Place: Estadio Azteca • Time: 19:00 ! •! Date: 24 • Place: Tec de Monterrey campus Santa Fe • Time: 8:00 ! Steelers Football Camp 2012 (Adults) !
  5. 5. !!! Wagner Opera Cycle!!! •! Date: 3 • Place: Auditorio Nacional • Time: 11:00 ! •! Date: 7 • Place: Auditorio Nacional • Time: 20:00 ! •! Date: 3 to 26 • Place: Guanajuato • Time: 12:00 !
  6. 6. Reading the fate .. Daniela Elizararraz.Have you ever wondered what does every line in your hand represent or mean, ormaybe you are just bored, well if that’s the situation this article would keep youentertained for a while..In this section we will give you some guidance to be able to “read” your fate byyour hands; you can have a fun time by unraveling your future and life.The life line: The line that comes under the index finger and ends at the bottom ofthe palm. For analysis we divide it into periods of 7 years (ages cycles), this will allow us to determine in which period may occur at some event or major event. The line of life indicates the life force in general, health and regenerative energy, the ability to overcome disease and strokes of fate. It also has links with home and family. If it is long and strong indicates a calm and sure of himself. If the line is weak and short, indicating a weak constitution and predisposition to disease.If it is red, indicating a sexual and seductive character.If the lines are very different in the 2 hands, indicating a weak character andchangeable.The islands or interruptions are long-term illness or sudden changes in lifestyle. Ifthe line is cut suddenly without chips, there may be an unexpected death.Heart line: The line of the affections. Beginning in the second finger and reaches the base of the fourth or fifth finger. If long, deep, colorful and well drawn, expresses a loving personality, generous and enthusiastic. If the birth is between the forefinger and middle finger, tells of a person deep in his affections but undemonstrative, and if the line ends beyond the
  7. 7. palm, shows a propensity for jealousy. In general the shorter the line, the lessyou express feelings;As its name suggests, refers to the heart, the capacity to love, be loving,feelings and sexuality. Indicates joys and depressions, disappointments. It alsorelates to the physical heart, kidneys and circulatory system.If strong and well drawn, indicates that the person is lucky in love and romanticrelationships to be happy. If long, uninterrupted expect partnerfidelity. If well is deep and red is a very passionate person. The longer it is, but willbe controlled by the persons feelings. The small islands or chained chips indicatea changeable love life, difficult and disappointments.Head line: The most important line in the hand and clearly reveals the personality data, though it is useful to compare both hands, as the left speaks of the genetic, inherited, while the right is that of qualities acquired. A long head line speaks of a big imagination. If well drawn indicates much deeper understanding. Chi ps down relate to the fantasy and creativity. If it is weak, or short course is for a person with limited mental abilities. Deeper than that is, the better the memory. If straighter, more realistic is the person. If the line is curvy indicates that the person cannot pay attention much time and thoughts aresuperficial.Line of Love (Marriage). Indicates the number of serious relationships in life. Closer to the little finger, later in life will these relationships, with half between finger and heart line 30 years of life.
  8. 8. These lines supposedly indicate the years of each line being 20 years.Bibliography. • la-mano-las-montan.html • •!
  9. 9. The$Lion$King$$now$produced$$by$UVM$It$was$a$$play$full$of$surprises,$$with$dressing$really$interes=ng,$It$gave$the$impression$that$you$were$really$in$the$story,$the$main$actors$lived$their$roles$as$each$performance$was$very$good$and$you$caused$all$kinds$of$emo=ons.$the$choir$behind$the$curtain$gave$a$beBer$presence$to$the$en=re$work.$And$the$dancers$were$also$very$important$in$the$presence$of$the$work.$Children$who$were$in$the$audience$were$fascinated$with$this$work.$It$was$a$team$very$well$prepared.$
  10. 10. 10 homemade facial masks Your face is the mirror of the soul. Protect it and take care of it. Taking care of your face daily is not enough, it is convenient to apply some homemade masks to complete your face image. The masks are a very helpful to protect your face, they help you to clean it, close your pores, stimulant it and return it the texture. Some of them help you to recover from fatigue and others from getting wrinkles. You only need half an hour every week or every 15 days, you can make it when you are fatigue or when you have rings under your eyes or when your face is opacity.The homemade facial masks are for every type of skin. It is importantto identify the necessity your skin. 1. Mask of banana: to keep your skin radiant. Peeled the fruit and prepared a puree, expand it in your face and keep it there for a minutes. It is for all the types of skin. 2. Mask of papaya: to equilibrate the shine of your face. Peeled the fruit and prepared a puree, expand it in your face and keep it there for not more than 5 minutes, because it can cause spots. It is perfect for normal and greasy skin. 3. Mask of sabila: to keep your face clean, radiant and fortify. Cut the botany petal, open it by the half and extract the pulp, apply it in your face and neck.
  11. 11. 4. Mask of apple: for skin with pimples and shins. To prepare the puree of apple you can do it by yourself or with a mixer.5. Mask of melon: for dry or normal skin. Prepared the pulp of the melon and apply it on your face.! 6. Mask of potato: to renew your face. Cook a half of the potato and make it puree, then grate an uncooked potato and mix it with the puree. Expand this mixture in your face and neck.7. Mask of nata and honey: to make your skin softer. Mix up 3 spoonful of liquid nata until it is thicken and mix it with one spoonful of honey, apply it on your face for some minutes.! 8. Mask of nata and egg: it is appropriate for dry skin and sensible. Mix up 3 spoonful of liquid nata until it is thicken, mix it with a yolk and with lemon until you get a cream. Expand this cream in your face and after 20 minutes clean it with water.9. Mask hydrating: with this mask you will return bright to your face. Mix up half an avocado with one spoonful of lemon, another one of nata and two spoonful of carrot. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes and clean it with water.! 10. Mask purification: it is ideal for skin with pimples and shins. Mix up half a cucumber, one spoonful of parsley and chive. Apply it on your face for 20 minutes and clean it with water.
  12. 12. World’s Most Expensive DiamondsEvery woman in the world wants to own one of these most expensive diamonds inthe world. Owning expensive and rare diamonds is someone’s pride. Expensivediamonds come from various countries.1. Kohinoor : Unestimated Kohinoor which means “Mountain of Light” from the Persian is 105 carats (21.6 g) diamond that was once the largest known diamond in the world. The Kohinoor originated at Golconda in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is owned by various Sikh, Mughal and Persian rulers who fought bitterly over it at various points in history and win the war damage time and again. The Sancy Diamond : UnestimatedThe Sancy, a pale yellow diamond of55.23 carat (11.05 g), once belonged tofamous ancient Great Mogul, but morelikely from India who was cut because ofthe unusual with Western standards.Shield shaped stone consists of two back-to-back crowns (the typical upper stone)but does not have any resemblance toa pavilion (the bottom of the stone, underthe belt or the middle of the body).The Cullinan : $ 400 MillionsThe Cullinan diamond is the largest rough gem quality diamond ever found, at3,106.75 carat (621.35 g). Largest polished stone named Cullinan I or the First Star ofAfrica, and the 530.2 carats (106.0 g) is the largest diamond in the world until the year 1985 the discovery of the Golden Jubilee Diamond, 545.67 carat (109.13 g), also from the Premier Mine. Cullinan I is now mounted on the head with a stick Cross. The second largest gem from the Cullinan stone, Cullinan II or the Little Star of Africa, at 317.4 carats (63.5 g), is the fourth largest diamond in the world.
  13. 13. The Hope Diamond : $350 MillionsHope Diamond is a large, 45.52 carat (9.10 g),housed in the Smithsonian Museum of NaturalHistory in Washington. Hope Diamond exhibitsDC-blue to the naked eye due to a traceamount of boron in the crystal structure, butexhibits a red phosphor under ultraviolet light. Itis classified as Type IIb diamonds, and is famousfor being a curse.De Beers Centenary Diamond: $ 100 Millions De Beers Centenary Diamond has 273. 85 carat (54. 77 g) weight. It’s the third largest diamond has been produced in the Premier Mine. The Centenary Diamond is rated as a level D color by Gemological Institute of America, which is the highest grade diamond is colorless and internally and externally flawless. Centenary Diamond was named as shown in the rough for Centennial.The Centenary Diamond was introduced formally in May 1991.The Steinmetz Pink : $ 25 MillionsThe Steinmetz Pink is the diamondweighing 59.60 carat (11.92 grams),the color defined as Fancy Vivid Pinkby the Gemological Institute ofAmerica. The Steinmetz Pink is thelargest known diamond has beengiven Vivid Pink. As a result of thescarcity of this extraordinarydiamonds, the Steinmetz Group tookcareful 20 months to cut the Pink. Itwas introduced in Monaco on May29, 2003, in a public ceremony.
  14. 14. NEW MUSIC TO MUS PUT RHYTHM C FO I RINTO YOUR LIFE! YOU R PL Are you tired of always hearing the same music?AY I L that may never have been heard. STIf your answer is yes, here there are some groups and bandsOur mission is to show you bandsthat you may already know, maybenot, but we are sure you will lovethem. Not all bands and groupsshowed here are new, but we wantto share them with you so you canenjoy great music as we did. Getready to check out one of the musicselections to add to your playlist. MUSIC IS ART- Devendra Banhart.1 LAIKA AND THE COSMONAUTS- This finnish moved us since 1987. Too bad they stopped recording on 2008. Recommended song: NY79
  15. 15. GIRAFFAGE- The 21 year old producer Charlie Yin ,now nicknamed Giraffage released his first album called Comfort2 which includes songs as Moments and Polar bears. Recommended song: Visible JULIO BASHMORE- With only two years since his spontaneous appearance in3 the British House scene, Julio Bashmore has been one of our new talents. Recommended song: World peace PULP-Just a british alternative rock band.4 Recommended song: This is hardcore
  16. 16. LE NONSENCE- This young producer started5 at the age of 16 years old.His creations include french touch tracks. Recommended song: 5 minutes tutti frutti flavour. We invite you to send us an email to to send us your feedback on our recommendation of the month. Send us your recommendations, participate!Recommended(Movie(of( the(Month:(Napoleon( Dynamite.(