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GWTcon 2015 - brad, Brand and Brands


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brad, Brand and Brands
Conference by Manon Gruaz, at GWT Con 2015.

Manon Gruaz is Lead Designer and Brand Strategist
at Arcbees.

You can follow Manon on Twitter : @manongruaz

Published in: Design
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GWTcon 2015 - brad, Brand and Brands

  1. 1. brad, Brand & Brands GWT Con 2015 Manon Gruaz
  2. 2. What to do?
  3. 3. What is a Brand?
  4. 4. A Brand is what you feel about a product, a service or a company. What is a Brand?
  5. 5. How to create a Brand?
  6. 6. How to find and define your difference?
  7. 7. I. Why do you exist ? Why do you do what you do? II. How do you do it? III.What are you good at ? How to create a Brand?
  8. 8. A Brand, is like...
  9. 9. The goal of all brand is ...
  10. 10. to express in a clear and authentic way, its unique personality in every details. the goal of all brands
  11. 11. Create the mark of the Brand
  13. 13. The Brand and the UI
  14. 14. What if your website or UI were a person? Who would he be? And what would his message be? The Brand and the UI
  15. 15. The Brand and its personality are expressed through
  16. 16. Create an assertive and authentic persona of design, here are the components: The Brand and the UI
  17. 17. ➔ Overview : What makes your brand unique ? ➔ Traits : The picture of a person (someone famous, or that your team knows well; it could even be a mascot) that represents the brand ➔ Brand features : List 5 features that define your brand and 2 that you absolutely want to avoid Components
  18. 18. ➔ Voice tone: If your brand could speak, what would it say and how ? ➔ Visual lexicon: Glimpse of colors, typography and visual style ➔ Methods of commitment: Describe the methods of emotional commitment to support your design persona and create an outstanding experience Components
  19. 19. Design Persona
  20. 20. Design Persona - Arcbees Brand’s name Arcbees Overview The bee is the mascot of Arcbees. - The bee is a confident and strong architecture master with a furious desire to reach for the stars
  21. 21. Its shape is both simple and logic. It expresses the quest towards efficiency, optimization and smart architecture. These three are at the core of all Arcbees' products and projects. Design Persona - Arcbees
  22. 22. Brand Features The bee is, like all the bees, a teamworker. Bees help one another to make the impossible happen. - It is playful, fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Design Persona - Arcbees
  23. 23. The bee is a code fanatic and can't stop talking about it. - It is logic, devoted but it is not boring. Design Persona - Arcbees
  24. 24. Simplicity lover, it resolves complex situations, finds solutions to help developers. - The bee is different from the «real» bees: no hierarchy and no stings! Design Persona - Arcbees
  25. 25. Voice / Tone The bee likes to have fun while remaining serious... It loves puns, probably too much! Design Persona - Arcbees
  26. 26. Visual lexicon
  27. 27. Message BEE THE BEST - As programmers, our products are helpful because they make coding easy, making your experience as a user enjoyable and optimizing your time. Design Persona - Arcbees
  28. 28. Commitment methods The Brand and the UI
  29. 29. SINGULARITY Our website surprises and breaks the rules of the technological industry
  30. 30. Used to (too much) content in a world where design is put last, programmers are pleasantly surprised. Being technical, specialized and beautiful is doable!
  31. 31. SIMPLICITY The content and its presentation are simple, and color contrasts are strong for an optimum readability.
  32. 32. Not too much words for non-experts to understand but links to more complex contents for advanced users.
  33. 33. ANIMATION You don't need too much to make people understand the basics.
  34. 34. The fact that the bee is fun enables the animation to be full of meaning without needing a ton of words.
  35. 35. FLUIDITY Please people with a smooth browsing
  36. 36. A way of appeasing the technical content's complexity and help people project themselves in the products.
  37. 37. HUMOR Numerous puns are part of the website - The word "Bee" becomes a brand tool and enables us to express the funny and generous side of our team.
  38. 38. To conclude...
  39. 39. The Brand and the UI
  40. 40. A poorly designed or thought-out interface is the same as if you were going to a shop where the staff is rude, unhelpful and wants you to leave. The Brand and the UI
  41. 41. « A Brand Is [...] the product of a thousand small gestures. » Michael Eisner, Former Walt Disney CEO
  42. 42. Manon Gruaz LEAD DESIGNER, BRANDING GODDESS & LOVING BEE at Arcbees +ManonGruaz @manongruaz
  43. 43. THANK YOU
  44. 44. QUESTIONS?