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Team DOFH Final Slide Deck


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Team DOFH Final Slide Deck

  1. 1. Prevent it. Reward it. Presented by: Anukriti Kurria, Grace John, Kishan Soni, Jason Gallo Team D.O.F.H 1
  2. 2. Agenda Objective 3 The “Young Invincibles” 4 Segmenting Target Population 5 Beliefs and Behaviors 6 Strategic Approach 7 Mobile App Revamp 8 - 10 Lifestyle Sessions 11 - 12 Informative Tactics 13 Competitive Analysis 14 Financial Investment 15 Return on Investment 16 Recap/Future Outlook 17 Questions? 18 2
  3. 3. Objective Our objective is to influence the “Young Invincibles” to take initiative in their health and well-being by utilizing the preventative care benefits that are offered through their health insurance plans 3
  4. 4. “The Young Invincibles” • 26 - 33 year olds • Do not take advantage of the preventative care benefits that are a part of their healthcare plans • Can’t be bothered • “I feel healthy, so I am healthy” 4
  5. 5. Segmenting the Young Invincibles Men • 40% of men in a survey said they wanted to change their behavior to live a healthy lifestyle • 30% visited a PCP for a yearly physical exam Women • 55% of women in a survey said they wanted to change their behavior to live a healthy lifestyle • 50% visited a PCP for a yearly physical exam Employees through Employers• Using preventative care benefits is a win- win situation for both the employer and employee • Employers can reach their employees more effectively and efficiently Men Women Employees through Employers 5
  6. 6. Beliefs and Behaviors Target Market Current Beliefs Current Behaviors Desired Beliefs Desired Behaviors Importance Employers » “There is no effective way for me to get my employees to take advantage of the preventative care benefits offered by insurance” » Provides brochures and pamphlets to employees with information about preventative care but has not seen any results » “We should implement preventative health events more often because they will ultimately make our employees healthier, more productive, and it is a cost effective solution” » Engages employees more in preventative care initiatives and encourages them to take advantage of the provided benefits »High Women »“I don’t have enough time between work and other responsibilities to go see a doctor/get tests done unless I don’t have a choice” »Seeks as little healthcare consulting as possible »“I should make time to utilize my preventative care benefits and take control of my future health” »Takes advantage of preventative care benefits and also influences family/friends to use theirs »Moderate 6
  7. 7. Our goal is to influence our target markets to utilize their preventative care benefits Two pronged strategic plan Coach Mobile App Revamp Lifestyle Sessions • Tiered point reward system • Ethnic tailored programs • Connect Cigna account number to app • Finding specific doctors in their network and the services they provide • Target employees through their employers who use Cigna • Cigna sponsored events at organizations • Zumba • Hot yoga • Blood pressure checks • Flu shots (seasonal) • Utilize social media to increase exposure to health events and app Prevent It. Reward It. 7
  8. 8. Coach by Cigna - Mobile App Revamp TIER 1 - Blood pressure screening (250 pts) - Contraceptives (250 pts) - Dental (250 pts) - Eye (250 pts) 1000 pts = $20 Tiered Point Reward System TIER 3 - Cholesterol test (750 pts) - Diabetes screening (750 pts) - Testicular cancer (750 pts) - Breast cancer (750 pts) 3000 pts = $50 TIER 2 - HIV screening (500 pts) - STD screening (500 pts) - Vaccinations (500 pts) - Infectious disease tests (500 pts) 2000 pts = $40 8
  9. 9. Coach by Cigna - Mobile App Revamp • Wearable technology ▫ Fitbit • Workout studios ▫ Barre 3 • Athletic Apparel Stores ▫ Nike, Under Armour • Spa Services ▫ Massage Envy • Juice Bars ▫ Yellow • Beauty and Health Products Stores ▫ Sephora • Ticket Wholesalers ▫ Stubhub, Ticketmaster • Food Places ▫ Starbucks, Honeygrow 9
  10. 10. Coach by Cigna - Mobile App Revamp Ethnic tailored programs • App will have an optional input for race/ethnicity • Illnesses that have a higher prevalence in certain groups of people will be factored in • Ex. African-Americans are at a higher risk for sickle cell anemia ▫ If African-American is selecteed as the race, the app will use those risk factors to better inform the user about their health Account to app synchronization • App registration will require the patient’s account number to connect it directly to their Cigna account • When utilizing preventative healthcare services, the HCP will submit a claim through Cigna which will be connected to the app • Ex. Patient goes to doctors office for routine checkup and gets blood pressure measured ▫ The claim will be submitted to the patient’s Cigna account which will automatically add 250 points to the user’s profile in the app 10
  11. 11. Lifestyle Sessions - Employers Target employers Hold lifestyle sessions •Yoga •Zumba •Flu shots •BMI •Diabetes screening •Etc. Utilize social media •Promote mobile app •Emphasize preventative care •Social media prize contest 11
  12. 12. Lifestyle Sessions - Lost Productivity content/uploads/sites/default/files/Cost%20Savings%20Analysis%20Supplement_0.pdf 12
  13. 13. Informative Tactics ● Using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram as platforms to promote the need to take preventative action to protect health ● Celebrity endorsement: Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn ○ Both have over 400,000 followers on instagram ○ Two channels: @toneitup and @karinakatrina ○ Youtube videos have over 35 million views ● Emphasize how preventative care services increases life expectancy ○ Focused on work now, but want to enjoy life later 13
  14. 14. Competitive Analysis Cigna United Health Anthem Aetna Network of providers + ++ ++++ +++ Number of Preventative Programs ++++ ++ ++++ ++ Market Share ++ +++++ ++++ +++ 14
  15. 15. Financial Investment Strategies Amount Invested (USD) Mobile App Revamp $50,000 Lifestyle Sessions (per company) $17,000 Celebrity Endorsement (Social Media) $10,000 Total $77,000 15
  16. 16. Return On Investment • How will this campaign be beneficial for Cigna? ▫ Better risk management ▫ Saves costs ▫ Opportunity cost • Lifestyle sessions will build a more loyal customer base from employers ▫ Benefit from healthier employees and will be more inclined to keep Cigna • Example: X Employer – 500 employees ▫ 1% reduction in weight, blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol risk factors = $45,000 saved 16
  17. 17. Recap and Future Outlook • Strategy recap: ▫ Revamp Coach by Cigna app ▫ Conduct lifestyle sessions in organizations every 4 months  Utilize social media networks to promote “Prevent it. Reward it.” • Future outlook ▫ Greater penetration within the “young invincibles” population ▫ Eventually expand and tailor program to cover entire customer base ▫ Turning preventative care into a priority instead of an option 17
  18. 18. Thank you! Any Questions? 18