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Ict assignment 1 - assessment sheet


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Ict assignment 1 - assessment sheet

  1. 1. Students: Amendolara Vanina and Gorosito Marina ICT Applied to English Teaching – 2010 Lecturer: Ledesma, Paula Assignment #1: Assessment sheet 1. ICTs stand for      . 2. E–learning refers to learning models that combine traditional classroom practice with e-learning solutions. 3. In the ‘30s, teachers hardly ever used films. Some of the reasons for infrequent use were: teachers’ lack of skill in using equipment and film; student’s lack of interest; the cost of films and equipment; the time involved in preparing the most appropriate film for each class. 4. During the Cold War, the implementation of new technologies in the classroom stemmed from the fact that      . 5. The principal terms used to describe educational technology until about the ‘70s were: audiovisual education/instruction/devices; ITs; visual education/instruction. 6. The implementation of instructional television in the ‘70s-‘80s was successful. 7. The computer finds widespread acceptance during the '70s. 8. With the advent of new personal computers, ___ are beginning to be created and manufactured. drill and practice programs; computer-based tutorials; software in CD-ROMs; learning games. 9. In the decade of the      , digital video, virtual reality and 3D systems caught the attention of many people. Besides, many schools rewire themselves for       access and some of them are even starting to install web servers. 10. Some of the new technologies starting to be used in the classroom are:      .