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Rules for Success from the Top 10 Content Marketers


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As the amount of content produced online continues to grow at a rapid speed, content marketers are finding it harder and harder to stand out in an ocean of material that is all deemed to be valuable.

So, the best way to learn how to break through the noise is to find which content marketers are successful at it and learn from their experiences, strategies and mistakes.

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Rules for Success from the Top 10 Content Marketers

  1. 1. From the Most Influential Content Marketers
  2. 2. www . m-«' L1. -H’ w ran r p-vjl Fw‘ IuI'r: rii= I‘r, Efxw ‘ IE! ‘ 7 * Mfg
  3. 3. ’’I believe empathy is a content marketer’s greatest skill. The ability to put yourself in the shoes of potential customers and potential influencers and understand what they'd want, what they'll share, and why is incredibly powerful. ”
  4. 4. @heidicohen www. heidicohen. com Heidi Cohen Marketer, Professor, Speaker
  5. 5. ”The most important factor needed to succeed as a content marketer is to create quality content. This requires that you: a) Work to make each piece of content the best b) Continue to learn how to craft better content c) Keep showing up at your computer or content creation tool. '’
  6. 6. @scottabel www. thecontentwrang| er. com/ b|og/ A . . . . -1 Scott Abel Founder, The Content Wrangler
  7. 7. "The most important factor in succeeding as a content marketer is to acknowledge - from the start - that your content is a business asset and worth managing efficiently and effectively. That means, it should be worth listing on the balance sheet. That's right. On the balance sheet. "
  8. 8. @leeodden www. toprankb| og. com/ lee—odden/ ee Odden CEO, Top Rank Online Marketing
  9. 9. "The most important factor is empathy. Creating content without empathy for the customer means neglecting what they care about, what their goals are, what preferences they have for information discovery, consumption, and and offers that will inspire them to action. ”
  10. 10. @jchernov www. jchernov. com Joe Chernov VP of Content at Hubspot
  11. 11. "Content marketers should be 'professionally ambidextrous’ - they need to be equally competent creatively (an ear for writing, an eye for design) and analytically (knowing what to measure, how to measure and report it). Balance is the most important quality for a content marketer. "
  12. 12. @BrennerMichael www. blog. newscred. com Michael Brenner Head of Strategy, NewsCred
  13. 13. "The most important factor in succeeding like a content marketer is to think and act like a publisher. This starts with a massive cultural shift to put your customers first and remove the brand from your content. Content marketers need to tell stories that connect with people on a human level. "
  14. 14. @brianclark www. copyblogger. com/ author/ brian/ Brian Clark Founder, Copyblogger
  15. 15. "The most important factor in succeeding as a content marketer is to identify what the audience you want wants itself. Initially, they want engaging and useful information that addresses their problems or desires. Once you've become their ‘media mentor’, they'll convince themselves that you're the only logical solution.
  16. 16. @Marketing Profs www. annhand| ey. com/ a bout nn Handle Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs
  17. 17. ”To understand that success in content marketing hinges in equal parts on content and marketing. In other words, the best content marketers aren't just good at creating content. They're good at creating content that's tied to real business goals. "
  18. 18. @jeffbu| |as www. jeffbu| las. com Jeff Bullas Marketing, Blogger/ Strategist
  19. 19. "The most important factor to succeed as a content marketer is to understand what type(s) of content resonates with your target audience. Then create the best content you can and build the biggest and most engaged distribution channels you can. The fans then look after the II ! rest with ‘crowd-sourced marketing’ for free
  20. 20. @J@ePuIzzi www. joepu| izzi. com Joe Pulizzi CEO, Content Marketing Institute
  21. 21. ”Consistency. The reason most marketers fail with content marketing is because they stop or are inconsistent with their publishing schedule. ”