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Taming of the Suit: How it Happened One Night


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This is the pilot of the Jedemi Chronicles.
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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Taming of the Suit: How it Happened One Night

  1. 1. The Taming of the Suit " How it happened one night" Jedemi Chronicles Volume 3 Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  2. 2. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>At a café, a young lady is writing away in her journal, seemingly oblivious of what is going on around her. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  3. 3. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>… And what's going on around her is Glenn Miller's &quot;Here we go again&quot; playing on the jukebox… </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  4. 4. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>The café is buzzing and bustling with activity. Nicole , dressed in a half apron with her sleeves rolled on her Jedemi t-shirt, is clearing tables and chatting with customers… </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  5. 5. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>… without missing a beat, Nicole glides behind the counter and prepares the café specialty – a mocha chai latte for a customer. </li></ul>That's a lovely drink! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  6. 6. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>The sound of a chair tipping over and some shuffling noises cause Nicole to temporarily pause and look in the direction where the young lady was sitting, but it was empty. </li></ul><ul><li>Nicole catches a glimpse of her as she rushed past the window. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  7. 7. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>Before returning behind the counter, Nicole noticed in the doorway is Steven , a regular. She catches the tail end of what he's saying and shakes her head. </li></ul>You're welcome! Let's do it again sometime! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  8. 8. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>Before returning behind the counter, Nicole noticed in the doorway is STEVEN, a regular. She catches the tail end of what he's saying and shakes her head. </li></ul>Who me?! This time I DIDN'T do it… I swear! What was that all about? You aren't supposed to be upsetting the… Uh… sure, Steven. I believe you. So the usual today? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  9. 9. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>Steven doesn't answer, so Nicole gets busy prepping the usual (a tri-layer latte). What she didn't notice is that Steven has ignored her because he is preoccupied with something that caught his eye on the floor. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  10. 10. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>A tap on his shoulder gets him to turn away. He's all smiles as he sees his drink ready. Nicole waves him off when he tries to pay. He nods and then walks over to take a closer look at the object he noticed. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  11. 11. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>As he reaches over to pick up what looks like a notebook of some sort, the café owner, Viv scoops it away. Steven drops a napkin and makes like that is what he was after the whole time. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  12. 12. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>Viv examines it closely to see if there is any indication of the owner on the outside. She feels Steven's eyes and looks up. After some chit-chat about his work, she points to the journal and asks him directly about it. </li></ul>Whoever left it has great taste, that's for sure! Is this yours? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  13. 13. It all started one afternoon… <ul><li>Steven puts his drink down and shows Viv the inside of his backpack – where a similar journal resides. Viv playfully slaps her hand to her forehead (V-8 moment) and moves on. </li></ul>I thought it looked familiar. Oh well, I better put it away somewhere safe. No doubt the owner will be back. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  14. 14. Afternoon rolls into early evening… <ul><li>Action now shifts to the kitchen of the Young Lady's house. She is busy preparing dinner to the sound of &quot;TREAT HER RIGHT&quot; from The Commitments soundtrack. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  15. 15. Afternoon rolls into early evening… <ul><li>While standing at the counter, fluffing her rice, she pauses and then heads over to her backpack. She is pulling things out with a puzzled look on her face. The sound of her veggies boiling over draws her back into the kitchen. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  16. 16. <ul><li>Looking at the clock, she ponders her options. She writes herself a sticky note reminder: Pick up journal before work . </li></ul><ul><li>Then she slides onto her kitchen chair and settles into her dinner while scanning the local newspaper. </li></ul>Afternoon rolls into early evening… No doubt… it is probably somewhere in the café. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  17. 17. Late that evening, back at the café… <ul><li>The sounds of a key turning a lock can be heard followed by silence. </li></ul>Come on! X got us a key. Let's have a look at it. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  18. 18. Meanwhile, back at the young lady's house… <ul><li>Asleep on the couch with the TV still on, she is experiencing a workmare… an all too common occurrence. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  19. 19. The Workmare: Office Hallway with rows of cubicles <ul><li>The young lady is politely listening to one of the engineers at her office while glancing at her watch. </li></ul><ul><li>Saved by the PDA . Her Handspring alarm rings and she smiles in relief but can't find a way to shut it off. </li></ul>Uh huh. Santa Cruz you say? You should try it some time? Sure, like when I have the time… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  20. 20. Back at the house (and the couch) <ul><li>The young lady is fumbling around trying to find her Handspring PDA to turn off the alarm. It had fallen underneath the coffee table. She rolls off the couch, grabs it and heads towards the bathroom. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  21. 21. Early morning surprise… <ul><li>The bathroom door suddenly bursts open and the young lady flies out, toothbrush in her mouth, moving swiftly towards her computer – shakes the mouse and clicks a few times. </li></ul><ul><li>Dissolve to… </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  22. 22. Parking lot of non-descript building … <ul><li>She glances at the clock on her dashboard, upon parking, and rushes into the building. In a seemingly choreographed fashion, she turns on her computer, checks voicemail, grabs a report from the printer, makes additional copies and heads towards the door. </li></ul>Can't believe they moved it again. The journal will have to wait. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  23. 23. <ul><li>The young lady, Katie, had nearly bowled over the temp, Bette in her rush to get to her meeting in the other building. Bette smiles to herself and answers the phone on its third ring. </li></ul>Sorry about that… Good morning, Katie! I see the boys got you jumping again, eh? Lobby of the Office… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  24. 24. <ul><li>The Katie is back in the building. She blows past Bette and only acknowledges her with an angry wave of her hand. She returns to her desk and starts typing (more like pounding) on her keyboard. The Surfer-Engineer from her workmare walks by, takes a long look, and then moves on. </li></ul>I see you got the word that… Lobby of the Office… mere minutes later Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  25. 25. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Having snuck a peek at the journal, Joey and Doc discuss their findings. </li></ul>Well, Doc… I get why she's so uptight now. Her work environment isn't healthy. Yeah, Joey. That comes out loud and clear in her writing. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  26. 26. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Frannie reminds the boys that what happens in the journal should stay in the journal. They assure her it is back in the office. </li></ul>Please tell me you aren't talking about the contents of that Journal. I told you guys… No worries, Frannie. We were ultra discreet. It's just that professor here – he wanted some insight. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  27. 27. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Initially taken aback when they heard Frankie had already met her, they both recovered and peppered their guest with questions. </li></ul>Lovely. That's comforting to know. Love that accent. Seems we have a visitor in our midst. Who's your friend, Frannie? Dossie… She arrived yesterday. Dossie, these are the two Gents Frankie told you about. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  28. 28. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>A Jedemi Café blog is a surprise to the gang, though Frannie seems to have an inkling who is behind it. </li></ul>Quite well written actually. (pause) You seemed surprised… You found us from a blog? Our blog you said? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  29. 29. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Frannie continues the introductions. </li></ul>Joey is our mythology expert. Of course. Power of Myth, Hero's journey guy. Lovely meeting you. That's me. Pleasure meeting you. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  30. 30. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Dossie explains how she did her own detective work. </li></ul>And you, no doubt, must be the &quot;Sea of Cortez, Cannery Row, &quot;Is-thinking&quot; Doc, right?? Right you are. Is that in the blog too? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  31. 31. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Dossie mentions how she dabbled a bit herself… it was fun actually. She also talks about Frannie's book. </li></ul>The detective work is also how I found out that Frannie here did some writing in Hollywood – scenarios for Mary Pickford and the like. That I did. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  32. 32. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>The whole gang is impressed with Dossie as she continues to make connections. </li></ul><ul><li>The buzz of an airplane causes the conversation to pause. </li></ul>I thought the Alice in Wonderland reference in her autobiographical context was brilliant! Frannie, you wrote a book? A book with such an inspired title as &quot;Off with their heads&quot;? I am impressed. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  33. 33. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Dossie is referencing the napkin that has floated down for them to read. It says, &quot;MI strikes again!&quot; </li></ul>Aha! Your pilot friend has arrived! And look, he's bearing gifts. MI strikes again! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  34. 34. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>The reference to MI has caught Dossie off guard since in her world, MI stands for Military Intelligence. Frannie explains how Tommie invents things in the basement. </li></ul>Tommie? Good one! Of course he's referring to... Tommie. Indeed, our M ad I nventor. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  35. 35. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>They talk about how they each take turns watching Tommie to make sure he isn't doing anything to get them kicked out of the café. </li></ul>So Tommie's the blogger?! Must be a side project of his… You've got me curious. I think I'll go down and pay our MI a visit and see what he is up to. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  36. 36. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Doc leaves to check on Tommie and Frankie, while Dossie continues to chat with her new friends at the café. </li></ul>What's on the second napkin he just dropped? Why are you laughing? Looks like your pilot did his homework. He just referenced an ad campaign I did eons ago. The toucan do play on words is very clever. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  37. 37. Mid-morning at the Café… <ul><li>TIM, the morning shift lead, has taken a break from the counter to take some paperwork to the back office. He notices the journal and takes matters into his own hands. </li></ul>That sure looks familiar… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  38. 38. Mid-morning at the Café… <ul><li>From above, the extensive conversation between Dossie and Joey is still going on while the rest of the gang is off on other pursuits. </li></ul>I get where your head is at, just wondering if the the actions Frankie took may have put a monkey wrench into things… you know? … and that's why I think she's the ideal candidate, don't you agree? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  39. 39. Mid-morning at the Café… <ul><li>Dossie has grasped what's important and has Joey's back. He's impressed with the Dante reference – a sure sign that they will have plenty to talk about going forward. </li></ul>Actually, I take that back… the Journal writing is key here… sort of a gateway to adventure. You get it? That's great. Now if Frannie would just… As long as we are clear about our role … Being the Virgil to Dante, then she'll be cool. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  40. 40. <ul><li>Meanwhile, back at the office, the Surfer-Engineer has sought out Bette because he's concerned about Katie. </li></ul>Is it the pounding on the keyboard that's got you concerned? Lobby of the Office after lunch… Bette, please come take a look. Actually, that stopped 5 minutes ago. Now its TOO quiet. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  41. 41. <ul><li>Reluctantly, Bette circles Katie's cubicle and then knocks several times before finally getting her attention. </li></ul>Uh.. How's it going? All set for your 2pm? Just outside of Katie's cubicle… 2pm? Oh sure! Of course. … Yup, it's all good! Really? Because you seem anything but good. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  42. 42. <ul><li>Katie surprises Bette with the reason she is out of sorts – it isn't work related. Bette learns the journal is at the Jedemi Café near Katie's house. The lobby phone rings and she dashes out to pick it up. Passing the engineer, she gives him a thumbs up and points to the phone. He nods. </li></ul>Just outside of Katie's cubicle… The Journal got left behind at the café. So you are taking the challenge seriously? I'm impressed. Which café? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  43. 43. Early afternoon at the Café… <ul><li>Of course, Joey expected Doc to say that. Yet Joey is determined to come up with some sort of solution. Frannie swings by and expresses concern about the boys interfering. They assure her they won't, but after she leaves, they start planning. </li></ul>… from the looks of it, young Dash-K is in a tough spot. There's no way to change the behavior of those she works with. Well, maybe… it is what it is, you know what I mean? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  44. 44. <ul><li>It is 2:15pm and the conference room is quiet with just a few people sitting around awaiting the meeting to start. Just as Katie is about to pack up and leave, the boisterous executive staff arrives all at once. </li></ul><ul><li>She hands the stack of reports she prepared over to one of the VPs and then returns to her seat as the lights dim. Everyone settles down, and the presentations begin. </li></ul>The Company conference room… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  45. 45. <ul><li>A close-up picture of a cartoon drawing can be seen. </li></ul><ul><li>Katie is bored and sketching away when an e-Staff member nudges her and points to the front of the room. The Boss has asked her to present the slides since the VP she gave them to stepped out of the room. </li></ul>The Company conference room… Gremlin Drawing here Show us what you got… Yeah, he's not here so just show the last few slides. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  46. 46. <ul><li>An e-Staff Blowhard has interrupted Katie and is grandstanding. Katie is trying to keep her cool. After reading a note handed to him, the Boss adjourns the meeting before the grilling could go any further. </li></ul>The Company conference room… … As you can see, the number of units shipping in that region should increase… Where did you get those numbers?! Are you sure? That region! … if you turn to page … Not where in the report! Who did you speak with? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  47. 47. <ul><li>The Surfer-Engineer is back up front chatting with Bette, who questions why he's never at his desk. He explains to her why he's different… instead of working until the crack of dawn then rolling in late, he surfs at the crack of dawn. </li></ul>Lobby of the Office around 3:30pm… I tend to work in spurts... Also, I've found that I tend to think better moving around… Uh huh... Surfing before work really helps too in terms of work-life balance. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  48. 48. <ul><li>Bette's remark coincides with the screech of tires in the parking lot – Katie's return. Bette has thrown a pencil under her desk to literally duck Katie, who blasts into the office. She zips past the surfer-engineer without even noticing him. </li></ul>Lobby of the Office around 3:30pm… It would be great if others around here shared your approach to things... Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  49. 49. Nearly 5pm at the Cafe… <ul><li>Steven had raced down to the café based on a garbled voicemail. Clearly a miscommunication from Tim to Nicole to Steven regarding the Found Journal . He can't contain his curiosity regarding who it might belong to. </li></ul>The phone kept cutting in and out… figured I should just get down here pronto. Sorry about that. False alarm… He thought it was yours… Entirely my bad. I was doing too many things at once and wasn't fully listening to Tim. Here's a beverage for your trouble. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  50. 50. <ul><li>Bette checks in with Katie before leaving for the day. Katie invites her to sit (a rarity) and the discussion turns philosophical. </li></ul>It's quitting time (5:25p) at the office… Get what? Something doesn't feel quite right about this place… Rudeness, Lack of respect.. I don't get it. Actually, I do get it… at least the golden handcuff part. But still... Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  51. 51. <ul><li>Katie is listening. Perhaps the e-Staff encounter got her to lower her guard. Seeing an opening, Bette continues. The gist is that Katie really needs to make the time to be more balanced. </li></ul>It's quitting time (5:25p) at the office… (pause) But… the thing is… the minute I leave, they'll come looking for me. You need to leave… not your job, at least not yet… but get out of the office at a decent hour. Let 'em look. Besides, I know for a fact they are all out for drinks with one of the customers. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  52. 52. <ul><li>Bette suggests Katie leave now to pickup her journal and then get busy writing. Katie smiles and thanks her. </li></ul>It's quitting time (5:25p) at the office… You should really make time to write in that journal of yours daily. Oh crap! The journal! Thanks for reminding me. No worries. I talked to the owner, Viv, and she has it set aside with your name on it. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  53. 53. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>It is after 6pm. Katie is seen entering the café with a backpack slung over her shoulder. Nicole hands her the journal and encourages her to stay and write. </li></ul>Really? I suppose that's a good sign – she's not irreparably spooked. Hey, Joey! It looks like she's staying! Hang on! Could be trouble. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  54. 54. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Doc expresses concern as he watches Steven on the move. He has pulled up a chair close to Katie's table and is chattering away. Katie doesn't seem to notice. </li></ul>Ah.. Journal writing… such an interesting sport. So therapeutic. Journal writing is the highlight of my day… you probably don't believe that but its true... Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  55. 55. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Sure enough, Doc has observed that Katie is wired – surmising that she's listing to Mozart or other motivational music via headphones. </li></ul>What? You mean that guy on the move? Now that's interesting! Take a look, Joey. Not exactly… See how's she's staying in her zone and ignoring him? … Check out her ears! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  56. 56. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>As Steven continues to chatter away, he doesn't notice that Katie has removed one of her ear buds and is now listening to him. Feeling her gaze, he pauses. </li></ul>… and what I really enjoy about Journal is that it makes me stop and think – not just react – but think… and wonder about stuff… Why just the other day, I found myself ponder why I do what I do . Not referring to the writing per se, but what I am doing in life… my job, my relationships... Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  57. 57. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>In an almost complete repeat of the other day, Katie grabs her backpack and races out of the café. Nicole, who was clearing a table nearby observes shaking her head. </li></ul>So you are listening? Way cool! So maybe you can help me out because I'm kind of blocked... … So, why do YOU do what you do? Unbelievable! Again? Why can't I just write in peace! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  58. 58. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Steven, while helping Nicole clear the table, notices the PDA that Katie left behind. Before he can pick it up, Nicole grabs it and then ushers him out of the cafe. </li></ul>That was weird… I mean, I really didn't say anything that bad or insulting… Hey, what's this? There you go again… chasing away our customers. You really have a way with women. Yeah right. Don't even think about it, buddy. And didn't you say you had places to go? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  59. 59. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Doc and Joey notice Katie's abrupt departure and wonder what's really going on. </li></ul>Sure is jumpy though, so I'd say he's indirectly, influencing the situation. You see! And this time it wasn't Frankie's fault. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  60. 60. <ul><li>While Katie is making her dinner, she notices a dentist appointment reminder card being held by a refrigerator magnet. She races to her Handspring PDA to see if the appointment has been recorded in it. </li></ul>Dinner time at Katie's house… That time again already? I don't recall seeing it on my… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  61. 61. <ul><li>She turns her bag upside down trying to locate the PDA, but it is déjà vu all over again. Certain where she left it, this time she goes straightaway to retrieve it. Putting on her hoodie, she locks her house and jogs up the street. </li></ul>Dinner time at Katie's house… Again?!? This one can't wait. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  62. 62. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Katie arrives only to find the lights dimmed and the closed sign up. Just as she turns to head back home, the sound of the door unlocking can be heard. Nicole pops her head out and invites Katie in. </li></ul>Bummer. They must close early on weekdays... Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  63. 63. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Katie relaxes and takes in the atmosphere of the quiet café. She notices the jukebox still has a warm glow about it. The sound of a chair being knocked over startles her. </li></ul>I know why you're here. Have a seat. I'll be right back. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  64. 64. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Katie enjoys talking to Nicole. She shows her the electronic calendar part of her Handspring. Before getting too overwhelmed with technology, Nicole is saved by a tap at the door. </li></ul>No worries. That's just me being a spaz. Here's your… electronic gizmo thingie… So I gather with your fast return to retrieve it. Thanks. It's got a cool name – Handspring. Functions as is a personal digital assistant or PDA. I'm kind of lost without it. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  65. 65. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Tim has arrived with dinner. Nicole introduces him to &quot;Katie of the Missing Journal.&quot; They invite her to stay. Her stomach growls a &quot;yes.&quot; </li></ul>Hey, Tim! Perfect timing. I'm starved. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  66. 66. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>It's after 9pm. Katie is listening intently as Tim explains the &quot;Café Stunt that Riled the Town&quot; but brought the place back from the brink of disaster. </li></ul>Viv, the owner, tamed those town officials and now they are permanent judges on JedeMic night here on Sundays. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  67. 67. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>Doc has been keeping a watchful eye on the gathering below. He and Joey are chatting when Frannie arrives inquiring about the evening's events. </li></ul>Now that's interesting, Joey. Young Dash-K er… Katie, that is, has just been handed a Café t-shirt and some soda water… and yup, there she goes towards the rest room. She probably spilled something on her shirt and Nicole is discretely helping her out. She's so thoughtful… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  68. 68. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>Doc and Joey nod in agreement. Doc then catches her up on the return for the missing PDA (The device is something she happens to be familiar with) and the relaxed pizza chat. </li></ul>Top of the evening, Frannie! Always a pleasure to… Doc was just telling me about an impromptu pizza party he's been observing. Take a look! Hey, guys! What's the holdup? The equipment not working again? Sorry about that… rather direct again, eh? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  69. 69. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>While they are chatting, things have quieted down to the point where they think the party broke up and everyone went home without them noticing. Doc pointed to the alarm not being set. The coast is not yet clear. </li></ul>We thought so… So, Frannie…where's your new sidekick, Dossie? Off investigating the mystery of the blog? Really? She's just hanging out. That's pretty cool. Well… She did express a desire to meet up with Tommie… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  70. 70. Back down at the café… <ul><li>Katie is in the rest room cleaning her shirt. Nicole pops in and hands Katie a plastic bag for her wet shirt, along with her hoodie and PDA. Katie hangs the hoodie on a hook and places the PDA away from the sink so it doesn't get splashed. </li></ul>You don't have to hide in here all night, Katie. I'm sure its fine. Thanks so much for everything. You guys are so thoughtful! Our pleasure. Now I have to phone in some food orders before I leave. Just let yourself out the back door. It'll lock behind you. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  71. 71. Backdoor of the café… 5 min later <ul><li>Just as Katie steps outside the café, with the rush of cold air comes a reminder: the hoodie is still in the restroom. So, she lets the door shut and races back inside to retrieve it. The slam of the door scares her. </li></ul>Wow! Almost 3 for 3. Good catch! That's a loud door. I guess I should have held onto it. Oh well. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  72. 72. Back in the café office… <ul><li>Nicole is filling out paperwork. She hears the door slam and smiles and talks to herself…musing about the evening. </li></ul>That was a truly delightful evening. I'm glad our journal writing gal was able to hang out with us. Not quite the Suit I expected. I've seen her type before – all hustle and bustle and very much driven by that electronic calendar thingie. She seems different. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  73. 73. Café restroom… <ul><li>Katie retrieves her hoodie. Puts it on and then, before exiting, she decides to tidy up the counter which still had some splashes of water on it. </li></ul>There she is… Right where I left her. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  74. 74. Backdoor of the café… at the same time <ul><li>Nicole is seen setting the alarm and exiting the back door </li></ul><ul><li>– holding it so it doesn't slam. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  75. 75. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Katie exits the restroom to find a very dark café. She makes her way to the back door and notices the alarm is engaged. She moves back inside, pulls a chair off a table, and sits down to ponder her next move. </li></ul>Oh crap! That's not good. If I could track down the phone number for one of them… yeah… there's got to be a phone list around. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  76. 76. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Before Joey could complete his sentence, music starts to pour through the café's speaker system. </li></ul>Well, Joey? You sure Tommie knows the coast is finally clear? Yeah, Frannie. It should be a go now. Doc's been dispatched to make sure there isn't any… Rhythm is a dancer, It's a soul's companion, you can feel it in the air… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  77. 77. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>The gang is awaiting the evening's entertainment as now, some technical difficulties are causing the delay. </li></ul>Ooh, it's a passion. Ooh, you can feel it in the air. Ooh, it's a passion… Lovely, yes…but it's the wrong rhythm song. No worries. I'll let Tommie know. Oh I do like this song… Great beat. Definitely worth the wait. While you are at it, Frannie, please let him know the sheet is lonely and wants to know where's the video that goes with the song. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  78. 78. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Katie has tried to make herself invisible under the café table as she listens to the discussions going on. </li></ul>Joey, Tommie? Frannie? Doc? What the…?! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  79. 79. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Now a video has appeared along with the music. It is the DeBarge version of &quot;Rhythm of the Night.&quot; </li></ul>To the beat of the rhythm of the night, dance until the morning light. Forget about the worries on your mind we can leave them all behind… Another rhythm song, with pictures this time. Joey, is this what she wanted? Yes. It works! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  80. 80. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Now Katie is on the move. Curious, she wants to see the DeBarge video and crawls her way into position. When the music abruptly stops, she quickly stows herself under another table. </li></ul>Now what? Dossie, I guess the answer your question is that clearly -- that isn't the rhythm she's looking for. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  81. 81. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>The music video Frannie wanted is finally appearing on the sheet. She then demonstrates what she means by &quot;one better.&quot; With a tap the screen freezes. Dossie immediately recognizes what's going on. </li></ul>So this is it, Frannie? You got them straightened out? Rhythm Nation -J Jackson … We are a nation with no geographic boundaries, bound together through our beliefs. We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing towards a world rid of color lines… Not only that, but I did one better… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  82. 82. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Indeed, Frannie has gotten herself a remote control that will let her manage the entertainment. She is thrilled to finally be able to present &quot;Rhythm Nation&quot; for the evening's entertainment. </li></ul>Oh, that's quite impressive indeed. Looks like you've taken control of the situation. Had too. Now check it out -- Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  83. 83. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Katie is watching the screen. The dancing images have captured her imagination. Without thinking, she moves away from her hiding spot to get a closer look. </li></ul>It's weird. They sound so close, yet I don't see anyone. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  84. 84. Back at the café, from behind… <ul><li>The gang has noticed that Katie is still in the café and is staring at the dancing images on the screen – seemingly oblivious of her surroundings. Though tempted to do something, they decide to continue on with the evening's entertainment. </li></ul>Now that's very interesting. Check it out, Joey! Your Journal Girl is here – watching the video. Really? She's still here? I wonder… Well, like X has said time and time again, &quot; When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey .&quot; Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  85. 85. Back at the café, from behind… <ul><li>Doc is not convinced Frankie has bought into the &quot;leave it be&quot; approach, so while Joey and Frannie have moved off to discuss the music video, Doc hangs back to keep his eye on Frankie </li></ul><ul><li>-- His impulsiveness at this point could ruin the evening. </li></ul>Don't even think about it, Frankie. What? What'd I do? You've still got that taming project in your head. Let's go. Ah come on… Not back to the basement… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  86. 86. Meanwhile, back at the café… <ul><li>Joey has managed to rewind back to the beginning. The words of the pledge have gotten his attention. Dossie is observing the lesson, but is pulled aside by Doc for a consult. </li></ul>Frannie, could you show me how it works again? Sure. This button rewinds. And this button pauses… … bound together through our beliefs. We are like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, pushing towards a world rid of color lines… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  87. 87. Back at the café, from behind… <ul><li>Doc and Frankie walk Dossie back to the spot where they saw Katie, only to find out that she has moved. </li></ul>So? What do you think? You see what we see, Dossie? Where'd she go? Don't look at me. Remember I've been with you the whole time. Uh guys. I was actually seeing it better from over there. Now what did you want to show me? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  88. 88. Back at the café, from behind… <ul><li>As Doc and Frankie and Dossie are talking, they hear the sound of the restroom door shutting. They smile knowingly and wait. </li></ul>We wanted you to see for yourself… Tommie told me about the alarm… We would have heard for sure. She's here. Really? Frankie's girl is in the house? Huh… That is interesting. Do you suppose she left when the video stopped? The Journal Girl is here. We saw her hanging out watching the video… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  89. 89. Meanwhile, back under the table… <ul><li>Katie has returned to her hiding place. She is observing the scene while pondering next steps. Catching herself in a yawn, she decides to move strategically where she can get comfortable and still keep tabs on what's going on. </li></ul>Don't get why I don't see anyone… just voices. Makes no sense. I'll hang a little longer to see if this party wraps. Then I'm outta here. So silly to worry about the alarm. I could be long gone before they get here. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  90. 90. Meanwhile, back near the screen… <ul><li>Joey had gone into an extended discussion of &quot;The Pledge&quot; portion of the &quot;Rhythm Nation&quot; video. Frannie, maxing out on her patience, urges him to move on. </li></ul>Sure, Frannie. Sorry about that. Which button again? Okay, professor. Those are great points. Now let's roll it so you can watch the entire piece. The dancing is fantastic! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  91. 91. Back at the café, from behind… <ul><li>Dossie agrees that a taming opportunity may exist. Frankie is anxious. Dossie has a game plan that'll keep him preoccupied. </li></ul>Should we huddle up and strategize? Well, Doc! You may be onto something. This could be what they call a serendipitous moment. Huddle? Are you joking? We've got to move before she… Actually, Frankie, we've got time. And if this taming thing is meant to be, it'll be. You should try to accept that. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  92. 92. Back at the café, from behind… <ul><li>Dossie suggests that Frankie do some research on the Handspring to see if there's a way to communicate to it. Frankie dashes off, while Dossie and Doc leave the dozing Katie to update Joey and Frannie. </li></ul>Her PDA? I believe I heard her call it a Handspring. Yeah. (pause) This isn't just busy work, is it? Frankie, I've got just the project for you. If I heard correctly, you and Tommie are the resident techies, right? Certainly not. We need to learn more about that little green device she carries with her. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  93. 93. Meanwhile, back near the screen… <ul><li>The video has ended. Joey and Frannie are talking about it when Doc and Dossie arrive. </li></ul>Wow, Frannie! Great call on the video. The dancing blew me away. Jeannie would have loved it. Oh yeah. She danced with Martha Graham. Pretty cool to see what can be done with shoes on ! I second that emotion. That was really impressive.. Would love to see it again. We were a little… distracted. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  94. 94. Meanwhile, back near the screen… <ul><li>Doc and Dossie deliver surprising news. The evening's events are set aside as they put they heads together to do some planning. </li></ul>Oh? Should we be worried? Exploring the café? Actually, Frannie, we were looking into something Frankie discovered. No. It’s a good thing… I'd call it serendipity... The Journal Girl is here… in the café as we speak. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  95. 95. Meanwhile, back near the screen… <ul><li>A flashlight can be seen panning the café. It just misses Katie because she has slouched down in her sleep. The gang explains to Dossie that it has become a regular occurrence – police investigating phantom disturbances at the cafe. </li></ul>Shhh! Looks like they're back? Shouldn't be too long. Hold still. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  96. 96. Meanwhile, back near the screen… <ul><li>Frannie proceeds to outline the game plan. The guys are disappointed that they are being asked to step back and let the ladies lead, but they understand the &quot;sisters&quot; approach may be best. They reluctantly agree. </li></ul>That was quick. No doubt, other pressing matters… There they go. Speaking of which… any thoughts about our eh situation. Actually, Joey, I think our second video may be a great ice breaker… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  97. 97. Meanwhile, back near the screen… <ul><li>The gang goes silent as they are drawn into the images on the screen (the Janet Jackson &quot;Miss You Much&quot; video). They are so enraptured by it that they ask for those last 30 seconds to be replayed multiple times. </li></ul>Here goes. Pay special attention to the last 30 seconds. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  98. 98. Meanwhile, back near the screen… <ul><li>Frannie liked the idea of getting young Katie moving. It was even better than what she was planning to do. </li></ul>That's amazing. Wonder how long it took to film it? We can teach her? That'd be lovely. Is that what you had in mind, Frannie? Film it? How about just thinking it up. That's an incredible piece of choreography. So what's the connection? Talking point? Teach it to her? What… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  99. 99. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>The boys have moved up to their vantage point to watch as Frannie and Dossie begin executing on their plan for taming young Katie. </li></ul>Yeah. Now we just need to do our part… so don't get any ideas Frankie. Looks like she's starting to stir… That chair dance is very cool… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  100. 100. Meanwhile, back near the table… <ul><li>Katie has awoken and is staring at the action on the video screen. Dossie and Frannie have moved in close and are speaking in relaxing tones. Katie, so taken by the video, answers. Perhaps in her mind, it is a dream. </li></ul>Wow… pretty amazing Yes, please. Wonder if it was tough to learn? Couldn't agree with you more, young lady. Want to see it in slow motion? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  101. 101. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>The boys observe and are amazed at how relaxed Katie is. She seems to them to be &quot;in the moment.&quot; Rather than the video be just a sort of mesmerizing distraction to relax her and have her open to suggestion, it looks like she actually is willing to try it. </li></ul>Looks like she's really concentrating on how that chair dance was done. Do you think she'll give it a go? She just might… if she's relaxed and uninhibited, why not? This whole situation is probably just a dream to her anyway. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  102. 102. Awhile later, at the table… <ul><li>Katie is sitting facing the video screen. There's a bottle of water in front of her and a napkin with a cookie on it. She's talking to what appears to be two empty chairs. The &quot;chairs&quot; are offering words of encouragement. </li></ul>That's very kind of you to say… but I … there's no way I could ever… That, young lady, was a noble first try. Sure thing, Katie. You'll get the hang of it if you keep practicing. No doubt those folks up there rehearsed a ton. I don't know. Felt really awkward… oh, and please call me Katie. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  103. 103. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>The guys are discussing/pondering what they are observing. </li></ul>Humm... Seems like she's getting frustrated. And the ladies are talking her through it. Might be too much to take on in one evening. Yeah. It went from a work/life fun diversion… a gear shift, to almost an obsession. So we're learning a lot about our driven gal, but that might not get us to where we need to be by the end of the evening. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  104. 104. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>The guys are discussing/pondering what they are observing. </li></ul>Unless... Oh… I can see the gears turning. What are you thinking, Doc? Has someone gotten a hold of X? I believe the boys in the basement had that assignment. Great. I have a mission for him – it just might be the ticket. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  105. 105. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>The words of encouragement continue to flow. </li></ul>Hasn't anyone shared with you the joys of relaxed concentration ? Copyright Jedemi - 2010 We can tell you've got the drive and the smarts – you just need to come at it from a different angle. It's being purposeful with a Zen twist.
  106. 106. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>A buzzing sound can be heard getting closer to the table. A yellow rubber ball falls close to Katie's chair. She seems intrigued and picks it up. While listening, she is playing around with the ball – letting it move back and forth between her hands. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  107. 107. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>The guys are still discussing what they are observing. </li></ul>Wow. That was fast. Indeed. But (a) X is highly motivated to help the taming project and (b), he happened to see what I asked for during an earlier fly-by. Locating it wasn't difficult. Will the ladies know what to do? X seems to believe so. Said he chatted with Frannie about a book on juggling… In fact, I think he got her a copy. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  108. 108. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>While Katie is relaxing and enjoying her cookie, the ladies prepare for the next phase. </li></ul>Let's get back to that in a bit. Go ahead and try that cookie. Viv, the owner here, has them made using a special recipe. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  109. 109. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Katie seems to relax as she talks about her passion for technology and what drew her to accept her current position. </li></ul>So tell us about yourself… what do you do for a living? I did some copywriting for an agency in London and Frannie here… Wrote for Hollywood back in the day. Fun times. So what about you? Cutting my teeth in the high tech industry. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  110. 110. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Katie's frustration is obvious as she speaks. Her tone is animated with an edge. Recalling her recent encounter in the e-staff meeting, she spontaneously flings the yellow ball with force against the wall and smiles. </li></ul>Wish I could claim fun times, but for me, the f-word I associate with what I do is frustration . Really? Is it the work? Copyright Jedemi - 2010 Is it the people? Both actually. I've been told to be patient, but…
  111. 111. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>The guys are discussing what they are observing. </li></ul>Did you see that? She's got a canon for an arm… Did they ask her to throw it? Don't think so. Looked like they were just listening attentively. Hang on… Now it looks like they are giving her direction. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  112. 112. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Katie smiles and the ladies shift their thinking and decide on a different taming approach. They point out a target further away for her to hit. </li></ul>Wow. That's quite an arm… Very impressive. That felt good… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  113. 113. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Katie smiles manages 9 out of 10 – very even tempo. Very focused. Very relaxed. The ladies hoot and holler in admiration. Then they whisper amongst themselves. </li></ul>See that poster way over there? You think you can hit it? Of course! 10 times in a row? I'll give it a shot… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  114. 114. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>The ladies set up Katie for the next challenge. </li></ul>Ready for the bonus round? Actually, something much bigger Am I playing for more of those delicious cookies? Besides, you can have more cookies whenever you want. Bigger, eh? Okay, what do I need to do? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  115. 115. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>So without the ball in her left hand, Katie does some practice throws. The look on her face is a pure indication of her uncertainty. The ladies quickly think up a Plan B. </li></ul>Switch hands. Can you throw lefty? Humm. Can't say I've ever done it before, but what the heck… Give it a try. Something tells me you're a natural lefty? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  116. 116. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>They ask her to close her eyes and then Dossie queues up some motivational music: Annie Lennox's &quot;Sisters are Doin' it.&quot; Katie is smiling. </li></ul>Hang on. Let's take a time out. Please take a seat… perhaps where we first saw you against the wall. Stretch out and try to relax. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  117. 117. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>The ladies watch as a very relaxed Katie is bobbing her head to the beat. </li></ul>Now listen to the music and feel the ball in your left hand... Paint a picture in your mind's eye of you standing where you were, looking at the target… the poster. Feel the ball leave your hand and sail straight and true. You with me? Now repeat to the beat. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  118. 118. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>The Doc and Joey watch as Katie is now smoothly and accurately throwing the ball to the target with her left hand. </li></ul>That's interesting. What do you make of it, Joey? Looks like… indeed, she's working the visualization angle. I told her about it a while back. It came in handy in my Track & Field days. There must be something to it, because… check it out! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  119. 119. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Katie surprised herself on how well she is doing. The ladies are impressed with how relaxed she looks. As a bonus to the bonus, they get her to alternate left and right hands – a transition she also handles smoothly. </li></ul>Okay, Lefty, let' er fly! Smashing. Truly Smashing. Well done! Whoa!! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  120. 120. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>After some whispering among themselves, Frannie and Dossie decide now is the time to move it to the next phase. </li></ul>Katie, you're doing fantastic… Quite impressive. (pause) You may have heard us whispering. I am very curious and so is Frannie. Mind if we ask you some questions? Do you want me to stop and sit down? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  121. 121. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>They hit her up with a question. It's one the gang ponders about many of the patrons of the café. </li></ul>Keep throwing if you'd like. Oh cool. So fire away. We were wondering…if money weren't an issue and your loans were paid off... And your flat was paid for… what would you do? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  122. 122. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>As Katie pauses to consider the question, the ladies offer insight from their own personal pursuits. </li></ul>Not an easy one to answer, especially at your age, we know… For me, it was painting and riding my horse… not at the same time though… I enjoyed riding too -- a motor bike that is…loved the feeling… wind in my hair… so free! And then there was detective pal, Lord Peter Wimsey. He was so fun to write… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  123. 123. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>At this point, they can see that they've got her attention. </li></ul>Wow. Those are interesting pursuits. At what point did you figure those things out? Did you always know it? Goodness no. There are all kinds of things that go on in life that can pull you off the path. And some serendipitous ones that really make a difference. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  124. 124. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>They've got her attention now. </li></ul>I kept having opportunities fall into my lap where I got to work with some incredible people… especially in the early days of Hollywood. We just helped each other out. That was fun and really rewarding. I'd say it happened while I was working at the ad agency, which was really quite fun… getting paid to play with words. I found that at the end of the day, I'd leave that place with plenty of energy left over for other pursuits. I'm certain that was because I really enjoyed what I was doing. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  125. 125. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>As Katie is talking about her situation, she spontaneously starts to laugh. </li></ul>The thing is… I've been so busy meeting expectations. From advancing through school to the adult world. Like I'm racing towards an invisible finish line… … And now I'm working at this job where the executives are so… so rude and… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  126. 126. Meanwhile, back at the table… Ah… The surfing engineer... That dude was so right! He's been following me around telling me tales of the sea and I've been blowing him off. Lovely laugh you've got. Now you need to let us in… what's so funny?. And the punch line, if you don't mind sharing?. Now I see… The Dude is one of the nicest and hardest working people I've met –And he is very committed to this…. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  127. 127. Meanwhile, back at the table… … to this pursuit of waves. That's his thing . I can see that's what centers him. I mean, he's the only one there not spazzing out. And? … And I wonder how he figured it out? He's been there a while. Was he always the cool cat surfer? And? … And I guess I should make some time to consider your question more thoroughly… but the… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  128. 128. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Katie appears initially surprised about the reference to her Handspring PDA. </li></ul>… but the problem is , I don't… Or is it a when thing… as in &quot;know when will I find the time?&quot; … know how to do that? Aha! It's that little gadget of yours --- Is that what keeps you hopping? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  129. 129. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Katie takes a seat and looks back to where she was originally hiding out before turning her attention back to the ladies. </li></ul>We noticed it… very cool. We believe it can actually help with the time management challenge. Have a seat and we'll map out a plan for you. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  130. 130. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>Realizing that the return of the Handspring PDA is a critical part of the mission, Doc and Joey anxiously await the return of X. </li></ul>Looks like Frannie's working in her comfort zone. I'd expect nothing less, Doc. Did you catch the mention of the Handspring? Hope X gets here soon – no doubt they'll be looking for it. Yeah, I noticed Katie looked like she wanted to retrieve it, but opted to sit politely and listen. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  131. 131. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>Realizing they need to spring into action, the guys waste no time. Doc follows Joey's lead. </li></ul>It's back… and it came with … looks like instructions. All good. Now what does the third one say? It's been programmed What's essential is Invisible to the… The ball's in our court… He's leaving it up to us to get that Handspring back where it belongs. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  132. 132. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>While Joey and Doc listen for an opening from underneath a nearby table, Frannie and Dossie chat with Katie about strategies. </li></ul>The Journal writing you are doing is fantastic. Even just one day a week is a good start. Kind of fell into it. A bet with a co-worker. Didn't think I'd like doing it… Probably sounds kind of weird, but it feels like I'm squeezing out a sponge… getting thoughts that are pinging around in my mind down on paper. I just feel somewhat lighter after. Does that make sense? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  133. 133. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Journal writing seems to be common ground for the ladies. </li></ul>Like the sponge analogy… and if you squeeze out those pinging thoughts, you have room for other ones… enlightening, creative thoughts… In addition to what Dossie said, I found journal writing to be a true lifesaver – kept me out of all kinds of trouble: think it, purge it, move on. Huh… Thinking about it that way, its sort of like lather, rinse, repeat. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  134. 134. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Dossie moves over towards the screen to get the remote. </li></ul><ul><li>The guys are two steps ahead. </li></ul>Switching gears slightly, I am particularly impressed with how comfortable you seem to be with the visualization process. Oh that? No biggie really. I am quite familiar with the concept from sports as a kid. When you find a technique that works, you tend to internalize it. Aha! Just got an idea. Dossie, do you remember where I left the remote? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  135. 135. Meanwhile, back near the screen… <ul><li>Doc quickly retrieves the remotes and jams just before Dossie arrives on her quest. </li></ul>Yup. Joey, how about hanging back to help Dossie search for it if you know what I mean… That'll give me time to slide the Handspring and remote under the table. You got it, Doc? Good call. A perceptive one, she is. There's no slipping anything past her. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  136. 136. A short while later, back at the table… <ul><li>Before Dossie's return, Frannie had been explaining to Katie the theory of operation behind using the remote by using a napkin as a prop. To Dossie's surprise, she returns to find the remote and Katie's Handspring under the table. </li></ul>My Handspring! Of course, I need to tuck that in my pocket for safe keeping. Seems to like to wander… Guess it was keeping your… PDA-thing company… Silly me. It was there the whole time. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  137. 137. A short while later, back at the table… Katie, please hold onto the remote, close your eyes and rewind the video tape in your mind to … whatever upset you in the office and hit pause. Now visualize it the way you'd like the scene to play out. Don't hold back. Don't edit yourself. It's your script… your movie. Okay… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  138. 138. Back at the café, from above… <ul><li>Doc and Joey are viewing from above and musing about the situation. Suddenly, Doc takes off to pursue an idea . </li></ul>Look at that million dollar smile. Looks like Frannie's remote idea is a hit! Now I'm curious to see how the evening wraps and how this will carry forward. For sure, a lot of ground was covered in a short period of time. In a way, that's appropriate for today's attention spans. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  139. 139. Meanwhile, back at the table… <ul><li>Katie is visualizing and we see what she sees. It is a mash-up where Katie is leading the chair dance but to a different song – &quot;Control.&quot; She is singing along and improvising movements that include juggling the remote and her PDA. In a smooth acrobatic move, she saves the PDA from hitting the ground. As for the remote, it lands with a clunk. </li></ul>I do what's right for me… I'm in control and I love it… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  140. 140. Meanwhile, back at the cafe… <ul><li>The clunk happens to coincide with the sound of keys unlocking the back door, which gets Katie's attention and rapidly draws her back to the present situation. </li></ul><ul><li>Rather than slide after the remote, she smoothly rolls in the opposite direction to get herself into a hiding spot with visibility of the back door. </li></ul><ul><li>She sees Tim carrying in boxes. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  141. 141. Meanwhile, back at the cafe… <ul><li>With his second load, she notices that he is headed for the walk-in fridge. As quiet as a mouse, she bolts for the open back door. </li></ul><ul><li>Through its frame she can be seen skipping across the parking lot with one hand in her pocket keeping her PDA in place. </li></ul><ul><li>She is almost out of sight when she stops to pick up something – a yellow ball, which she tucks into her other pocket. </li></ul><ul><li>As she disappears into the horizon, Tim closes the door with a thunk. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  142. 142. A while later, back at Katie's house… <ul><li>In a similar scene as before, we see Katie getting ready for work. Sipping coffee while she prepares her PB&J sandwich and then disappearing into the bedroom to return a short while later dressed in khakis and a mint green sweater twinset as opposed to her normal &quot;suit&quot; attire. </li></ul><ul><li>We see her put her PDA in her briefcase – observing that her computer never left from the night before. Then, just as she is reaching for her keys in the dish near the door, she pauses, and then races over to grab her journal to add to her briefcase. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  143. 143. A while later, back at Katie's house… <ul><li>When she goes again to retrieve her keys, a broad smile comes across her face as she, without hesitation, picks up the fob that has the Alfa logo on it. </li></ul><ul><li>She also grabs her hoodie for warmth. </li></ul><ul><li>With an extra burst of energy, she bounds out of her house, totally forgetting about the lunch bag with her PB&J. It has been left behind and can be seen behind her -- on the counter next to the coffee cup. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  144. 144. Inside the Alfa… <ul><li>As Katie cruises through town on her way to work, she notices a flower vendor setting up for the day. Gliding the Alfa into a parking space, she stops and picks up a bouquet of carnations which she places carefully in the passenger seat as she zooms off to the freeway. </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  145. 145. <ul><li>The surfer engineer happens to be walking through the lobby when Katie pulls up in the Alfa and parks it in her normal spot. He smiles and move on. Katie can be seen bounding into the building with an extra spring in her step. </li></ul>Lobby of the Office… That a girl! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  146. 146. <ul><li>Katie doesn't see Bette. She quietly searches behind the desk and finds a vase on the bookshelf where she quickly places the flowers still in their wrapping. Smiling, she grabs her things and heads to her cubicle. Still no sign of Bette. </li></ul>Lobby of the Office… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  147. 147. <ul><li>When she fired up her computer, she noticed the sticky note postponing the meeting. Smiling, she grabs her coffee mug and nearly runs over Bette who's heading back toward the lobby. Katie sidesteps her with a smile. Bette quickly notices the difference (attire and energy) and addresses Katie cautiously. </li></ul>From Katie's cubicle to the break room… Ah…Good morning, Katie! I gather you didn't see the sticky note I left? About the meeting? Not surprised really. That's why I'm headed back for a fill-up. Left mine at home. Silly me. Always leaving stuff behind. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  148. 148. <ul><li>Bette reverses direction and walks with Katie to the break room. They chat as the pot of coffee finishes brewing. Katie is fiddling around with her Alfa key – spinning it on her finger while she is talking. When it drops, the Alfa key fob catches Bette's eye. </li></ul>The break room… So you are embracing casual Friday? Had a late night… didn't feel like suiting up. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  149. 149. The break room… Wow. I thought that was an urban legend. You really DO own an Alfa? Yeah. Dream car for me. Really need to take it out more often. My dream car too. Always wanted to drive one. Could be your lucky day… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  150. 150. <ul><li>Bette has tapped on the wall of Katie's cubicle to get her attention and see if she needs anything. Katie looks up, smiles, invites Bette in and pulls out a notepad. Bette appears taken aback from this change in behavior, but opts to play along. </li></ul>Mid-morning at Katie's cubicle… What was the name of the book you said I should read? Sorry. Just teasing. I believe one of the ones I mentioned was Bill Moyers &quot;World of Ideas.&quot; Copyright Jedemi - 2010 Book? Try anything not business related…
  151. 151. <ul><li>Katie immediately opens up her browser to Amazon to order the books. Bette looks over her shoulder with interest. Hearing the phone ring in the lobby, she quickly dashes off – nearly colliding with the surfer engineer who is headed to see Katie. </li></ul>Mid-morning at Katie's cubicle… Another is &quot;Power of Myth,&quot; where Bill Moyers interviewed Joseph Campbell. I guess my thinking must have been that you'd respond well to interview-style readings. Makes sense. Amazon, here we come. Thanks, Bette! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  152. 152. <ul><li>The surfer-engineer also knocks (like Bette did) and he too gets invited in (to his surprise). He tries pressing his luck. </li></ul>Mid-morning at Katie's cubicle… Sorry to interrupt, but I had to… Saw your ride. An Alfa, huh? Wow. How's she running? Surprisingly well. I've let 'er sit way too long. That was actually a fun commute today. I'll bet. Probably like catching the perfect wave. Then again, the only way I could be sure is… … if you take it for a spin… over the hill, I suppose?Good one. I can see your mind working. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  153. 153. <ul><li>The surfer-engineer inquires about the flowers to keep the dialogue going. What he says next catches Katie completely off guard. </li></ul>Mid-morning at Katie's cubicle… Please? How about a little test drive around the parking lot? Ah… sure. Let me ponder it. Okay. I understand. Oh yeah… One more thing. I saw the flowers. Nice gesture… Saw them on the way in. The colors reminded me of her. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  154. 154. <ul><li>Realizing that Katie needed time to digest the news, the surfer-engineer quietly exits. </li></ul>Mid-morning at Katie's cubicle… Really? Her last day? I had no idea. It must suck being a temp. The plug can be pulled at any time. Sorry. Thought you knew. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  155. 155. <ul><li>Finding out the meeting has been moved yet again, Katie seems to be taking things in stride. She heads out with her reports. </li></ul>A short while later at Katie's cubicle… Hey, Kiddo! Looks like your 3pm has been moved up. They want you over there straight-away. Really? Something about the E-Staff going offsite after lunch. So… are you all set? As set as I'll ever be. Thanks for asking. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  156. 156. <ul><li>Just as Katie is backing out, she notices her journal in the back seat. She re-parks and jogs in. Bette watches with a puzzled look on her face and manages to catch the journal as Katie tosses it to her before heading back out with a wave while Bette is in mid-sentence. </li></ul>Parking lot… Great catch! For you… Oh I will. Now you better... Copyright Jedemi - 2010 Flowers and a journal? The Alfa too? This is turning out to be a most interesting day. Enjoy!
  157. 157. <ul><li>Katie has settled into her usual spot and is sketching in her notebook while another employee is making a presentation. Feeling a tap on her shoulder she looks up and notices that the Marketing VP is again not in the room. This time, she doesn't seem to be surprised to be called to the front to present. </li></ul>The Company conference room… Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  158. 158. The Company conference room… Gentlemen. No handouts today. Just want to give you a top level look at the numbers. Once Mr. Angelo signs off, I'll get you copies. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  159. 159. <ul><li>An e-Staff Blowhard makes a remark to the VP sitting next to him. Katie continues to speak with an even tone and with confidence as she responds. </li></ul><ul><li>He makes a move towards the reports near Katie's seat at the table and she stops him. </li></ul>The Company conference room… Actually, sir. These numbers have been vetted. Here we go again… Excuse me young lady… Are you AGAIN wasting our time with numbers that haven't be thoroughly vetted with my team? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  160. 160. <ul><li>The e-Staff Blowhard is trying to rattle Katie to get his way. Even the E-Staff boss finds his remarks and tone offensive. </li></ul>The Company conference room… Sorry, sir. I can't let you look. Please put it back. People, as I said, these are top level numbers. Questions should be reserved until after Mr. Angelo returns. That's ridiculous… and I dare say its insubordination. You've got some nerve! Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  161. 161. <ul><li>The e-Staff Blowhard is getting redder in the face. Smiling in agreement with Katie, the E-Staff boss steps in and commends Katie on her suggestion. Seeing that, the Blowhard changes his tone, nods and settles down. Katie smiles to herself as she turns to the screen and finishes up. </li></ul>The Company conference room… Clearly, sir, you have some concerns which we all can appreciate. However, in the interest of getting you gentlemen out of here for your offsite, I recommend you and I take this discussion offline. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  162. 162. Office parking lot… <ul><li>Katie zooms in with the sounds of &quot;Sisters are doin' it&quot; blasting from her radio. She jumps out and is met in the parking lot by the Surfer Engineer who notices how upbeat she is. </li></ul>So it went well? Yup. Got things right this time! Played out even better than I imagined. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  163. 163. Office parking lot… <ul><li>The wheels are turning, as Katie ponders Plan B. Noticing, the Surfer-Engineer pointing in the direction of the bank, Katie jumps into the Alfa and takes off in pursuit. </li></ul>Uh… They came by and gave her the last paycheck and told her she was free to take the rest of the day off. Can't wait to tell Bette She is the reason... Already? You're kidding me... Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  164. 164. Bank parking lot… <ul><li>Katie is thrilled that she was able to find Bette – who gives her a hard time in a kidding manner, before hopping into the Alfa. </li></ul>Hey, Bette! Let's take a ride, shall we? Don't you have somewhere to be… reports to rework or other very very important things to do? Just kidding… So I gather things went well? Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  165. 165. Onramp to Highway 17… <ul><li>Katie has kept Bette in suspense so she pipes up and learns where they are heading. They share a laugh as they enjoy the ride. </li></ul>So? Are you going to tell me about it or what? Sure thing, Bette… Can you hang on until we get to our final destination, though? Hard to talk over the wind. And that destination would be…? Over the hill to Santa Cruz. Copyright Jedemi - 2010 Really? Is our surfer buddy stashed in the trunk?
  166. 166. Onramp to Highway 17… <ul><li>Bette pulls out a baseball cap and a windbreaker which she puts on as Katie ramps up to freeway speed. A buzz of an airplane can be heard overhead but not seen. </li></ul>Can I drive on the way home? Certainly. Now reach under your seat. You might need those. Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  167. 167. From Highway 17 to the cafe… <ul><li>The aerial view shows the Alfa disappearing into the distance. The view moves through town to the café. </li></ul><ul><li>As the café draws closer, you can see the Enchanted Jukebox through the front window. </li></ul><ul><li>The music can be heard through the open door. It is a version of &quot; Sisters are doin' it &quot; which plays as the scene fades to black. </li></ul><ul><li>TO BE CONTINUED… </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  168. 168. <ul><li>TO BE CONTINUED… </li></ul><ul><li>… The Journey has just begun… </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  169. 169. Characters in order of appearance Copyright Jedemi - 2010 You're welcome! Let's do it again sometime! That's a lovely drink! Café patron Steven, café regular What was that all about? Nicole, café worker (pm) Is this yours? Viv, café owner No doubt… it is probably somewhere in the café. Young Lady/Katie, &quot;The Suit&quot; Come on! X got us a key. Let's have a look at it. Joey You should try it some time? Surfer-Engineer Good morning, Katie! I see the boys got you jumping again, eh? Bette, the office temp Yeah, Joey. That comes out loud and clear in her writing. Doc Please tell me you aren't talking about the contents of that Journal. I told you guys… Frannie Lovely. That's comforting to know. Dossie, café visitor That sure looks familiar… Tim, café worker (am) What? What'd I do? Frankie
  170. 170. Jedemi Stories <ul><li>Jedemi Chronicles – Volume 1 (prequel) </li></ul><ul><li>“ Ring Dem Bells” – Tale of the Enchanted Jukebox </li></ul><ul><li>Revision 3.0 </li></ul><ul><li>15 December 2004 </li></ul><ul><li>Jedemi Chronicles – Volume 2 (prequel) </li></ul><ul><li>“ In Heaven When You Smile” – The Taming of Viv </li></ul><ul><li>Revision 2.0 </li></ul><ul><li>26 April 2008 </li></ul><ul><li>Jedemi Chronicles – Volume 3  This is the Pilot </li></ul><ul><li>“ Doin' It” - The Taming of the Suit </li></ul><ul><li>Revision 1.0 </li></ul><ul><li>5 July 2010 </li></ul>Copyright Jedemi - 2010
  171. 171. <ul><li>Spirits from the past on a mission... </li></ul><ul><li>To provide context , clues & connections that help enable the creative spirit. </li></ul>Jedemi Cafe What's invisible to the eye...
  172. 172. Jedemi Cafe Spirits at a Glance <ul><li>Frankie - Frank Capra (filmmaker) </li></ul><ul><li>Joey - Joseph Campbell (teacher/storyteller) </li></ul><ul><li>Dossie (Dorothy) - Dorothy Sayers (writer/lecturer) </li></ul><ul><li>Frannie - Frances Marion (screenwriter) </li></ul><ul><li>Doc - Ed Ricketts (scientist & philosopher) </li></ul><ul><li>St. X - Antoine Saint Exupery (writer & pilot) </li></ul><ul><li>Tommie - Thomas Edison (inventor & resident techie) </li></ul>
  173. 173. Jedemi Cafe Spirits at a Glance
  174. 174. <ul><li>Through the power </li></ul><ul><li>of storytelling, </li></ul><ul><li>the past is connected </li></ul><ul><li>to the present. </li></ul>
  175. 175. <ul><li>Through heightened awareness, </li></ul><ul><li>our individual journey </li></ul><ul><li>takes on new meaning. </li></ul>
  176. 176. <ul><li>Only by living proactively </li></ul><ul><li>will our true purpose be revealed. </li></ul>
  177. 177. <ul><li>The Jedemi spirits provide stories, clues and courage to enable us to proceed on our quest for a meaningful existence. </li></ul>
  178. 178. <ul><li>Their influence will change the world... </li></ul>
  179. 179. <ul><li>Visit us online at </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>