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Your Research Data Management with the support of 3TU.Datacentrum


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The 3TU.Datacentrum offers researchers support with their data management and data storage. This presentation is given to researchers of Delft University of Technology.

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Your Research Data Management with the support of 3TU.Datacentrum

  1. 1. Your Research Data Management with support from 3TU.Datacentrum
  2. 2. Data Publication Pyramid
  3. 3. Ways to loose your data • Bits get lost (file damage, deleted, disappears, fire, bit rot) • Context or documentation gets lost • Required hardware or software becomes out of data, inoperable or unavailable
  4. 4. Ways to keep your data • Good storage medium for data and documentation • Backups • Regular monitoring (storage media, file) • Security • Sustainable formats
  5. 5. 6 Why 3TU.Datacentrum? • Make valuable data (re)usable, discoverable and accessible on long term. Open if possible, closed if neccesary ! • Experiences: Lot of data ‘lost’ and valuable data not used.
  6. 6. CREATING DATA PROCESSING DATA ANALYSING DATA PRESERVING DATA GIVING ACCESS TO DATA RE-USING DATA During your research Some GB > lots of TB Share through mail – DVD – FTP? Just file management or more? Multi-instutitional / multi-disciplinary? Firewalls?
  7. 7. 8 Data Labs Collaboration platforms for research data (management) to enable exchange of data and other research material for collaboration and e.g. early review. improve standardization & documentation and lower archiving threshold. To share, reference, extract, analyze and publish research data.
  8. 8. Data Lab: DVN Dutch Dataverse Network (DVN), used by most Dutch universities • Organise (data)files in studies and collections • Add metadata and documentation • Allows versioning • Determine access rights yourself • Not limited to own institute • Publish data with a persistant URL • Allows you to delete files 9
  9. 9. 10 Data Lab: OpenEarth Collaboration platforms for research data (management) to enable exchange of data and other research material. “OpenEarth is a free and open source alternative to the project-by-project and institution-by-institution approaches to deal with data, models and tools” . Developed by researchers from marine & coastal engineering. • Central platform for MICORE (EU FP7 & UN), Building with Nature (Dutch topsector Water). • Over 1.000 users (120+ contributing). Standardized numeric data, SVN repository, wiki, OPeNDAP server, Google Earth visualisation.
  10. 10. 11 Data Lab a la OpenEarth
  11. 11. Zandmotor | Sand Engine During project: only accessibly to ± 300 users in ± 30 partners; After project: transferred to data archive (3TU.Datacentrum) and accessibly to the public for est. 50 years Volkskrant, 31 March 2014
  12. 12. Consider long term storage 3TU.Datacentrum 13 Source:WURtemplatedmp
  13. 13. te • ‘Frozen’ dataset (version) for future use / long term storage • ‘Published’ data, simple or complex, varying metadata • Open • Max. 2 years embargo • DataCite DOIs • Data Seal of Approval (DSA) • Meta data under CC0 harvestable and as linked open data Data Archive te Technical sciences
  14. 14. Back to overview
  15. 15. Example: Event logs
  16. 16. Example: STP algorithms
  17. 17. Example: virtual machine
  18. 18. e Direct use of the data Visualisation and Analysis (iPython, Matlab, etc.)Deposit in Archive Dissemination
  19. 19. te Indexing
  20. 20. Enhanced publication
  21. 21. • Do It Yourself: ‘simple’ sets Standard (self)upload form and descriptive information, single file per object (can be a ‘zipped’ collection), single DOI, … E.g.: Zandvliet, H.J.W. et al. (2010): Diffusion driven concerted motion of surface atoms: Ge on Ge(001). MESA+ Institute For Nanotechnology, University of Twente doi:10.4121/uuid:3f71549c-6097-4bb8-bc00-6db77deb161d • Do It Together: special collections Negotiate: deposit procedure, description (xml, picture, preview), data model, level of DOI assignment, query online, … E.g.: Otto, T., Russchenberg, H.W.J. (2010): IDRA weather radar measurements - all data. TU Delft - Delft University of Technology doi:10.4121/uuid:5f3bcaa2-a456-4a66-a67b-1eec928cae6d How to deposit your data
  22. 22. DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) Visibility
  23. 23. Data publication
  24. 24. First things first Start of with a data management plan The what, why and how of data management planning
  25. 25. Data management planning • Funders require it • Require RDM budget from funder • Helps you structure agreements on how to manage your data • Develop procedures early on for consistency • Plan to share data, (determine embargo) and increase impact
  26. 26. Data management plan: support! • Make use of the 3TU.DC template (compliant with H2020) – through Valorisation Center • Get inspired by examples (per faculty) • Contact a DMP expert for advice and support.
  27. 27. Example: RAINGAIN • Pilot with • Planning is more important than the plan, but the plan makes your planning explicit.
  28. 28. Events
  29. 29. 30 Contact for more information • funders • : open access publications • research data management Credits for the drawings: