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10 puzzle questions


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Assignment for Ludology and Gamesplay!

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10 puzzle questions

  1. 1. 10 Puzzles Assignment By Ann Marie Burke
  2. 2. Place the numbers 1 – 8 in the squares provided. Numbers1-8 that come after each other cannot be in a square beside each other.
  3. 3. Solve this simple equation!
  4. 4. What is the most amount of pieces you can divide this circleinto using only 3 lines?
  5. 5. Study this diagram and try to go over each line once without lifting your pencil off the page or crossing a line you have already drawn over.
  6. 6. Can you make 10 by using nine matches?
  7. 7. Which is heavier?A tonne of bricks or a tonne of feathers?
  8. 8. Which is faster: Hot or Cold?
  9. 9. What can youbreak without hitting or dropping?
  10. 10. Which country is this: NEDEWS?
  11. 11. Add a girls name of 4 letters to PRI to come first.