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loyalty-not-a-programme-but-a-relationship (1)


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loyalty-not-a-programme-but-a-relationship (1)

  2. 2. Loyalty programs have evolved significantly over the past few years. From a mere points-based system, today’s airlines are managing their frequent flyer programs as profit centers. Today, it is about creating memorable customer experiences and engagement which means creating lasting relationships. LOYALTY MAY MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS TO PEOPLE. BUT,WE ALL AGREE THAT IT MEANS GREAT BUSINESS! FINDTHE KEYTO A LASTING RELATIONSHIP Identifying and Retaining Customers Customer identification and retention are challenging when airlines are struggling to maintain their margins.Here,losing a high-value customer to a competitor may prove to be a costly mistake. Finding Right Loyalty Partnerships Finding the right partners to tie-up with is important as partnership management can be complex. It involves contracts and financial commitment tracking, which is not present in the existing products. Customer Service Providing consistent service to all frequent flyers across different customer touch points (offices, airports, call center, etc.) is a challenge. This can be achieved through a centralized customer database that provides member details along with travel patterns. WIPRO LOYALTY OFFERINGS Wipro offers business critical loyalty offerings for the aviation industry. Our offerings have evolved through years of in-depth experience in the airlines industry. Our products and services ensure that your loyalty program works. Simply put, our sole aim is to add value to both your business and your customers.
  3. 3. THE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT ORBIT GETTING ENGAGED ENTICING YOUR CUSTOMER MAKING IT WORK Engage, Dynamics and Returns are the orbits of loyalty! These are interlinked as a more engaged member will add tremendous value to the program to ensure greater returns on the program investments.But for all of this to happen,the program dynamics needs to be sharpened and addressed. GETTING ENGAGED INCREASE PROGRAM STICKINESSTHROUGH PROGRAM ENGAGEMENT Customer Communication: In a world of multi-channel communication,it is critical to understand member queries and address them immediately first-time-right. Wipro’s solution helps profile and segment-based customer communication, Digital Fulfilment, and multi-lingual 24x7 Customer Service Centre. Rewards: Rewarding members goes a long way in building customer loyalty. Finding an available seat for miles earned is one of the most difficult aspects for a Loyalty Manager. However, the same miles can be burnt on non-air rewards that a member wishes to create customer delight. Our Dynamic Reward Platform offers just that while creating an ancillary revenue tool internally. Social Loyalty: Reward customers for a “like” or a positive comment on social media sites increases customer stickiness and program engagement.Wipro’s “Go Social” platform redefines social loyalty. ENTICE YOUR CUSTOMER LEVERAGETHE POWER OF DATATO ENHANCE THE PROGRAM DYNAMICS »» Data Analytics: Information collected over years can be used for Analysis, predictive modelling and geo-profiling. Further, new models can be built for member acquisition, churn, etc. while using program metrics for loyalty tier modelling. »» Customer Experience: Digital marketing is where true personal interactions exist and thrive.Wipro’s integrated marketing and loyalty management system helps marketers crunch huge data for insights that can create sticky customer interactions. »» Promotions & Campaigns: Millions of dollars are spent on promotions and campaigns without much result.Wipro offers a dynamic campaign management tool with: • Rules based campaign management system • Personalized communication based on segments & clusters • Integrated communication templates for easy campaign and promotion design • Campaign ROI modelling MAKING IT WORK HOWVALUABLE ISYOUR PROGRAM? »» Financial Analysis and Reporting: A P&L loyalty tool provides information on whether the program is actually working and if it has added to the airline’s bottom line. »» Liability Management: Often, billions of miles remain unused. However, the IFRIC 13 rule mandates that unless the miles are redeemed, they cannot be taken out of the net liability count. Wipro offers many simple yet effective liability management products: oo Prize Draws oo Auctions oo Gaming including Scratch Cards,Token Matching, and Social Games »» Ancillary Revenue: Loyalty Programs, if leveraged effectively, can be a source for ancillary revenue.Wipro’s products create both ancillary revenue and customer engagement. »» Merchant funded earn platform: Utilizing the power of 3rd party merchants and the airline brand to create a win-win proposition for the merchant member and the airline. WHAT IFTECHNOLOGY COULD POWER NOT JUST REVENUE BUT REAL RELATIONSHIPS? Estimates suggest that there will be at least 130 airline loyalty programs and more than 150 million members in the coming 30 years. AtWipro, we help you create relationships that endure. To know more, write to
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