G20Y Paris Walk: in Search of Ideas


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While attending G-20Y Summit I wanted to find an idea that will inspire participants, and went for a walk in Paris. I wanted to find some power analogies to express idea generation process. And I found them in the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, French street artist Michel, Claude Jegu, painting existential pictures, and a yound couple on a Parisian bridge.

To create a powerful idea that brings people from all over the world together, one must build the right nurturing environment. Your idea must be as graceful and elegant as the Eiffel Tower. But look at the Eiffel Tower and think - is it the top of the tower or its foundation makes it perfect? Probably, both, wouldn't you agree?

So you must aim at perfection.

Then I saw a French bakery with some delicious selction of bread. How do you make a perfect bread, I asked? Well, said the baker, you must have the right ingredients. And don't forget that you have to have the original flour, and good yeast. Finally, right temperature is important.

Great, I thought, for ideas to ripen we must have thoughtful atmosphere, catalysts (yeast) for discussions and thought exchange, and the physical effort to move yourself to the next level.

Further I walked and I met a content French painter who was drawing the Louvre on the bridge. Are you happy? Yes, of course, see what I am drawing, said he. And I agreed, you must use your heart to create.

Well, Claude Jegu, another inspirational artist told me that he never studied Japanese but always was drawn to Japanese characters. And pictured in my presentation is his Genesis picture. Amazing by its intensity, it reminded me how sometimes we are flabergasted by the process of creation, it is painful, we are almost in despair...but then something beautiful happens...

Like that cute couple on the bridge. They were so adorable, and I asked if I could take their picture, for which they smiled and said yes. And so I did. Look how this gentlemen who is clearly in love is putting make-up on his girlfriend. There is so much trust in her eyes, and so much care in his.

Right ideas bring empathy, care and love to the world.

Create your world today...

By Andrey Gidaspov

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G20Y Paris Walk: in Search of Ideas

  1. 1. Walk in Paris: In Search of Ideas… By Andrey Gidaspov