FY 13 Q2 Concern and Awareness Report


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Highlights from Quarter 2, Fiscal Year 2013 (October, November, December 2012)

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FY 13 Q2 Concern and Awareness Report

  1. 1. FY13 Quarter 2 Report (Oct/Nov/Dec) Communications Highlights and Metrics* *(Organized by Strategic Plan objective)1
  2. 2. NADAM/NCM A fully integrated communications campaign for National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month (NADAM) andNational Caregivers Month (NCM) in November highlighted the stories of caregivers throughout our chapter. 10 stories about NADAM or caregiver stories for NCM were published, garneringmore than 2 million impressions!2 Increase Concern & Awareness
  3. 3. NADAM/NCMBlog CampaignWe featured stories writtenby caregivers about theirexperiences and advice onour blog. The stories werediverse, featuring a caregiverwho wrote in Spanish, a longdistance caregiver, caregiversfor younger onset parentsand caregivers for loved oneswho had passed away. Theeight profiles garnered 1,200visits. 3 Increase Concern & Awareness
  4. 4. NADAM/NCMCaregiver Tips VideosCaregivers gave their best advice to other caregivers in a video series we produced on our YouTube channel. We also included a specialthanks for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease to their caregivers. The six videos garnered almost 1,400 views, and multiple likes andshares on Facebook and Twitter. 4 Increase Concern & Awareness
  5. 5. NADAM/NCMFriday FactsWe continued the National Caregiver Month theme in our FridayFacts Campaign. Five infographics featured facts and tips related tocaregiving. We received a great response from our Facebookaudience, with 148 likes, 146 shares and an estimated audience of7,000.Caregivers take over Twitter!Angie, who cares for her husband with Alzheimer’s, took over ourTwitter account for a day. Using the hashtag #lifeasacaregiver,Angie talked about her day as a caregiver and solicited thoughtsfrom other Twitter followers. We tracked at least 100 tweets to#lifeasacaregiver and at least a dozen caregivers shared their dayin the #lifeasacaregiver. 5 Increase Concern & Awareness
  6. 6. Holiday Campaign During the holidays, our outreachedfocused on the spirit of giving as well as the 10 Signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Several publications ranstories about noticing the 10 Signs of Alzheimer’s disease in a loved one over the holiday season and how to enjoy the holidays with a loved one with Alzheimer’s, garnering 115,000 media impressions. 6 Enhance Care and Support
  7. 7. Holiday Campaign Holiday caregiver tips and gift idea infographics dominated our Facebook page in December. This content received 87 likes, 98 shares and an estimated audience of almost 6,000. The Caregiver Coupon Book was downloaded 51 times.7 Enhance Care and Support
  8. 8. Caregiving Issues in the News The Sacramento office helped find families for a number of articles in the Sacramento Bee, including one on driving, which featured our driving resource www.alz.org/driving and another on stigma, which cited Alzheimer’s Association Facts & Figures as well as the World Alzheimer’s Report. Both articles quoted Michelle Johnston, regional director in Sacramento as an expert. Combine, the articles garnered more than 1.7 million media impressions. 8 Enhance Care and Support
  9. 9. Caregiving Issues in the News An article highlighting Alzheimer’s Association volunteer Paul Barrett and his wife and quoting CEO Bill Fisher focused on the issue of feeding tubes. The story appeared in several publications, including The San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune, garnering 1.8 million media impressions.9 Enhance Care and Support
  10. 10. Flyers and brochures We created several flyers and brochures promoting our programs and services in Quarter 2, including a Healthy Body, Healthy Brain flyer and an editable template for classes at the CPMC Brain Health Center.10 Enhance Care and Support
  11. 11. Silver Alert The Sacramento Bee published a story about Silver Alert, which went into effect January 1, 2013 in the state of California. Ruth Gay, director of Public Policy and Advocacy was quoted in the article, which garnered 870,000 impressions. Wandering is also one of the most engaging topics on our Facebook page, with our community activating to help spread the word about individuals with Alzheimer’s who go missing.11 Advance Public Policy
  12. 12. San Francisco Plan on Excellence inDementia CareA meeting about the San Francisco Plan for Excellence in dementia carewas popular on our Facebook page and garnered 88 visits on our blog. 12 Advance Public Policy
  13. 13. Other AdvocacyThe advocacy section of our web site was refreshed and updated and avisit from an Alzheimer’s Association Ambassador to Senator DianneFeinstein’s office delivering 5,000+ advocacy cards from Walk was agreat success on Facebook! 13 Advance Public Policy
  14. 14. Alzheimer’s Research on our BlogWe published three blogs about research in the news authored by Elizabeth Edgerly, chief program officer. These blog articles broke downresearch that had recently been in the news in a way that is simple to read and understand. The blogs received 1,200 visits. 14 Accelerate Research
  15. 15. Alzheimer’s Research GrantsTwo research grants awarded during Quarter 2 were popular features onour Facebook page and blog, garnering 72 likes, 11 shares and 195 visitsto the blog. 15 Accelerate Research
  16. 16. Walk to EndAlzheimer’sEarned media continued throughOctober for Walk to End Alzheimer’s,including an op/ed by the Fresno Beeencouraging readers to join Walk anda feature in the Cupertino Courier onthe Lucas family, who participates inWalk and attends a local supportgroup. In addition, there was a lot ofcoverage during our events. Walk toEnd Alzheimer’s garnered more than580,000 media impressions. 16 Grow Revenue in Support of the Mission
  17. 17. Walk to EndAlzheimer’sWhy I Walk videos taken at Walkevents throughout our chapterreceived more than 1,600 viewson our YouTube channel. 17 Grow Revenue in Support of the Mission
  18. 18. Memories in the MakingThe save the date card for Memories in the Making went out! 18 Grow Revenue in Support of the Mission
  19. 19. Strategic Plan Metrics Media Impressions FY13 Q2 media impressions: at least 16 million impressions*, which brings our total media impressions to 188 million impressions, about 5 million impressions short of our goal for the entire fiscal year.  *Self-reported data was not yet verified at the time of this report, but is estimated to add another 5 million impressions to this total. Website Visits  FY13 Q2 Web site visits: 24,602, 24% higher than FY12 Q2 Web site visits.19
  20. 20. Social Media Metrics Facebook FY13 Q2 Facebook Likes: 2,387, 432% higher than FY12 Q2 Facebook likes. YouTube FY13 Q2 video views: 3,832, 105% higher than FY12 Q2 video views. Twitter FY13 Q2 new followers: 160 [out of more than 1,500 followers total], FY12 Q2 data not available.20
  21. 21. Other Communications Metrics Alzheimersblog.org FY13 Q2 visits to alzheimersblog.org: 32,069, 955% higher than FY12 Q2 visits. Collateral FY13 Q2 collateral requests: over 80 requests completed, produced 11 campaign videos plus dozens of Why I Walk videos in addition to taking photos at 6 events.21