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Alien abduction copy


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A La Carte Project: Alien Abduction

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Alien abduction copy

  1. 1. AlienAbduction By: Jasmine Underwood-Kunewa Eng 101 Stacy Taylor
  2. 2. Table of Contents1 Definitions2-3 First Indication4-5 Inside Spaceship6-8 Procedure9 After Abduction10 Works Cited
  3. 3. Definitions★ Alien Abductions: The alleged abduction of humans by extraterrestrial beings for purposes which are unclear, but may involve medical procedures, examinations and/or impregnation ("Paranormal-").★ Abductee: A person who claims to have been abducted.★ Hybrid: Half alien-half human beings.
  4. 4. The first indication that anabduction is about to occur,is an unexplained intenseblue or white light thatenters the bedroom. A weird buzzing or humming sound, or the sense of unusual presence and the direct sighting of one or more aliens in the room is another indication.
  5. 5. After the first initial contact, the abductee is “floated” down the hall, through the wall or windows of the house, or through the roof of the car. The abductee is accompanied by one, two or more aliens who guide the abductee into the ship.The alien craft vary insize from a few feetwide to severalhundred yards wide.The ship is described ofbeing silvery ormetallic in color and acigar-saucer, or domeshape.
  6. 6. radiates from the bottom of thecraft in which is associated withthe porthole like openings thatring the outer edge.Once the abductee is in the ship,they find themselves in a smalldark room, then later taken to alarger room. “The larger room is brightly lit, with a hazy luminosity from indirect light sources in the walls. Computer like consoles and other equipment and instruments line the sides of the rooms” (Mack 29-45).
  7. 7. More alien beings are witnessed inside of the ships doing different tasks such asmonitoring the instruments and helping with the abduction procedure. The “greys” are the most common known species of aliens during abductions. They are described as: ★The head is large ★Eyes are slanted, large and black. Nose is usually vague. 2 small nares are visible. Mouth is indicated by a small slit without lips. Arms are long and thin, and reach to the knees. Legs are short and thin.
  8. 8. “Communication between the aliens and humans istelepathic, mind to mind or thought to thought” (Mack 29-45).The procedure begins with the abductee undressed orwearing only a single garment then layed down on a table.The aliens seem to “study” the abductees in a sense oftaking over their mind by staring extensively into their eyesvery closely.The aliens would take skin, hair and other samples from theabductees body with the use of instruments. “Instrumentsare used to penetrate every part of the abductees bodyincluding the nose, sinuses, eyes, ears, other parts of thehead, arms, legs, feet, abdomen, and genitalia” (Mack 29-45).The most common procedure done on abductees, is thereproductive system. Alien beings will take sperm samplesfrom men and remove or fertilize eggs of the female.
  9. 9. Some abductees experience being impregnated by the alienbeings and later having an alien-human or human-humanpregnancy removed.The “hybrid babies” are later removed from the abducteeand put into containers or incubators on the ships.Sometimes the aliens try to have the human mothersnurture their hybird babies.“The aliens plan to colonize the earth with their new raceand replace the human race” (Menkin).
  10. 10. Another related aspect of the alien abduction deals withthe alteration of consciousness of the abductee.The aliens are able to reach deeply into the emotional andspiritual lives of the abductees and change theirperceptions of themselves, the world and their place in it.Some abductees are shown horrific images ofdevastations that may occur to the Earth in the future byaliens.The abductees tend to believe this prediction andbecome frightened.Others believe their duty is to inform other humans aboutthese future predictions and believe if they don’t, they willbe taken to another place to participate in the evolution oflife in the universe.
  11. 11. After the abduction process, abductees are returned back to their previous place;bed or vehicle.Sometimes abductees are returned by having their body faced in a wrong directionon the bed, or their pajamas on backwards or inside out and even garments orjewelry missing.After the abduction, some physical features are found on the human body as in cuts,scars, scoop marks, and small fresh ulcers.Throughout an abductees life, they may suffer from long term symptoms such asfear in needles, traumas, headaches nasal sinus pains, limb pains, gastrointestinaland urological-gynecological symptoms, and disturbances of sexual functioning.
  12. 12. within families, sometimes three to four generations.Till this day, alien abductions still occur and scientist as well aspsychologist, try to study the abductees to get a betterunderstanding on the reasons for this occurence.There is said to believe there is no physical evidence to account onfor these alien abduction phenomenons but many people around theworld come close to having the same feelings and descriptions ofexperiences. So why not believe them?
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