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Open Source Contributions - Alsey Coleman Miller


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A list of my noteworthy open source contributions.

Published in: Technology
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Open Source Contributions - Alsey Coleman Miller

  1. 1. Open Source Contributions GitHub: Projects: Translation of The Swift Programming Language to Spanish - https:// Reverse Engineered Foundation with Swift Value types (July 2015, before Swift was open sourced) - UIKit for Linux - CoreGraphics for Linux - Low level Bluetooth library - Bluetooth LE Smart Lock written in Swift for Linux on ARM - colemancda/Lock The OpenStack Foundation Summit Official iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS app - Type-Safe Value-type API for NSPredicate - Predicate Early contributor to Zewo: Swift Compiler Contributions: Implemented Foundation.UUID for Linux - foundation/commits?author=colemancda
  2. 2. Added CUUID module map for Linux - Add POSIX Error Codes for Linux - Fix printing of 'Error' values as 'NSError * - a00fa74b8d0e7183b1697101ce4afe9ced7a91a7 Reported Swift Bugs: Implement SE-0069 Foundation Value Types for Linux Cannot conform to ObjC protocols with NSDictionary as argument (rdar://problem/ 27628810) Cannot use Swift.Error protocol in ObjC protocols (rdar://problem/27439384) ErrorType with referenced strings crash on Linux SwiftPM Generated Xcode project does not include headers for C targets Random SwiftShims functionality not working on Linux Cannot find ICU headers for Android build Can't link to UUID library Null struct for Swift 3.0 Foundation overlay UUID should conform to RawRepresentable