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Working with Xcode and Swift Package Manager


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Learn how to use Xcode with the new Swift project layout and integrate autocompletion with your packages.

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Working with Xcode and Swift Package Manager

  1. 1. Working with Xcode and Swift Package Manager
  2. 2. let me = Person(name: "Jens Ravens", company: "nerdgeschoss") @JensRavens GitHub: JensRavens
  3. 3. Why use Xcode for development? - autocompletion - static code analysis - debugger - a day without an Xcode crash is a wasted day.
  4. 4. get all the dependencies - swiftenv - Xcode 7.3 install the latest version of Swift - $ swiftenv install DEVELOPMENT- SNAPSHOT-2016-02-08-a
  5. 5. create a project and configure it - create a command line application project in Xcode
 and copy it to your project folder - install dependencies with swift build - add header files to search path (in .build/debug/) - add script phase to update dependencies - add static libraries - Have fun!
  6. 6. Demo
  7. 7. Thank you. @JensRavens based on 2016-02-25-14-00-3_steps_to_marry_xcode_with_swift_package_manager/