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Speed up Continuous Delivery with BigData Analytics


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Use Spark, Apache Flume and ElasticSearch-Kibana to unleash the power of your Code Review and Continuous Delivery Pipeline logs. Jenkins and Gerrit Code Review are the sources of your Analytics KPI dashboards.

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Speed up Continuous Delivery with BigData Analytics

  1. 1. #JenkinsWorld Speed up Continuous Delivery with BigData Analytics Luca Milanesio
  2. 2. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld • Founded in the UK • HQ in London, Offices in the UK and Italy • Committed to OpenSource About GerritForge
  3. 3. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld • Co-founder and Director of GerritForge • over 20 years in Agile Development and ALM • Contributor to many OpenSource projects • Mind and hands of @gitenterprise and @gerritreview Twitter feeds About Luca Milanesio
  4. 4. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld NOT a lecture on Continuous Delivery NOT a lecture on Code Review NOT a lecture on BigData What NOT to expect?
  5. 5. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld SO WHAT? #!@$!
  6. 6. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld SHOW a Continuous Delivery scenario
  7. 7. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld LEARN together from its problems
  8. 8. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld EXPERIMENT a new approach using BigData
  9. 9. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld DISCUSS results together and iterate
  10. 10. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Continuous Delivery Pipeline Push Build Unit Tests Push Build Unit Tests Automated Tests Push Build Unit Tests Automated Tests Beta Users Tests User's feedback Publish to all Users Failed Failed
  11. 11. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Code Review & CD Validation A1 refs/for/master master C2 C2* A1 C2 (local) master C2* push Verified: -1 (build failed) push Verified: +1 (build OK) Reviewed: +2 CI Build: OK C2* CI Build: OK amend
  12. 12. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Git/Gerrit (Code Review) Components Jenkins (Continuous Integration & Delivery)
  13. 13. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld DEMO See the pipeline in action
  14. 14. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld We use micro-services –100+ Components –200+ Repositories –300+ People and 100,000+ of review comments –Cross-components [implicit] dependencies –Lots of build chains –10,000+ of builds Now feel the pain :-(
  15. 15. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Problem #1 : Tons of logs slows us down "Build was so fast a week ago … why is it getting so slow now?" 100Ks of logs are tough for Jenkins
  16. 16. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld "It was working until 5 mins ago … then someone changed something"  Rings any bell? Problem #2 : Ripple effect
  17. 17. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld In order to deliver Feature ABC I NEED Ver. N of Service-A with Ver. M of Service-B and Ver. K of Service C Problem #3 : Dependencies
  18. 18. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Release small changes is GOOD Release often every change is GOOD BUT How long it takes the "Big Picture" and End-to-End? Where is my bottleneck? Problem #4 : Cycle time
  19. 19. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Problems #1 + #2 + #3 + #4 = DevOps meltdown  Problem #6 : all together
  20. 20. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld • Collect all review events • Collect all logs • Channel them to a central store • Crunch and Crunch continuously • Never delete • Process, inspect and learn BigData to the rescue
  21. 21. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Continuous Delivery – Analytics Pipeline Data Aggregation Jobs
  22. 22. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Continuous Delivery – Analytics Dimensions Projects Commits People Reviews System Metrics
  23. 23. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Continuous Delivery – Tools Dimensions SCM / Code Review CI / CD
  24. 24. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld DEMO Continuous Delivery Analytics
  25. 25. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld • Collect more data (System, JVM, Review scores) • Real-time statistics • Events correlation • Feedback loop to Code-Review • Production data harvest • More? Future directions
  26. 26. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld Want to know more?
  27. 27. @gitenterprise @gerritreview #JenkinsWorld • GerritForge's blog • Gerrit Code Review • Jenkins • RabbitMQ Resources • Apache Flume • Hadoop HDFS • Apache Spark • Kibana