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Interview Project

  1. 1. To:Mrs. Quinn<br />From:Alpesh Patel <br />Engl2960<br />Date: 03/09/11<br />interview<br />For my interview project I have decided to interview Milan Patel and Rakshita Patel. This two people have worked really hard to achieve their goals. They both have graduated with honors. Milan Patel has worked at multiple companies searching for the one that suits them the best, while Rakshita Patel has worked with one since she has graduated. I will conduct this interview over the phone. In this essay I will be telling what type of success they have achieved over the past few years. What kind of experience they have obtained from working in different work fields threw out the past few years. How the Industries help the environment and the world by improving technology every day.<br />Milan Patel an honors student at NJIT, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering back in 2006. Milan also majored in Applied Math. While attending NJIT he CO-Aped with Panasonic from January to May 2005. While Co-Aping with Panasonic he gained a lot of experience in how to solve problems with computers as soon as possible. He worked with creating software for the company and making sure everything ran smoothly. After graduation from NJIT in 2006 he started to look for his dream job. <br />While searching for a job Panasonic hired him for a full time position. Since everything did not work out with Panasonic Milan decided to start look for another job. After a few months he got hired at Merrimac Industries. The setting for this company couldn’t have been better for him because he only lived a few miles from work, as for the business aspect the location was right in center of Newark which is always busy. He worked for Merrimac Industries from Jun 2006 to Mar 2009. As told my Milan “Since the job wasn’t challenging enough he decided to look for a better job that had more challenge.” After leaving Merrimac Industries Milan got hired at ITT Industries. ITT industries gave him his started salary at $76,000 but since this job required more challenge Milan accepted the offer and is still currently working there today. <br />While working at Merrimac Industries Milan was in charge of Working in radio frequency (RF) and microwave field. Although Milan majored in Computer Engineering he was still in charge of some RF and microwave field work. RF stands for radio frequency as told by Milan. RF is mostly used in everything today such as radios, cars, and satellites. Since most of the things he was in charge of at Merrimac Industries was classified this is all he was allowed to tell me. After starting at ITT Industries Milan was actually in charge of radio frequency and Navigation payload design work for Global Positioning System (GPS). He was also in charge of managing and designing projects and efforts.<br />After all the experience Milan has from working in multiple locations he said that ITT Industries has to be the most challenging out of all the companies he has worked for. The reason for that is he is able to travel around the US to multiple company locations to design and complete projects to help the world. He quoted that “the work is really hard but it is really interesting and rewarding.” <br />The mission of Merrimac Industries is to provide a patented and novel packaging technology that employs a platform modular architecture strategy that incorporates fixed semiconductor devices, MMICs, etched resistors, passive circuit elements and plated-through via holes to form a three-dimensional integrated module applicable to High Power, High Frequency and High Performance mission-critical applications. Mission on ITT Industries is providing world class service and technology in the following fields Fluid Technology Defense and Information Solutions Motion & Flow Control. <br />Merrimac is mostly focused on providing Total Integrated Packaging Solutions with Multi-Mix Micro technology, a leading edge competency providing value to our customers through miniaturization and integration. International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) was a company created back in 1920. Two brother’s names Sosthenes Bhen and Hernand Bhen were the first to build a worldwide system of interconnected telephone lines. They first were known as the Puerto Rico Telephone company. Due to their technology their company grew really quickly because of their strategic acquisition and different purchases of telephone patents. Which lead to an international provider of telephone switching and equipment and their telecommunications services.<br />Merrimac Industries serves the world. The structure of the company is private and profit. The reason it is private is because it mostly handles government projects which is mostly classified. Merrimac Industries is a leader in the design and manufacture of RF Microwave signal processing components, subsystem assemblies, and Multi-Mix micro-multifunction modules (MMFM), for the worldwide Defense, Satellite Communications (Satcom), and Commercial Wireless and Homeland Security market segments. The funding sources are some grants that they get from the government. If they do not receive any grants it is mostly the company’s earning they have to use to improve technology. ITT Industries is a public and profit company. ITT is a global water leader and the world's largest supplier of pumps and systems to transport treat and control water and other fluids. It is also a leading defense and aerospace company providing advanced technologies, systems, and operational services for military and civil customers and is leading provider of mission-critical products for the aerospace, industrial, transportation, medical and consumer markets. ITT does get some grants from the government and sales they make.<br />Rakshita Patel a bright student from NJIT graduated with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering back in 2004. After accruing a degree in Computer Engineering Rakshita moved to Chicago to get more education. While living in Chicago Rakshita Graduated with an Honors degree in Information Systems from Stevens Institute of Technology. After getting the masters Degree in Information Systems Rakshita started to look for a job that required both of her skills she gained in Computer Engineering and Information Systems (IS). <br />Following graduation from Stevens Institute of Technology with her master’s degree, Rakshita got hired at Motorola right in Chicago IL. After a few months she moved to New Orleans LA and worked at Motorola. The location of Motorola was in downtown Chicago IL which is an excellent place to keep up with business. While working at Motorola she became in charge of radio frequency (RF).Rakshita worked on the antennas and satellites. Working with antennas and satellites she had to update parts to increase range of the antennas and satellites for the government and Motorola. <br />The mission of Motorola is to provide excellent service to business and costumers. Motorola is improving mobility solutions everyday for individuals like us and business. Motorola has played a role even in NASA back 1969. Improving communication equipment daily such as cell phones and operating systems (OS) for the cell phones. As told by Rakshita Motorola is proud of the company’s missions which is advancing communications and electronics industry innovation. Motorola was founded back in 1928 by two brothers Paul and Joseph V. Galvin. Motorola was funded by Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. The first location of Motorola was opened in Chicago IL. Motorola provides many different type of services, such as from strategic planning through ongoing operations, quality processes and measurable results to make sure every element of your solution works correctly. <br />Following the interview with this two professionals there are some similarities and differences. They both graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from NJIT. In the work field they both have worked on government projects but from different Industries. Milan has only a bachelor’s degree while Rakshita has a master’s degree. Milan has more experience in the work field due to the challenges he has encountered. While observing Milan and Rakshita I would have to say that they both worked extremely hard to get where they currently are with their studies and work life. What I have learned from interviewing Milan and Rakshita is that never give up on your studies. <br />