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Rehabilitation insert presentation


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Fiberglass Tank Solutions
Rehabilitation Insert Presentation

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Rehabilitation insert presentation

  1. 1. Rehab Insert Sleeves
  2. 2. Rehab Insert Sleeves  Allow “Low Impact” construction methods for wet well replacement  Fully pre-packaged systems, ready for pumps  Typically sized at 8” less than inside diameter of existing concrete structure  Field installation of inlet hubs  Grouted in place  DSL for the entire life cycle of the project
  3. 3. Rehab Insert Sleeves  Measure existing concrete wet well  Measure interior diameter at multiple locations  Measure interior bottom elevation  Measure top elevation  Measure interior filet or benched bottoms  Measure interior inlets  Pipe type and pipe O.D  Measure discharge centerline elevation  Measure interior bottom area
  4. 4. Rehab Insert Sleeves 2. Prepare Cad drawings of new fiberglass wet well insert for engineer approval
  5. 5. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Hickory Park Project) 1. Delivery of new tank. 2. Establish bypass pumping and well point dewatering.
  6. 6. 3. Remove top slab from existing concrete wet well along with pumps, piping, and rails. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Hickory Park Project)
  7. 7. 4. Begin cleaning of existing station by pumping out sludge, loose mortar, bricks, and trash. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Hickory Park Project)
  8. 8. 5. Cut off inlet pipes flush with existing concrete wet well and chip out around existing inlet daspipes to accept a new pipe hub. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Hickory Park Project)
  9. 9. 6. Insert the new FRP sleeve into the existing concrete wet well for a dry fit, insuring the . ……tank is centered in the hole. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Hickory Park Project)
  10. 10. 7. FTS field crew will cut openings for all inlet pipes, insert new pipe hubs through the wall, . and structurally bond pipe stubs in place. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Hickory Park Project)
  11. 11. 8. Pump concrete flowable fill into interstitial space between fiberglass insert and the . ……existing concrete wet well. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Hickory Park Project)
  12. 12. 9. Install pumps, controls, electrical service, and other mechanical equipment as needed for . start-up. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Hickory Park Project)
  13. 13. New Tank DeliveredExisting Station Rehab Insert Sleeves (Birmingham Project)
  14. 14. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Birmingham Project)
  15. 15. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Birmingham Project)
  16. 16. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Birmingham Project)
  17. 17. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Birmingham Project)
  18. 18. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Birmingham Project)
  19. 19. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Birmingham Project)
  20. 20. Rehab Insert Sleeves (Birmingham Project)