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Tiny insect


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Tiny insect

  1. 1. A Great Feat of Engineering By  ATiny Insect A tiny insect accomplishes a great feat of Engineering by building  a house for it self from a leaf. It first cuts the leaf with a fine symmetry at an angel, then meticulously starts folding and wrapping the leaf to make a cocoon like structure with a small hole for entry and exit at the base of it. SubhanaAllah this is an astonishing  engineering feat done with precise cutting and folding techniques.
  2. 2. It is none other than Allah Subhana Watala who taught this insect the skills and gave it intelligence to make a house for it self from a simple leaf.This is divine evidence that Allah is the creator of everything in this universe and the mastermind behind everything and it is Allah who is able to run this universe and everything in it in a smooth fashion. Subhan Allah Glory Be to Allah.