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3D Publishing - a 2nd generation company Providing whole gamut of
E-publishing, Pre-Publishing & online Publishing including but not
limited to Custom & Ondemand
Publishing service,E-publishing, eBooks
services, XML\\HTML
conversion, Complex
Mathematical &
scientific Tysetting etc.

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3D Publishing - Company Profile

  1. 1. Home:-3D Publishing strives to compete on professional expertise based on two generation ofdomain experience to provide timely and practical one stop publication solutions in costeffective manner taking the leverage of untap Exceptional functional and technicalexpertise talent pool of Tier II & Tier III cites of fastest developing country, India.3D Publishing is 2nd generation company. Up-gradation to the up-to-date latesttechnology & adaptation to the newest methodology is always been a prime priority ofthe 3D Publishing. With the infusion of young enthusiastic entrepreneur techno-savvyblood, advertent technological &methodological enhancements inthe vast & dynamicallydeveloping fields of DigitalE-publishing & WebonlinePublishing, up-to-second gotbadged in the armour of 3DPublishing, with GlobalApproach.We always strive to remainabreast of latest technogicalAdvancement especially in everdeveloping & dynamic field ofE-reading/E-publishing. Wecontinuously & constantlyupgrade ourselves with the everyadvent of more sophisticated E-reading devicestechnological advancement. Weconstantly monitor & are adequately aptly to adopt all statuary changesupdate made inthe standards (e.g. EPUB) relating to electronic publications by The International DigitalPublishing Forum (IDPF) & also could provide customize Per-publication services as perthe specificationsguidelines of the online Repositories (like arxiv.org, PubMed Central,)for STM Publishing.
  2. 2. About Us3D Publishing (formerly knownas "Jai Hind Offset Printers &Publishers") is a two generationexperienced company Providingwhole gamut of publishing &Pre-publishing services, hasspecial inclination towards E-publishingDigital publishing &onlineWeb publishing. We areStrategically, located in theknowledge hub, tier II & III cites- having the home of some thebest universitiestechnicalinstitutes - to gain the leverageof sustained & highly trained &skilled talent pool, with costadvantage and It is beenmanaged by highly techno-savvyprofessionals having proventrack record in businessadministration, with globalapproach, assuring efficientproduction processes,automating workflows andenhancement in systems andprocesses at every phase, toprovide best-in-class services, ina cost effective way.We always assure to provide high quality and personal service, and a powerfulcombination of domain expertise and technological innovation.
  3. 3. Our GoalTo provide high quality and personal service with a powerful combination of domainexpertise and technological innovation, all at very cost effective manner is the mainmotto of 3D Publishing.Quality3D Publishings Stringent Qualityparameters & especially dedicatedteam comprised of the mostexperienced and proficientemployees to monitor the quality atevery phase of the work conformsour approach of being "Right at firsttime" & our continuous endeavor toprovide - WYTIWYG –"What You Think is What YouGet".To ensure continued ISOcompliance, Research andDevelopment, IT, Composition,Client Services and Management areaudited annually.Accuracy is evaluated on a weekly basis, and errors are researched in real-time.
  4. 4. Corporate Profile3D Publishing was established as Jai Hind Offset Printers & Publishers, with its base asGujarat, to provide its own niche of solutions to the ever growing needs of regionaleducational institutions & Scientific & technical general(Weeklymonthly)Magazinespublishers with no regional service provider. 3D Publishing successfully Endeavored toprovide par excellence service by combining the latest state-of-art tools & technologywith localregional pool of professional expertise, significantly bring down the cost ofproduction.With 2nd generation, 3D Publishing, gain & proved its expertise into the knowndimensions of - ever evolving & dynamic field with seamless creative opportunities - ofE-publishingDigital Publishing and online or web publishing. In zest to excel withinfested global approach, 3D Publishing widen its regional base presence to establishstrategically development offices across the nation & forming technology alliance withglobal applicationsoftware development companies, to suffice its in-house technologicalrequirements, marking its presence to national & global arena.
  5. 5. Our Team3D Publishings special approach of equipping & nurturing the domain expertise pool oftalent to the fullest of the potential from the seed, has given us an edge over itscompetitors of having respective domain expertise professionals with years ofexperience.We encourage quest for up-to-date latest technological knowledge in the team &incentivize participation in technology seminarworkshopmeet-ups at the state &national level.InfrastructureWith its corporate base as Gujarat - Industrial capital of India,- to meet with our motto ofproviding par excellence service at cost effective manner, optimizing the resource, 3DPublishing expanded its operation center in the most fast developing tier II city &knowledge hub - Hyderabad, Andra pradesh.We have on bench capacity of a very good combination of highly real time & operationstrained and experienced domain expertise pool of talent with latest state-of-art tools &technology & strategic alliance with very reputed software development companies torump up to the approx to the double the capacity with the shortest notice, if therequirements demands us to.We @ Gujarat
  6. 6. We @ Hyderabad
  7. 7. Services:-3D Publishing is a one stop, full Publication service house, providing whole gamut ofpublishing service.With special inclination towards E-publishingEBooks & webonline publishing ourservices includes but notlimited to Custom & On-demand Publishing,Webonline Publishing,E-publishing, eBooksCreationConversionservices, XMLHTMLconversion, ComplexMathematical &scientific Tysetting etc.We BroadlyCategorizeGroup ourrange of services asfollows:-I E-publishing EBooks.With Advantages of E-publishing over traditional publishing for authors, scientists andacademics such as Comparative very low cost, Speedy publication over the Globalaccessible through the internet, various conceivable forms of presentation include audiorecordings, videos, animation, simulations, computer programs, etc., Immediatelyaccessible with direct Research possibilities for verification of references, quotations,author, title, year of publication, keywords, abstract, or full-text search, long-termresearch availability on the internet etc. Publishing changed such an extent considerablywithin short span of the decade that on Amazon.com - one of the biggest Americanmultinational online retailer - EBooks outsold Traditional hardcopy print books.
  8. 8. Predominantly in, Scientific, Technical and Medical (STM) Publishing, due to the specialattributes of E-publishing Traditional peer-reviewed scientific journals are in the processof being replaced by electronic publishing. Free Knowledge sharing online academic &professional publishing repositories such as arxiv.org, PubMed Central etc. & onlineknowledge resource "Project Gutenberg" are boons of E-publishing.3D Publishing with its special inclination & expertise in E-Publishing, providescustomize publishing(Conversion/Creation) in all major E-Reader supported formatsincluding but not limited to EPUB, Mobipocket (.prc,.mobi), Kindle, iBook, PalmMedia, Sony media, Microsoft Reader etc with flawless quality, quickest turnaround timeand very personalized service, all with high cost advantage attributed to our domainexpertise experienced pool of talent & advantageous strategic location.WORKFLOW
  9. 9. II. Pre-publishingWith our in-depth domain expertise, gain over the years of the experience we areuniquely positioned to deliver conventional services such-like but not limited to Editing,Page Composition/Digital Typesetting, Pagination, Proofreading and Data Conversion &also high value software intensive services involving all forms of SGML, XML andXhtml/html.With thorough understanding of the functional & business needs and restraints of Selfauthors, academicProfessional researchers & publishers & publishing houses, weprovide whole gamut of highly customize solutions such as tight time bound "back-list"title publishing assistance solutions for publishing houses, highly cost restraint & throughprocess assistance solutions for Self Authors, Content Researching, Web researching &Data Capturing Solutions with Cost advantage solutions for academicProfessionalresearchers & publishers & publishing houses etc.Conversion Workflow
  10. 10. III. Custom & On-Demand PublishingWith our dedicated, Reserved & Specialized team we Provide following On-Demand &Custom Publishing Solutions for Corporate Houses & Advertising/PR firms:- ¾ White papers ¾ Newsletters ¾ Magazines ¾ Blogs ¾ Research reports ¾ Journals ¾ Technical documentation ¾ Event materialsIV WebOnline Publishing3D Publishing has expertise to provide all sort of OnlineWeb Publishing Solutionsranging from simple informative academic journal to highly integrated CMS Web 2.0complex features like shopping carts, subscription to access some or all of their contentsuchlike file-sharing websites, websites offering storing and/or sharing of imagesfiles,business sites, parts of news websites etc.We have expertise in following CMS & programming languagesScripting Languages:- x Wordpress x Joomla x Drupal x Magento x Zencart. x PHP x mSQL etcExperience ProfileWith its years of continuous Endeavour to provide time bound, at par excellent qualityand highly personalized services, all with high cost advantage, 3D Publishing got proudto be associated with many, small and Mid size enterprises & governmentinstitutionsschoolslibraries and able to successful serve them with one or more of fromour whole gamut of publishing services including, but not limited to Custom publishing,webonline publishing, whole range of pre-publishing services (Composition/Typesetting
  11. 11. (QuarkXpress, InDesign, LaTex),XML,HTMLXHTML conversion, cover designing) &digital publishing or E-publishing (EBooks & EPUBs), across varied vertex of businesssuch as publishing houses, vendor management & outsourcing firms, schoolscollages &other educational institutions. With recent technological advancement and thus createdVast creative opportunity in the ever fast past developing & highly dynamic field ofE-Publishing.We Enlist best of your successful projects as fellows:-(I) EBooks (ePubs, .Mobi, .prc. .azw,) ConversionCreation from Electronic Formats (Pdf, word, jpg) or Hard copy:-(1) Cremview Group International Pty Ltd :- 3D Publishing remained valued &Authorized Service vendor for Cremview Group International Pty Ltd - a wholly ownedsubsidiary of the Syncordia Group, and operating as ValueChain Technologies, is aglobal provider of content management solutions, extending its service to the some of thebiggest names in publishing such as The McGrow-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, KaplanPublishing, Pinifex Press etc. - for more than 2 and half years, providing completecreationconversion of EBooks(ePubs,.Mobi&.prc) from the Pdfs & jpgs.(2) Integra, Pondicherry:- 3D Publishing been chosen by Integra, a leading Pre-publishing services company, providing end-to-end content management and contenttransformation services including high quality Digital Typesetting, e-Publishing (SGML,XML), Data Conversion and related services for Books and Journals, for variousPublication companies such as Pearson, Oxford University press, Wiley etc. to work onits esteem ePub Conversion Project.(3) Our Team also has expertise & extensive experience on all sort of pre-PublishingData conversions (SGML, XML, and HTML) & high quality & Complex DigitalTypesetting for STM Publishing. We have Successfully Completed various STM pre-Publishing projects of many reputed data Conversion houses & vendor Management &outsourcing companies.(II) On-Demand & Custom Publishing: -3D Publishing (formerly known as "Jai Hind Offset Printers & Publishers") played apivotal role in various local Medical & scientific generals & schools & other educationalinstitutions monthly & annual Magazines, publication. With its Unique strategy toprovide practical one stop publications services, makes it possible for book to be printedand bound in a matter of minutes & produce books in very small quantities (even one ortwo at a time) and delay printing until after the book is ordered making it all very costeffective for local publication houses & self new authors