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KRYON is a 15 Year Young Company provides a complete Localization, Multilingual DTP, Typesetting, Copy editing, eBook conversion, multimedia conversion and Content Management services and solutions to customers worldwide since 1998.

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  1. 1. Publishing & Knowledge Works Winning with integrity
  2. 2. VISION Winning with integrity
  3. 3. the Company  Founded in the year 1998 with just 3 employees  Incorporated on 2005 as private limited  150 employees with multiple shifts from 2009  Sustained growth year-by-year Winning with integrity
  4. 4. Our Philosophy Winning with integrity
  5. 5.  Project proposal / Instructional design  Inward Inspection  Author management and communications to author  Editorial management  Coordinating and consolidating author corrections  Monitoring throughout the book production  Costing analysis - Budget management  Compile the cover, front and back matters of a publication  Ancillary content management  P-A-T links (Publisher-Author-Typesetter) We offer project management for Journals, Books, Multimedia projects. Our Project management services includes:
  6. 6.  Manuscript preparation  Accuracy checking  Copyediting  Language polishing  Editorial proofreading  One-2-One proofreading  Permissions  Art and photo logs  Indexing
  7. 7.  First-XML WorkFlow  TextBooks, STM Books, Trade Books, STM Journals  Platforms: Windows and Macintosh  Composition tools: InDesign, QuarkXpress, 3B2, LaTeX, FrameMaker, MSWord
  8. 8. File Preparation - Our data conversion team having authentic expertise and specialization extracting translatable text from any type of source. Multilingual DTP: KRYON's multilingual DTP team has extensive technological expertise as well as solid typographical experience in character and alphabet languages. Working on Windows and Apple Macintosh computers, our studio is fully equipped with a large collection of multilingual fonts and standard word- processing, page-makeup and graphics. Language Expertise: We provide professional desktop publishing (DTP) services in international languages (single-byte, double-byte and multi-byte) as below: • European • Middle East & Eastern European • Asian • Indian Languages • African • Right-Left languages
  9. 9. Software Expertise: Driven by several years of experience and native intelligence, our team of skilled professionals using state-of-the-art technology tools. KRYON can accept all formats of inputs and deliver ready to print/publish files in any popular software used in the typesetting/localization industry. DTP Applications: Some of the common publishing and design software applications that we work with include: Microsoft Word | Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint | Corel Draw | MSPublisher | MSVisio | OpenOffice | CorelVentura | AutoCad | InDesign | QuarkXPress | FrameMaker | Illustrator | PageMaker | Photoshop | Acrobat Professional | 3B2 | Articulate | Captivate | Lectora and other eLearning tools. Quality Assurance: Our Project Managers work closely with clients for each project and construct a customized QA process to meet the specific requirements of the project. We also provide standalone QC services for files processed (DTP'ed) somewhere else. Focused areas while QA Check: • General layout • Pagination • Integrity of the content • Tables placement and alignment • Graphics placement and alignment • Integrity of the Color • File naming conversion • Language nuances The DQA team strictly adheres to our standard QA procedures and checklists to ensure highest accuracy levels at all stages. The team's familiarity with Acrobat's editing tool helps in achieving targets with a full QA of DTP work ensuring the basics such as document size, layout, fonts, styles, TOC, cross-references, graphics and index entries.
  10. 10. At our Design Studio, we deliver artworks in various formats suitable for typesetting, printing and web publishing. Our expertise is to provide better than the best quality artworks. Our Services include: Our challenging services:  Scanning: line illustrations, half-tones  4 color image editing (1200 DPI+)  Book/Journal Cover Design Artwork Integration:  Colorizing artworks  Recreating , Retouching, Relabeling  Color correction  Artwork tracing  Creative line art
  11. 11.  Advanced image cutouts/clippings  Balancing brightness / contrast in an image  Repair of minor scratches, creases, minor dust, and spot removal  Removal of major scratches, cracks, creases, and stains in all areas. Still-outs:  Image enhancement services  Digitally restore and enhance the quality of poor images  Repaired, Retouched, Copied, Enhanced, Resized without harming the original print
  12. 12. eBooks are versatile, portable and convenient. They offer functions such as bookmarks and note-taking, making them very similar to conventional paper books in look, feel and function. KRYON creates eBooks from author disks or converting from existing platforms to the following eBook formats  ePub2, ePub2-Fixed layout  ePub3, ePub3-Fixed layout  Enhanced ePub, Read-aloud ePub  Mobi, Mobi Fixed layout(KF8), Panel View  Animated Content Creation Compatible devices: iPad, iPhone, Android Devices, Amazone Kidle, NookBook Soney eReader, Acrobat Reader, Flip Books
  13. 13. XML eXpertise  Knowledge of migrations between publishing tools  Specialized experience in HTML, SGML, XML and other Markup languages  Professional editing and project management support to ensure quality output  Cost-effective conversion solution for legacy data  Experience in migrating hard copy libraries to searchable soft copy files  Multilingual support with the ability to translate and publish documents in multiple languages on Web browsers or CD-ROM  PDF indexing—When you need hyperlinks to access documents on a CD-ROM or the Web Books: DocBook, DITA, TEI, DTBook, NIMAS, Open eBook (with MathML support) Journals: PubMed, NLM, DITA, Highwire, Ovid, Elsevier, OUP (with MathML support) Avation Manuals: ACEMA 1000D, CMM, ATA, DOCBOOK, TELITE, AMM, AFM, CPCM, CMM, IPB/IPC, IDM
  14. 14. Working with leading technology, KRYON provides digitization services that cater to differing specifications of clients. We understand and maintain the integrity of data. Our digitization services includes:  PDF Conversion:  Paper-2-PDF  Searchable PDF  Interactive PDF  PDF indexing  OCR Conversion:  Book-2-Byte  OCR Scanning and Proofing  ePaper  Legacy Data conversion  Digital Media:  E-Presentation  Database creation  Data Entry  Digital books  Digital libraries  Corporate Presentations  Forms Processing:  Claim Forms processing  Insurance Form filing
  15. 15. Our experts has industry authentic experience in creating 2D/3D multimedia products to suit our customer’s need. Our multimedia experts have the knowledge in working with various XML / HTML5 authoring tools  eProducts  CBT’s - Browser Based CDs  Corporate Presentations  ePresentations, eCatalogues  Book-2-WEB  Interactive Web-development for students The enormous scope of combining text, visuals together with pictures, graphics, still images, videos, flowcharts and other medias is wondrous. Our team of graphic designers, flash developers, animators and programming experts applies direct approach and creates creative multimedia products aligned to client’s strategies.
  16. 16. Being technically driven company, Kryon bestows top-notch mobile app development services for native as well as cross platforms. We develop user friendly apps that are highly flexible to deliver great user experience. We undertake mobile app development for various platforms including Blackberry devices, Android devices, IPod, iPhone, iPad, & tablets.  Custom cross-platform app development  Versatile app development  Swift oriented application development  On-time project delivery  Assured quality results  Guaranteed client satisfaction KRYON Analyze Plan Build Test Deploy Support
  17. 17. Why KRYON? KRYON has state-of–the art infrastructure, office and more than 150 people working in two shifts.  Commercially realistic and cost-effective solutions implemented within fixed time scales  Complete 24 x 7 tracking of every projects  Emergency turnaround of about 5000 pages in five working days  Full service from data entry to delivery of final PS / PDF files, revisions at no extra cost  Customized automated templates for typesetting  Project management your total needs  Our instant communication and quicker responses makes you feel like we are at your neighborhood
  18. 18. KRYON has the right blend of Human Resources, with "Get-the-Work-Done-First" attitude. Our ideal mixture of experienced and young group has a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of the pre-press industry. Precisely for this very reason, we possess the abilities to effectively function and fulfill the contemporary as well as conventional requirements worldwide. We are well qualified with various educational backgrounds and by virtue of exposure, possess hands-on industry authentic skills and expertise. Whatever your need, conventional or contemporary, you now have a best team of youth to start work with. The team will respond you fast, direct efficiently and effectively fulfill your total needs. KRYON loves to take up more responsibilities and make sure each and every stage of the production is well managed. Our intent is “Commitmentwith Integrity for Delivery and Quality”
  19. 19. Looking forward to associate with you soon… Thank You… INDIA #25, Kaveri Street, Ram Nagar, Ambattur , Chennai 600 053, Tamil Nadu, INDIA Tel.: +91 44 2658 3218 | 3219 eFax: +44 020 3002 2737 USA 9418, Los Alamos Trail Irving, TX-75063, United States +1 972 251 0654 eFax: +1 347 394 0023 ITALY Via Trento Nr. 1 28845 Domodossola (VB) Italy Tel : 0039 02 9475 58 53 Mob : 0039 327 111 68 11 Fax : 0039 029 475 58 53 SWITZERLAND Zieglerstrasse 51, Postfach 595, 3007 Bern, Switzerland. Tel: 0041 78 749 20 11